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Evans Kangwa to stay at Ra’anana

Chipolopolo striker Evans Kangwa has renewed his contract with Israel side Happoel Ra’anana.

Kangwa, who was set to rejoin Nkana for the second half of the MTN-FAZ Super League season, will be heading back to Israel to regroup with his teammate Emmanuel Mbola after signing a two year contract.

Kangwa said in an interview from Israel yesterday that he was happy that he has been given another two-year deal.

“I am glad Happoel Ra’anana has extended my contract for two more years, it’s an opportunity for me to work even harder,” the 2012 AFCON winner said.

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  1. this boy shod have been at his peak in terms of form. I dont know y young Zambian players these days dont make effective progress in their career.

  2. I think its good for him to stay in isearal . What is important is have more game for you to improve and be recognised . After two years he can move to competitive leagues .

  3. Talking about Mayuka, listen to this;
    Southampton flop Emmanuel Mayuka set to join Spartak Moscow after being stripped of squad number
    21:37, 26 JULY 2015 BY MIRROR FOOTBALL
    The Zambian forward has not scored a Premier League goal since coming to St Mary’s in 2012
    Southampton striker Emmanuel Mayuka is set to join Russian club Spartak Moscow after being stripped of his squad number.

    Mayuka, 24, has played just 16 Premier League games, without scoring a single goal, since moving to St Mary’s from Swiss club Young Boys in a £3million deal in the summer of 2012.

    The Zambia international was left at home for Saints’ pre-season tour of Holland last week after being told he is not part of manager Ronald Koeman’s plans for the new season.

    Mayuka scored his only competitive goal for Southampton in a 5-1 Capital One Cup win at Barnsley in 2013.

    • Spartak Moscow is much bigger and better team than Southampton.
      Mayuka lost number to Pepe and the other player, both scoring a lot of goals last season. So why change those strikers just because there is Mayuka a Zambian?
      Mayuka is a star, he will shine in Russia.

  4. To be honest Mayuka was a flop at Soton, in the order of Collins Mbesuma. I am actually surprised that Mayuka clocked 2 years at this club. However if the reported move to Spartak Moscow is true, then it is a very good move. Spartak Moscow is a big club, even bigger than Soton.

  5. Evans is the best Zambian striker around after Mbesuma. Mayuka cant even score if he was bought by Nkana. People are living in dream land over that guy. Wake-up! 3 years on the bench and you still want to praise him! Amazing!

  6. evans kangwa shud hav been included in the under 23 team 4 ivory coast game 2 sharpen up our striking force, u cant compare patson daka & kangwa. the ivorians they wil come angly like wht the nigerians did. they know that this is a final game 4 them 2 qualify.

  7. evans kangwa shud hav been included in the under 23 team 4 ivory coast game 2 sharpen up our striking force, u cant compare patson daka & kangwa. the ivorians they wil come like wht the nigerians did. they know that this is a final game 4 them 2 qualify.

  8. Mayuka is better than kangwa he is twice the player kangwa is. If Mayuka was red hot at young boys because of game time expect him to be hotter at spartak.

  9. New Chipolo Coach Coming Next Week – Minister Mwale
    The government says the new Chipolopolo coach will be unveiled in the first week of August.
    Sports Minister Vincent Mwale says the new coach will be expected to spearhead Zambia’s chase for an elusive World Cup qualification spot.
    The delay has been caused over differences with the mode of payment of the foreign coach with government having laid out conditions to avoid another FAZ induced mess over handling of expatriate coaches.
    Government had to chip in to pay former Chipolopolo trainer Dario Bonetti after his contract had been arbitrarily terminated days after he had qualified Zambia to the 2012 Africa Cup.
    FAZ still owes former caretaker coach Patrice Beaumelle six months salary arrears with government having indicated that they
    will have nothing to do with offsetting that amount.
    However, government has offered to mobilize resources from the private sector to hire a new coach.
    Mwale said Zambia will have no excuse for failing to make it to the
    Russia 2018 World Cup where their first step will be to negotiate their way past Sudan.

  10. Badosqi Mayuka will start because spartak Moscow have sold lucas barrios of Paraguay. Mayuka is basically replacing barrios

  11. Mayuka ii shine he is a gud player but he had no game time. Its not how gud u might b at times its the coutch to ve confidence in u, that never hapened with mayuka he had perfomed in israel nd young boys

  12. I agree with John on this one.Mayuka is till our best bet as a striker if he rediscovers his form.Kangwa is a good player but he is also struggling to command a regular place in a league that Mayuka took by storm a few years ago.The fact a good player like falcao flops at Manchester United does not mean that any upstart playing in a minor league like Israel is better than him.We dont rate players that way.Mayuka is a proven winner who just lost form at the wrong time.Players have a tendency to rediscover themselves with each new environment.Go to YOUTUBE and watch Mayuka at Young boys.The Russians know him after he caused problems for Zenith in the Europa league a few years ago.The guy has history unlike kangwa who cant seem to go beyond the potential he showed a few seasons ago.Infact Christopher katongo summed it up last time that certain young players are just not yet there and he was roundly condemned.My hope is that this move can help restore his self confidence!A confident Mayuka is a potential match winner than any of the young strikers around.

  13. Bro amos that is a fact, not even an asumtion mayuka will resurect with a thurnder mark my words he is the best striker we ve he is tested and proven

  14. in my view both mayuka and evans are seriuos flops. this is mayukas last chance to shine but i have faith he will still flop

  15. talking about history mayuka is a very good player and is able to destroy russians. some people are good a lomg time ago

  16. To be absolutely fair; Mayuka was never afforded any real gametime. He had one good game in the EPL when he linked up with Lambert to create some good chances for the striker, but other than that. Those 16 games they say he played, most were really cameos. He cam on for about 2 minutes or at most 15 minutes a game. I hope things are different at Spartak for him. He has time on his side and he has ability, all we need is a splash of confidence, a serious cup of gametime, and a whole load of hardwork. Then we’ll have a recipe for success.

  17. An offform Mayuka is better than the raw Patson or these funny strikers Kalu is busy inmposing on his clown coaches for the sore perpose of marketing the unmarketable

  18. This new coach news is disturbing mwe. Has anyone even heard of any advertising or any interviews conducted by FAZ?

    No consultation even conducted with the National Coaches Association folks. So we are just going to hear a name and some guy will show up, and then these guys wonder why the government imposed Bonetti on them. As long as there is no clear cut process for doing things, you can’t sit and complain when things are done to you that you do not agree with. SMDH.

  19. Mayuka had more than enough chances,english teams introduce their less fancied players in friendly games,league cup,Fa cup or by loans…mayuka had all those thngs at his disposal yet he flopped…if u have a bad game against league1 or league2 teams then surely u cnt start against the likes of everton,arsenal and the likes

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