Success does not come overnight but with time and through hard work. The Tourist Capital, Livingstone, has teams that have been playing football competitively for so many years and yet the story remains the same.

Livingstone has contributed a lot to the growth of football in the country since the early 1960s. That was long before games were played between Whites and blacks before the mixed-race teams were made.

Many of the big cities in the country are home to big football clubs, at least in most cases. These clubs not only take over an area or neighborhood but are followed by a majority of fans throughout the city and even the country as a whole.

However, Livingstone teams have struggled to replicate what teams in other cities have done,Mazabuka town has sent two already, Monze has sent one, Choma also yet the tourist capital nil to the extent of not even making an image for themselves in the elite league.

One may wonder why and questions may be asked about what could be wrong when the city has the talent. It’s definitely not the players because Livingstone has a lot of talent and has produced very good players who have gone to play in the Superleague. The same is the case with coaches because good coaches have come and gone but still the City is stagnant football-wise.

Perhaps if we looked at the administrators. Who knows, it might be was the problem is. Why hasn’t Livingstone Football stakeholders helped a team play in the elite league? Is it because many administrators are selfish? Do they have so much pride that they can not involve others who have managed to take teams to Superleague that can provide strategic roadmaps of how to achieve the goals of super league status for a Livingstone team because they would not let their top cream players move out of the team chasing promotion, Is it the infighting amongst managements or team discipline?

Is it because of the lack of an effective excos or the unco-operating syndrome within the local teams to achieve the goal together? Is it the lack of proper sponsorship and financial sustainability in these clubs to motivate players to put in their best?

Is it the exposure of players, lack of serious academies, or having coaches in grassroots football who do wrong things like age cheating, poor training culture, and tactics? Is it because they are not advising young players correctly like unprofessional transfers?

These and many are questions that still beg for answers.

In the end, you will realize that we are but ENEMIES OF OUR OWN PROGRESS.


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