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Defending is our biggest problem – Kaindu

Nkana football club head coach Kelvin Kaindu believes his team’s biggest challenge is defending following their 3-0 defeat at the hands of Egyptian side Pyramids on Wednesday evening.

The CAF Confederation Cup envoys were handed a huge 3-0 defeat by last season’s runners-up.

“Unfortunately, we lost 3-0, I think the biggest challenge is the way that we are defending. I think this is the fourth game we have conceded early goals I think in the second minute, It was just the first attempt at goal from a corner harmless ball I think we had a tactical organization in the way that we wanted to defend and we put players in certain positions but the player who was supposed to be in that position was moved and that’s where the ball landed just a harmless ball again 8 minutes we are down 2-0 it made our game difficult,” he said

Kaindu thinks the tactical changes he made in the second half brought a bit of life to the game.

“We made our tactical changes in the way that we approach the game. The way that we wanted to play and we seem to have picked up a bit of momentum going forward, the second half also we made some substitutions and we started going forward we had a chance we hit the  upright but the worrying thing is the way the defense is defending it’s so worrying,” he said.

“Despite Mapulanga conceding those three goals I think he was outstanding in goal but we are not strong there is no resistance from the defense any small attack is ending on the goal, I think we need to work hard in the way that we want to defend as a team,” he added.

Pyramids scored through Mahmoud Wadi, Islam Issa, and Mohamed Farouk to hand Nkana a huge 3-0 defeat in the opening match of their 2021 CAF Confederation Cup group stage campaign.

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4 Comments to Defending is our biggest problem – Kaindu

  1. Makufi says:

    Continental football ain’t for boy scouts. You should have known that, coach. Maybe you shouldn’t have travelled in the first place?

  2. Dan says:

    Those players you have don’t convince us.

  3. Andrew R.Mbao says:

    Nkana are not going any where. They are just there in the league to give points to others. It is very embarassing for a BIG team like Nkana to play the way they played. Sometimes I even feel offended to see them representing Zambia. Have a look at the table for our Local football league, they are in the relegation zone so what do you expect from such a team? It will be a miracle to see them win any game in the CAF confederation cup league. Even a draw I don’t see it coming forth.

  4. Joseph bweupe says:

    Not all the teams in the competition are going to make it to final but only two who knows even pyramid might be eliminated nkana is just one of the teams facing challenges even in Europe we have seen teams like Barcelona being eliminated an ceremoniously but you are still supporting with pride leave nkana alone,, better to play in CAF than never,,, likulu

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