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Is this the end of Emmanuel Mayuka?

The name Emmanuel Mayuka probably still haunts teams that Zambia faced at the 2012 AFCON especially John Boye and Ghana who were eliminated in the semi-finals by his solo strike, a beauty , something close to genius.

At that Africa cup of nations he was one of, if not the best striker in Equatorial Guinea/Gabon, but today he does not look anything like the lethal striker that once took Zambian football by storm.

What really went wrong with the 2012 AFCON golden boot winner?


At Kabwe Warriors as a young striker, Mayuka Mayukau started making his name through his goal scoring prowess. His Killer instinct was something any striker that knew him at the time most probably envied.

He started making steady progress and soon he was off to Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv; He was there from 2008-2010 before making a move to Young Boys of Switzerland which was the time he was at his peak 2010-2012.

He was a very lethal at this time and helped Zambi win it’s only AFCON title at the 2012 tournament held in Equatorial Guinea/ Gabon.

Mayuka celebrates victory against Ivory Coast at the stade-de-lamitie in Libreville in the final of the 2012 AfCON

He was spotted by Southhampton and made his big move to the English premier league under coach Nigel Adkins. Mayuka made a number of appearances mostly from the bench and most notable against Manchester United but failed to impress new manager Mouricio Pochetino and just barely a year into his contract, He was sent to Sochaux on loan (2013-14), in the French league 1 under former Chipolopolo coach Herve Renard.

Mayuka at Southampton in the English Premier League

Same old story as he failed to find his place in the team and was finally sold in 2015 to a French lower tier side FC Metz where he also failed to establish himself.

Other reports indicate poor advise from his close friends also played a part and then found himself in Egypt a year later.


As things stand it seems he might only have one a few options after leaving Zamalek as he is found drunk mostly of late.

An inside source at Nkoloma Stadium where he trains with Red Arrows revealed that he sometimes goes to training once a week.

” He comes to training once a week at times,” the source said.

The only question now is what went wrong?

Once Zambia’s best prospect now just another average player looking for a club to sign him.

Can he retain his form looking at the fact that will be 28 in a months time?

If things go as planned he might join Red Arrows but does the ‘Lion’ have enough steam for one last roar or more?,

Contractual issues cut short his promising stay in Egypt. Where to next for the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Golden Boot winner?

Only time will tell as at now we wait.



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25 Comments to Is this the end of Emmanuel Mayuka?

  1. Tc Soccerman says:

    Sad story, but many Zambian young stars can’t handle money. Hoping Patson, Mwepu,Fashion,and other young boys don’t get caught up in the same as Mayuka. Hope Mayuka bounces back as Mbesuma did when we all counted him out.


      These Boys lack personal Life Coaches please attach them to Me, by the time I finish with him the Boy will be more lethal than before.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry the young man needs our advise and counseling ikindly value your comments mayuka needs our support its not the end kindly furnish me his email address.

  2. Seen from Afar says:

    Somebody save him please. He should not go out like this.

  3. Chu says:

    I wonder what John Boye and Ghana are doing in this article. I think his best game was against Senegal. He only surface with thaf sweet strike I dont disagree. But Mayuka was never, is never ans will never be an African best as far as football is concerned. The reason why West Africans would always have consistent performers in Europe is because we are not lazy and never rest on laurels. We keep texhniques learnt in academies and remain disciplined. This was just an average striker who had a massive tournament with a fit team and a principled coach. Dont overrate him

  4. Dynamite says:

    It’s sad to see how bad things have gone for this young man. Drinking & a lack of self discipline always lets down even the best in the business. I believe he has one more chance in which he can turn around & have a real go at football once his focuses on the most important aspect of life which is self discipline….

  5. KK 11 says:

    He can restart form his ashes ,let him join Kabwe warriors and train hard there he will be O.K and fit.

  6. GSK11 says:

    Sad. Send him for counseling. The issues need to be sorted and support given.Talent like this will reassert itelf once confidence is restored- he is an intelliligent human being and will bounce back.

  7. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Hope he has invested in something to earn him an income of some sort. Hope its not going to be another “he walks around in finished shoes” story. We have had far too many of those stories when it comes to African former football stars.

  8. Chamz says:

    Mayuka is a Zambian hero. FAZ can step in. I think is moral is down. FAZ can help him play again or send him to train as a coach or TV analyst. I wish he never moved from Young Boys

  9. fivestargeneral says:

    Not surprised that they don’t see as much of Mayuka at red arrows training as we do of him patronising East Park Mall night clubs. he has lost his way

  10. Zulu says:

    Zambia needs friendly games against west africans on thier soil to learn how to beat them on thier soil because Zambia has never done this and will be crucial if you want to go world cup mext time

  11. J.S says:

    There you have it. Talent without discipline equals such situations. Nevertheless,I feel with some guidance and right managers, he will come good. Look at the resurgence of Mbesuma inhis prime last year.

  12. Ngake says:

    Sad state the guy has found himself in. He has been in decline since he left young boys in switzerland in the middle of 2012. The money he got when he made the move to England went to his head. He needs help.

  13. Logic says:

    I have personally witnessed Mayuka’s drinking habits when he was in the US after Zambia played Japan. I thought maybe it was because he was on holiday but the levels still made me scratch my head as I expected a little more discipline from a professional footballer. I hope he turns his life around. He has so much promise but the window may be quickly closing on him if he doesn’t wake up soon. Excessive drinking is bad even for those of us whose professions don’t depend on being in peak physical condition

  14. slim says:

    So Mayuka is back in Zambia, and, drinking himself to a stupor?! Well my advise is this…. don’t help him drinking
    .. see what i mean! Otherwise the teenage strikers coming up will think, “If I drink myself broke, some stupid sympathiser will bail me out”!!!!. Let Mayuka wallow in his own misery!

  15. discipline says:

    Mmmmm,ba@slim kikikiki

  16. Positive thinking says:

    This is a sad story. The young man needs time to see for himself that he can still go out on top. That Southampton move has had long lasting effects on his confidence and ultimately his ability. The amazing blessing with that whole situation is that they helped him recover from a very bad groin injury he got on national duty.

    To say that he is an average player as has been alluded to by someone on this blog is an absolute lie. The kid is talented. Had he kept playing regularly, he would be even better than guys like Dennis Lota or Collins Mbesuma.

    He just needs a club he can commit to and a coach willing to give him a chance. There are more talented players out there who have fallen into this trap, guys like Aldair or the late great Garrincha of Brazil. In Zambia you had guys like Litana or Harrison Chongo who both went from greatness to barely being recognizable. Mayuka still has time to turn this around. He will need to find the time and the heart to work on it. Plenty of money to be made in the Zambian league, and plenty of football to be played.

  17. Sibs says:

    Please someone connect him with Mbesuma he is the best person to sit him down. Mbesuma will speak his heart out and Emma will learn a lot from the “Big Man”. He has been on this road and overcome. He even met Jesus along the way.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This comment about West African players being more hardworking and not lazy is interesting. How does one come out with such a blanket statement insinuating laziness on players from Southern Africa. I might remind you that the African player who is on record as having played the longest in the English Premier league is none other than fellow Southern African Peter Ndlovu. This guy played in the EpL for more 10 years …please check the exact number if years but he beats everyone. Bruce Grobelaar the Liverpool icon is also from Southern Africa and both players played for Highlanders and Zimbabwe. The eighties and nineties were an interesting time in English football and were probably more demanding on the footballer when you consider that hooliganism was rampant and there were few Africans playing in the league.
    The Southern African players will only get better exposure to better European leagues if the teams qualify for the Olympics and to more of the age group competitions just as Zambia did in the Under20. You see the lads seizing the opportunities from that under 20. players like Kalusha Bwalya were trailblazers. it just comes with how much more dedicated a player is. I think when you look at Benni McCarthy of Bafana Bafana how he carried his own with top teams like Porto. anyway I thought that comment weird. I can guarantee you there are probably more players from West Africa who have failed to make it just by the sheer numbers of those who go out there.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Too dad. It worries me. In our Zambian Premier leagues don’t we have advisers.
    May you connect such Players to me for counselling and future Planning

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