The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) wishes to inform its membership and stakeholders that its operations have been partially paralyzed following a raid by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers.

Drug Enforcement Commission officers descended on the institution this afternoon (Thursday) and got away with a laptop and CPU from the office of the General Secretary Adrian Kashala and a desktop from his personal assistant.

The FAZ officials fully cooperated with the DEC officers and have pledged full compliance with the law enforcement agencies.
Officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission presented a search warrant looking for drugs and narcotics and other related substances.

FAZ is however disturbed by the nature of the operations conducted by DEC especially that it has set the benchmark of conducting its business above board.

As FAZ we wish to reiterate that we operate on an open door policy and remain available to whoever wishes to seek information within the law.

Sydney Mungala



I passed through FAZ late this afternoon (as seen in the picture below) and am not sure if this was before or after the raid by DEC who are looking for drugs in the football organisation.

Did FAZ diversify into narcotics in the wake of COVID-19 to keep busy? Hahaha.

Anyway seriously I know DEC has a mandate that stretches to money-laundering while ACC touches on abuse of office.

It is my hope that the raid is not connected with FAZ elections. I want to believe that what one newspaper said that the reconciliation between Honourable Mulenga and FAZ was fake and that he would use DEC and ACC to paralyse FAZ and block Kamanga from standing and ensure Kashala is removed are just imaginations of a fertile mind of an editor in a dingy newsroom somewhere in the capital city.

On 23rd May 2020, The Mast predicted this raid when it said that the reconciliation between sports minister Emmanuel Mulenga and FAZ was fake as there was a scheme to arrest Andrew Kamanga on trumped-up charges to knock him off the FAZ presidency and pave way for Kalusha Bwalya.

The Mast quoted sources who further revealed that Honourable Mulenga was seeking help from former Katanga governor and TP Mazembe owner Moise Katumbi to have the FAZ executive banned using FIFA secretary general Fatouma Samoura, who is Katumbi’s close ally.

The Mast suggested that the ‘reconciliation’ was just a smokescreen aimed at hoodwinking Zambians so that when Kamanga’s imminent arrest is effected, the minister looks blameless. Today, DEC Officers presented FAZ with a search warrant for drugs, narcotics and other substances.

On 31st May 2020, The Daily Mail reported that the DEC Kashala had that week been warned and cautioned over the K30,000 meant for Nkwazi Football Club which was deposited into his personal account held with National First Bank (FNB) from fellow Super Division side NAPSA Stars.

This was reported to DEC by Elijah Shenko Chileshe.

Shenko is a close ally of Kalusha Bwalya. Elijah “Shenko” Chileshe was coopted into the FAZ executive from Mining Rangers in November, 2010, the same day Miles Sampa, then a director at Finance Bank and of Matero United, was also coopted. Kalusha further co-opted Kelvin Mutafu, Happy Munkondya and Patrick Kangwa. Shenko, as the players manager then, and Kalusha were once accused of meddling in the transfer of Emmanuel Mbola in a 2010 saga that involved TP Mazembe and took over a year for FIFA to resolve by which time the player had lost form and opportunities.

On 20th March 2016, Chileshe was elected as the third placed committee member on the same day that Kalusha was defeated as Kamanga in the presidential race.

In December last year, former FAZ executive committee member Elijah “Shenko” Chileshe reported Kashala to police for allegedly pocketing the money meant for his former club, Nkwazi.

On 7th January 2020, the FAZ president Andrew Kamanga suspended Shenko as executive member based on breaches of the FAZ statutes in the way he reported to the police.

The suspended Shenko then requested the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) to lift his suspension by FAZ saying it was done unconstitutionally. He argued that the provision to suspend an ExComm member rested with the full Executive Committee and that at no time was his matter brought up for discussion.

On 30th January, the NSCZ ‘lifted’ the suspension of Elijah ‘Shenko’ Chileshe from the FAZ Executive Committee. In reality, the NSCZ has no power to do this and Shenko never got back into the FAZ ExComm. In fact, the NSCZ didn’t seem to have read the FAZ Constitution in article 30 which gives the FAZ President individual powers to suspend a committee member.


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  1. I don’t really understand this. Searching for drugs at Football House?

  2. BYONKABYO says:

    Useless DECEMBER they are failing to catch real kawalalas now descending on innocent faz.

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