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Fans react to Micho’s Chipolopolo team selection for Algeria & Zimbabwe

Chipolpolo coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojević has received positive reviews following his team selection for the upcoming Africa Cup qualifiers against Algeria and Zimbabwe.

With Zambia on the backfoot in the qualifiers having picked only one win and three losses in four games and standing rock bottom in Group H, the Chipolopolo are on the ropes and need to pick maximum points in the last two games if they have to stand a chance of qualifying.

Micho has turned to the big boys to rescue Zambia’s pride falling back on the old guards who he had discarded.

The ZamFoot Crew looks at how the fans have reacted to the 33 man squad announced

Steve Mulenga nodded the selection but thought it has come a little late
The selection is fine, though it has come too late. We need to see Kalaba and Sunzu, having veterans in the team will make young players work extra hard.
Dan did not spare the coach for opting for the younger guns in the previous games

Much better squad than those boys who made you loose against Bostwana

Micho has not been spared of criticism. L Chilala called for his favorites to be included retorting that the gaffer lacks understanding of the game.

Micho does not understand Zambian football where is Emmanuel Banda, Mayuka, Kalaba, Edward Chilufya? Micho now we want coordnated team not experiments be serious.

Walter Brown lauded the selection stating that Micho will have a good headache

I really feel pity for our coach who will have a very tough time in selecting the best 11 from such a highly competitive squad.

However, Veteran ZamFoot Blogger Sibs summed it up well from an informed fans perspective.

This is a good team. CCC, Rally Bwalya, Kabaso and my man Nathan Sinkala and Chibwe are welcome additions. I applaud the Coach for bringing these guys back to the team.

Mayuka has been doing well but he’s only been making substitute appearances at NAPSA. With Patson D, A.Mulenga, B.Mwila, F.Sakala, Shonga, G.Lungu Sikombe, M.Phiri upfront. Please tell me who should E.Mayuka replace from the list of the players mentioned?

These two games are like Cup Finals on their own for us. This is a good team gentlemen. Lets support the Coaching Staff. If they can’t win with these guys then questions will be later. Just worried about F.Sakala I hope he is fit. He missed a few games for his team in Belgium.

What are your thoughts on the team selection?


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39 Comments to Fans react to Micho’s Chipolopolo team selection for Algeria & Zimbabwe

  1. Samson Njovu says:

    This is a good selection. However, they need a lot of time together in order to build a good coordination since they have not played together for a long time.

    It would also be good if a limited number of fans can be allowed in the stadium.

  2. Kingsley Simbeye says:

    Let’s hope those selected will do a better job to make Zambia qualify though it won’t be easy..These are do or die games for Zambia.. Good Luck Lads!!

  3. Reuben Chilwesa says:

    Mayuka should have been included in the team for back up.

  4. Kalonga Tawe says:

    The likes of Collins sikombe I wonder why they are appearing on the list, i dont hate him, he is my fellow zambian but low quality, we need players who have balance and vision when with the ball, players who can also think on behalf of others on the pitch

  5. Foster says:

    Remove Shonga(Ball shy) please and put Mayuka

  6. Frank says:

    My massage to the coach and fans. The inclusion of 2012 afcon champion is good.lets keep this team together results will soon come.

  7. Sido says:

    Great job coach micho, however sunzu should have been included to cement the defence all the defenders are okay.

  8. Frank says:

    We are winning with this line up 4.4.2 1.A Chibwe 2 C Kabaso 3 T Mwape 4 Z Chilongoshi 5 B Chepeshi 6 N Sinkala 7E Mwepu 8 A Mulenga 9 C Chama 10 C Sikombe 11 P Daka .lets try this combination on practice

  9. Henry mumba says:

    Kalaba should have been included in the team for back up

  10. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    I honestly feel it’s a good selection but shonga and the likes of sikombe, chilongoshi should have been excluded from the team. Mayuka and Sunzu should have been given a chance..

  11. Chiinda says:

    Mayuka, Kalaba, N.Sinkala, Sunzu, K.Mweene, Kabaso Chongo & Chidambaram Lungu should be included from the big lads

  12. Jones says:

    Where is s.sunzu, and kalaba, remember these guys are the best footballers. Micho please be serious,if we loose any game u go back. we lost 3 games because of your experimental.

  13. Terry mwale says:

    It’s clear Micho is a very wrong person for the job. Simply he suffers from indecision and that’s suicide in any organization. We advised to mix experience and so called new talent but went on deaf ears. Now he recalls the old guards who have played at the highest level when we are knee deep into the water to come clear his mess.

  14. Phiriton says:

    Please remove sikombe he is not so good

  15. Bright Michelo Chiluli says:

    Bright Michelo Chiluli

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please our able Coach mr mucho where is kalaba,zunzu and E Mayuka,we are not joking here we don’t joke like that we need these guys in the squad please, remember what these same guys did in 2012 they made the the country happy because of their hard working in the pitch plz plz plz plz 🙏🙏🙏 Coach ndakomba include these guys “ndakomba” means please

  17. Bright Michelo Chiluli says:

    Please our able Coach mr mucho where is kalaba,zunzu and E Mayuka,we are not joking here we don’t joke like that we need these guys in the squad please, remember what these same guys did in 2012 they made the the country happy because of their hard working in the pitch plz plz plz plz 🙏🙏🙏 Coach ndakomba include these guys “ndakomba” means please

  18. Fauster says:

    But honestly speaking the team is lacking experience. Why not call Sunzu or Kalaba?

  19. Ck says:

    Starting lineup mwenya chibwe lubambo musonda kabaso chongo thandi mwape Zacharia chilongoshi Nathan sinkala enock mwepu cletous chama augastine mulenga patson daka fashion sakala

  20. Sampa Edward says:

    Please remove sikombe in the please!!!!

  21. Lieutenant says:

    The game against Algeria is a do or die Game. I plead with Micho to stay as away from experiments. The lengthy time he has spent with Chipolopolo boys is bigger enough for him to know the boys . Girls must be separated from boys. He must use the correct tools to win this one .
    To overcome that 5-0 humiliation , he needs to bring in all guns on board. No room for a draw or loss. In time past ,we used to bring every gun on board in a do or die situation. FAZ , you have a big job to do in order to refresh our old precious memories . This game against Algeria is not an experimental game for young boys . You previously saw what Algeria is capable of doing.
    A mistake repeated twice is not a mistake. Hear out.

  22. Staccato says:

    It’s a pity our players of the moment Patson and Enock will miss out on the Africa’s prestigious tournament Afcon. Miracles happen, but on this kaya!!

  23. Joshua says:

    I think he would have excluded chilongoshi and included stophila Sunzu…we don’t need small boys with with small brains…

  24. The team needs an experienced goal minder. Leave Mweene at own peril.

  25. Sibs says:

    I agree with all the guys asking for S.Sunzu. He has loads of experience and he will be of help to the younger players.

    Kalaba for me still has some soccer in his legs. Throw him in the last 30 minutes of the game. The current team lacks wing play and Kalaba will give you that. The strikers have been “fed crumbs” in attack in all last few games.

  26. Please please Algeria he has already qualify mind u

  27. Our Zambian coaches would have done better selection than what am seeing here. We’re likely to fail to qualify again.

  28. Frank says:

    Imwe Sunzu and Kalaba are not regular staters at their respective clubs. At the moment let has a conversation who will start . The coach has enough ammunition at his disposal. The coach needs support from us. Our prayer should be no player will be tested positive to covid 19. We can win these two games.

  29. Ezra kanchizoxe says:

    Please couch don’t make a mistake
    Please Sunzu and kalaba and mayuka ,
    We need these guys ⚽

  30. Rhidema Beats Zambia says:

    Kalaba must come back

  31. Brian Nyirenda says:

    Let the coach bring in Sunzu, Mweene, Mbesuma and Kalama before its too late. The game can change I tell you. You know guys (sembe siisebenza) we need reality.

  32. Brian Nyirenda says:


  33. Gilbert says:

    Kudos to Micho you have headed to the fans cry now is to choose the best from the recalled players and the current ones nothing is impossible just be focused don’t listen to detractors

  34. Sibs says:

    Did I hear someone ask for Mbesuma? Come on the guy has retired from the National team. He is playing for a team in 2nd tier of South African League. His ream are not even contenders for promotion. We should be talking of including his elder son in the U17’s.

    @Kennedy Phiri we all know how certain local Coaches are biased towards certain players. We have seen it in the past. As @Gilbert says lets support the Coach. He needs that and so do the players.

  35. Positive Thinking says:

    @Sibs, agreed, calling on guys like Mbesuma helps no one and is quite laughable. Unless he is showing up in an assistant capacity like Chintu Kampamba.

    I for one am still worried that not having Sunzu and Mweene is a risk. The Zambia backline has been lacking in these qualifiers. THe coach also seems to not be getting the best out of Kabaso Chongo who he dropped not too long ago.

    I do not see Zambia qualifiying under these tough circumstances, but I think this could be a turning point in building a team that can do us proud in the future.

  36. JONATHAN says:

    Tiger Edward Chilufya was supposed to be included in the Team, my prefered Formation, 3-5-2
    Allan Chibwe: Chongo Kabaso, Tendi Mwape, Luka Banda, then Chilongoshi Zacharia, Lubambo Musonda, Nathan Sinkala, Mwepu Enock, Triple CCC, Daka Patson and Augustine Mulenga

    Substitutes: Fashion Sakala, Gampani Lungu, Evans Kangwa and Kings Kangwa

  37. Jonathan Nkwanda says:

    The ammunition, is enough to face any team in the world, 3-5-2 formation Allan Chibwe, Chongo Kabaso, Luka Banda, Tandi Mwape, Lubambo musonda, Roderick Kabwe, Nathan Sinkala, Enoch Mwepu, Tripple CCC, Augustine Mulenga, Patson Daka

    Substitutes: Kingsly Kangwa, Evans Kangwa, Fashion sakala, Adrian Chama, Gampani Lungu and Zacharia Chilongoshi

  38. Fanwell Zulu says:

    Let’s try this formation :1 A chibwe, 2 M mulashi, 3z chilongoshi,4 and 5 to be controlled by the mwape and k chongo,6N sinkala, 7 Augustine mulenga,8 E mwepu,9 B mwila,10 p daka and 11 aRodrick kabwe

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