Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Former Indeni players growing impatient with nonpayment of their dues

Former Indeni FC players have grown frustrated with their situation of nonpayment of money owed to them. 


Several players who spoke to the ZamFoot Crew expressed concern that their dues have not been cleared with the management giving them a runaround. 

A number of the players are owed training allowances for up to four seasons, signing-on fees, and gratuity. 

The former Oilo men are concerned that despite the Government releasing a huge redundancy package for all Indeni employees, the players have not been paid what they are owed. 

“For us, the players the monies we are waiting for our signing on fees, training allowances for two seasons, others for three and four seasons, and gratuity. June was the last month of salaries,”  a source told the ZamFoot Crew. 

“Government released money and the workers at the company were paid and a week after that we were supposed to be cleared but up to date we are still waiting. They keep saying we will give you next week,” another source said.

Indeni were relegated from the MTN Super League in April  following a dismal performance in the 2021/2022 season. 

“There are players who were released at the last minute, last month, how will they find a club and they have not been paid. Some have been chased from their houses because they have no money to pay,” a source said. 

Government has released over K500 million as a redundancy package for Indeni Oil Refinery, the sponsors of Indeni Football Club as confirmed by Minister of Energy Hon. Eng. Peter Chibwe Kapala on September 1st on his Facebook page. 

“The New Dawn Government has released more than K500 million as a redundancy package for workers of Indeni Oil Refinery, which is currently under care and maintenance. This means that the 320 Indeni Refinery workers, who were declared redundant in June this year, will be paid their full benefits starting today, barring procedural delays.

Government was always aware of the provisions of the labour laws of Zambia, which indicate that when someone is declared redundant, they have to be paid their dues within 60 days. The 60 days expired yesterday hence the payment being made before the deadline. The delays were due a combination of factors but chief among them was the time needed to complete an audit, sanctioned by the Secretary to the Treasury Felix Nkulukusa, to verify the bills to be paid to the Indeni employees. 

To make this payment possible, on 28th July 2022, parliament approved a supplementary budget of K612,000,000 under Head 62 Ministry of Energy to pay terminal benefits to Indeni workers.”

Indeni Football Club are currently sixth in the FAZ National Division One after five rounds of matches.

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