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FAZ supremo confident of U23 qualification to next round

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President Andrew Kamanga and the permanent secretary from ministry Sports, Youth and child development Joe Kapembwa are in Egypt to give support to the young Chipolopolo boys who are taking part in the U23 AFCON tournament.

The FAZ president was quick to applaud the government for the support they have rendered to the team when he addressed the Junior Chipolopolo at Novotel Hotel in Cairo.

“We are honored this morning to have in our midst the permanent secretary from the ministry of Youth, sports and child development we came specifically to be with the team and as you can see that’s the commitment that the government is showing to this team,i think we have received all the support from the government in terms of preparations and even getting us here and even the allowances which I must say we shouldn’t allow them to go back with because the money is here,” He said.

Andrew Kamanga is confident that the U23 will qualify to the semi-finals of the ongoing U23 Africa cup of Nations in Egypt despite the young Chipolopolo losing their second game of the tournament to Nigeria via a 3-1 scoreline, Kamanga urged the team to forget about the loss and concentrate on the next game against Ivory Coast on Friday. Zambia will be playing with their lungs out as it is a must-win for them if they are to progress and keep their 2020 Tokyo Japan Olympics dreams alive and their chances will be in regard to the other game which involves South Africa against Nigeria.

“So on Tuesday we didn’t have a good result but of course we had a good game in the first game so my appeal is we should forget about yesterday’s game the most important game, for now, is the one we are going to play on Friday and this is were we have to apply ourselves at 150% .,Whatever happens let’s make sure that we win Friday’s game because you’ve done it before you are champions in your own rights and if we just focus on that 90 minutes with that extra focus and concentration we should be able to carry the day because as the Bible says even God helps those who help themselves,” he said.

Friday’s game for us is a must-win game,we win that game the rest will be determined by what happens in the other game but am very confident that winning Friday’s game will still keep us in the tournament and we should be able to go forward,so let’s not give up we are still in the tournament with a very big chance but that chance is dependant on how you are going to play on Friday, so from today until we play that game our minds should just be on that game-Kamanga

“You’ve never failed us the whole nation’s expectations are on you and I think you are carrying the nation’s load, so for that 90 minutes let’s repay the trust that the nation has on us with that victory, once we win the rest will be determined by whatever happens in the other game, so mine is just to re-enforce the message of hope and confidence that we can do it, we’ve done it before it’s not something that we can fail.”

“In any case, you fall down but you still have to rise and how you rise is what determines how far you go, so I have no doubt that you are worthy the champions and you can still keep your dreams to go to the Olympics, so the rest is up to you.”

Zambia has to beat Ivory Coast at all and wait for the outcome of South Africa against Nigeria in which this game shouldn’t end in a draw as it will favor both to qualify regardless of Chipolopolo beating Ivory coast.

Chipolopolo boys will only qualify with the following scenarios;


1. South Africa beats Nigeria who will end up with 3 points

2. Nigeria beats South Africa (Zambia has to beat Ivory Coast by 2-0 or a margin of two goals or more difference e.g. 4-2 or 5-1 and so on)

But If Nigeria and South Africa draw then Zambia shall be eliminated regardless of a win against Ivory Coast by whatever margin.


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2 Comments to FAZ supremo confident of U23 qualification to next round

  1. STUMPY says:


    the bible doesnt say God helps those who help themselves. anyway good luck to the boys. its calculator s as usual

  2. Muchofe says:

    Then South Africa and Nigeria can agree to draw and progress…Kikiki

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