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Cosafa Games: Young guns bash Zim to mint gold

The Zambia U17 team participating in the Zone 5 U20 games has minted gold after blowing away a challenge from hosts Zimbabwe who they bashed 3 – 0.

The Hector Chilombo tutored lads who put up a proud stellar performance at the games cruised to victory with goals from tournament top scorer Patrick Ngoma, Harrison Musonda and Solomon Sakala.

Zambia could have gone ahead as early as the 3rd minute when Ngoma struck the bar but the Zimbabweans held on for the match to go to the break 0 – 0 despite Zambia dominating.

Ngoma finally broke the deadlock in the 52nd minute when Ngoma headed Zambia into the lead after converting a Chrispin Sakulanda cross from the right.

First half substitute Musonda who replaced Patson Daka in the 37th minute doubled the advantage 4 minutes later after coming on the end of a Shezongo cross.

Sakala wrapped up the scoring for Zambia from the spot in the 76th minute after Sakulanda was bundled down in the box.

The young Zambian deservedly walked away with gold after they scored 19 goals and conceding once from the spot in 5 games.

Zambia Starting Line Up:
Kasashi Lupiya; Jonathan Chikondi Daka; Boyd Mkandawire; Sidney Phiri; Solomon Sakala; Patrick Ngoma; Patson Daka; Charles Yande Shezongo (Kapambwe Musonda); George Mandu; Chrispin Sakulanda (Kingsley Mukuka); Mangani Banda GK CPT

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34 Comments to Cosafa Games: Young guns bash Zim to mint gold

  1. Judge Joe Bidden says:

    Great thats the future team we got right there! IN YOU BOYS WE TRUST. Thanks!

  2. P.A says:

    Job well done

  3. photon says:

    That is the spirit.when iz faz having elections?please any data and i want to know who should vote?cant it be open for all to participate elecronically or any way possible

  4. solly says:

    Thanks be to God for his life and for saving the lives of Nyambe Mulenga together with his coleagues sure it was not their day. Secondly Congratulations junior chipolopolo we are proud of you for the victory its a good spirit,we appreciate you may God protect you even as we are in this ferstival season,Shalom,Shalom.

  5. Kay Hummer says:

    I am not surprised that this team has won this competition. I predicted this. I said this is the best under 20 team that we have ever had in 50 years! WELL DONE TO THE SMALL BOYS!

    • Bolapazed says:

      But Kay Hammer this is not the team you have always known as U20 and little wonder at the comments poking fun at FAZ. This was a new U20 with only three regulars from the one you know.

      You should be asking what criteria is used to select players to all national teams? Is it the Coach, Technical committee, or Some Individual? If it’s not the coach then their must be a serious rethink of that process. In this case FAZ has been exposed on this one be it an individual, the TC.

      • Judge Joe Bidden says:

        Yes about 75% of the players are totally new, but whats so superb is how he Chilombo picked the players and combined a system that is so dangerous like a midnight witch!

  6. Lusanga says:

    wish they can replicate this on the world stage

  7. Naked goal says:

    This team has silenced many teams in the region, including the so called FAZ. Chilombo you are the man and never should you allow FAZ to select a team for you. Chilombo can do better than Janza. Shakes Mashaba was also coaching a junior team,look at how he has transformed S.africa. Congratulations to the team,you have shown that you are the best not only in zambia but in Southern Africa. No one can match you though FAZ tried to block you. Shame on FAZ.

  8. tony mash says:

    u can say it again

  9. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Well done to the young guns

  10. Rainford kalaba says:

    lee kwanu always wants to market his kafue celtics players on the expense of national team hence his anger on daniel jere under 20 team manager for hvin selected da team n submitted da list to ministry of sports,lee noticed a number of his kafue celtic players missing on da list hence his frustration on jere shame on him corrupt lee.lets not allow corruption hinder our success in development of football in da country,lets learn to select players on merit bafikala ba faz

  11. Prince says:

    Faz must be eating their socks lol…WELL DONE BOYS!

  12. Discipline says:

    Firstly my condolocences to those who lost their loved ones in yesterday’s road accident also involving Nyambe and friends,secondly one has to be an executive member of FAZ affiliated club to be able to vote in their elections and this is not done electronically but physically and usually takes place in Kabwe just like any other organizational elections.

  13. Discipline says:

    The U20 performence in Zim has justified what us fanshave always said about the corruption involvied in player selection at national level.The coach who is serious with upping his resume does what Chilombo did,so Janza also please this time around be bold enough to select players on merit.Think about your family ,the nation and your career ,you will not be Chipolopolo coach for life this cut thing and trials can be used in friendliest after AFCON.

  14. congratulations to the guys well deserved the stats prove that they depserve to be the chamions

  15. gb says:

    Congrats. Elsewhere, they’re calling it an under 17 Africa union Sports. Why are we calling it under 20 cosafa? Zamfoot,
    please clarify with the organisers.

  16. gb says:

    My prayer is that this team should be nurtured and play together.It Will be a great team.

  17. ZamFoot says:

    @GB, The AUSC Zone 5 games are U20 games and when it comes to football they collaborate with Cosafa.

    For this tournament, Cosafa specified that the women’s games will be for U20 while they requested member countries to enter the U17 (those born after 1997) for the mens football teams.

    So players like Patrick Ngoma and Captain Mangani are eligible to play as U17 in this tournament but ordinarily play for the U20 as they will be over age next year when the CAF U17 championship kicks off.

  18. EX ZIT says:

    Congrats Tupolopolo boys, good job ba Coach shame on Faz.

  19. Puskas says:

    The Zambia under 20 is a cheat…in our set up no player under 17 can play in premiership…Patson if surely he is 16…does he go to school?? Why are the parents in Kafue not with him in Chingola as per FIFA requirement for minor….?? Secondly , Boyd, Ngoma, Solomon.. are managed by Jere a corrupt manager who has been unsurping power from his bosses due to his relationship with Kalu…We know that most of the under 20 players are either connected to Jere, K-Stars or Celtics directly or indirectly….

  20. steve says:

    shame on BWALYA & faz at large! !!!!!!!!

  21. Bolapazed says:

    Now after deserved congratulations to the boys, the big question is, Who is/are responsible for the player selection to national teams. Is it the coach or the technical committee? FAZ this is your question to answer. Next is had we used the other players would we have reaped this gold? Anyone with an answer?

  22. Bolapazed says:

    What was the result between Zambia and Angola?

  23. A reflection of what will happen in E/G

  24. tatu saad says:

    Are telling me our U17 beat U20 s of the opponents. Tht means our U17 will do better in senegal cz the will face there agemates

  25. Duncandinho says:

    Even if we used under 15s, we were still going to win this useless tournament coz no one can match us in southern Africa, so it’s not about which team represented us, it’s about how weak our opponents were. It’s just the same as the way we qualified for Afcon, we were not at our best but we still qualified because our group was easy.

  26. Discipline says:

    We will care less if you are marketing players like Lubambo,Ngoma,Daka not Munthali,Festus ,Kalu be serious.

  27. Anita says:

    Janza! U need Kandwani Mtonga! Why are u reluctant to call him? U went for the same gal!

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