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FAZ urge Lower Division Clubs to register their players

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) secretary general Adrian Kashala has urged all lower division clubs to fully register their players with the association. Kashala speaking this when he was addressing the media this morning.

The FAZ secretary general has categorically stated that the association won’t allow division one, two and three clubs using unregistered players and that points will be forfeited if a club is found wanting.

Clubs not registrating players has been a huge problem in past seasons but to curb that Kashala said, “clubs will not be allowed to use any form of identity apart from a FAZ generated 2019 cards.”

He continued saying, “any club that will not have those cards ready, will have their points forfeited as it were.”

Board room points has been a major source of confusion the recent case was when Real Nakonde reported Malole Police who used a player registered on the books of Kasama Young Fighters.

The Division one season kicked off together with the super league but for division two and three the campaign will begin this coming weekend.


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  1. Coach Nsama says:

    We are a newly formed club called . Kapiri Dynamos Football Club. And want to start the league in division two. Kindly help us. Thanks

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