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FAZ confirm three friendly matches for the Chipolopolo Boys

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has confirmed that it has lined up three international friendly matches for the Chipolopolo Boys in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers.

Coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic’s team will face off against West African giants Senegal as earlier reported by the ZamFoot Crew, Rwanda, and Sudan as part of preparations for the September round of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala confirmed the development in an interview with FAZ media.

“We have been working with the technical bench to identify opponents for preparatory matches for our senior Men’s National Team and the Copper Queens. I am glad to announce that Senegal has agreed to play us on June 5, 2021, in Thies while Rwanda and Sudan are also on our roster,” he said.

After playing Senegal the Chipolopolo Boys are expected to proceed to Omdurman to play Sudan on June 10.

The Copper Bullets are preparing for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers that have been pushed to September.

Zambia, who has failed to qualify for the last three African Cup of Nations tournaments has played in three finals and won it in 2012 but is yet to make an appearance at the World Cup. Zambia has been grouped with Tunisia, Mauritania, and Equatorial Guinea in the Qatar 2022 World cup qualifiers.

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8 Comments to FAZ confirm three friendly matches for the Chipolopolo Boys

  1. Master says:

    I feel the only team here is Senegal not the remaining two … What can you learn from Rwanda? It is as good as playing Malawi … Invite teams that will make you realize your weakness

  2. Bokelo says:

    I totally agreed with u my bro,where are the leaders who can think properly football???coz friendlies games r there to gauge en learn from those who r there interns of having results

  3. Hunter Shilesa says:

    Senegal will be playing their 2017 u20 which is now a senior team while zambia which has dismantled their 2017 u20, will be busy looking for players to make their senior team.

    Transforming, nurturing u17, u20, u23 to senior teams is what lead european, south american teams, nigeria and senegal to reach world cup qualifications. While in zambia you throw and forget about them ati they have nt graduated!

  4. Positive Thinking says:

    Wow, those first two comments. You can learn to qualify for AFCON from Sudan, who are actually going to AFCON. Also, we were beaten by Botswana, which is one of the main reasons we failed to qualify. Back in the day we lost to Lesotho and that was another reason we failed in World Cup qualification. Here’s what you can learn from playing teams like Rwanda; how to win games you are supposed to win!

    This we are a great soccer nation attitude with dusty trophies will keep us from getting better. And Hunter is right, the youngsters from 2017 should have been groomed by now.

  5. Collins says:

    Much as you want to play strong teams, the same strong teams want stronger teams, what is Senegal going to learn from Zambia? it’s not easy to attract this big teams.You can’t even qualify for a common Africa cup which was once our birth right.

  6. There are no under dogs in football currently. I want to scool my college whoa thinks that Zambia will learn nothing from Sudan and Rwanda to realise that the time of underrating teams died a long time ago. Didn’t Zambia lose to the once underdogs,Botswana during the 2022 Afcon qualifiers?

    FAZ I salute you for securing the three friendlies. Let football politics talk while you manage football.

  7. salih says:

    zambians underrating sudan again, didnt you learn youre lessons from the number of times sudan has beaten you?

  8. Mike katanda says:

    God bless you all

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