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East lacks motivation to produce super league team – Eastern Province Coach

Eastern province is one of the three provinces(luapula and Northern) to never have had a team in the Zambia super league since the nation gained independence 57 years ago. But what can be the reason for such an unforgivable scene as the province boast of abundant football talent?

A few of the notable names which have come from the province and have had a test of both premier and senior national team include Justine Shonga, Ziyo Tembo, Youremember Banda, Sandras Kumwenda, Fashion Sakala, Zebron Njobvu, Enock Sakala Sr just to name a few.

Despite producing such big names, the province still ranks behind in terms of Premier League club representation, and to make matters worse no club plays even in the second tier FAZ organized league which is the EDEN University national league.

The ZamFoot Crew caught up with one of the experienced coaches in Ezekiel Siamalambo who was last seen on the dugout with Katete Rangers, the man who holds CAF B coaching license to discuss what can be the problem.

Siamalambo believes the province lacks motivation and not many people are willing to invest in the sport hence the big problem.

“Eastern province lacks the motivation to make players remain in the province or keep playing football, a lot of players in Eastern province don’t get anything and this has even made those with potential to go far stop playing football if they see no offers to come from other provinces as they get to see no goodness in football,” he said.

“Eastern province has a lot of business people who are well established, only if they know that football is good business and can help grow their brand, then we will see a lot of motivation in players and results will be seen, they’re a lot of walkovers in the province, which means when a team gets a lot of free points and qualify for national league play-offs, that team is not fully ready cause a lot of points were gotten for free,” he added.

For Eastern Province to develop football-wise, it needs sponsors. The province has no team which can pay its players salaries every month consistently.

Football has now become part of a living adventure, if players don’t see anything good like in the case of the eastern province, then you expect them to move somewhere for greener pasture or venture into other things other than football.

Eastern province has many business gurus who can come on board and make the province a footballing powerhouse. Otherwise, if nothing will be done to such a problem, if no big sponsors will come on board, the province will continue lagging.

For a sponsor to come on board, the club must develop good win-win policies a story that is different in Eastern province.

“Most clubs here claim to be owned by the community and this has many clubs in a jeopardy situation because clubs lack leadership which understands football, a lot of club officials don’t understand their limits, what they should do and not, there is a lot of interference in the province from club management and this has made sponsors wonder if it’s viable to work with people who think can work up any day and do whatever they want, there is a lot of irregularities in the province especially from teams top management,” he said.

“FAZ must come to the province with refresher courses to educate people over how to run and manage football so that everyone should understand the law of the game,” Siamalambo added.

If the province can have sponsors, qualified coaches, right club football administrators, and other few things put in order like officiating, good pitches then the province can dream of a premier league.

“Yes pitches don’t produce players but they help in producing quality players, I think going forward we need to work on our pitches but resources are sources of concern no wonder we are appealing to good wishers to come on board and help clubs because there is a lot that needs to be done, there is a lot of talent going to waste in the province,” he said.

“Referees are also killing the beautiful football, they always favor home teams and like this how can you develop as a province, it is bringing confusion and draining energy levels because you can try to do your level best but they spoil everything you are trying to make, this has destroyed the quality as most teams prefer to seek favor than put much effort in the game, it is encouraging laziness we hope going forward this will change,” he added.

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