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COSAFA Cup: Zambia suffers shock first defeat to Lesotho

Zambia gave away a one-goal lead to lose 2-1 at the hands of Lesotho in their opening game of the 2021 COSAFA Cup tournament.

Justin Shonga opened the scores in the 29th minute with a close-range finish from a rebound after Lesotho goalkeeper Sekhoane Moerane failed to deal with a Gamphani Lungu strike.

However, Substitute Motebag Sera struck twice to secure a 2-1 win for Lesotho and handing Zambia their first loss of the tournament which they are aiming to defend. The Crocodiles started with a 3-1 loss to Eswatini in their opening game on Monday.

Zambia’s loss has thrown Group A wide open at the regional showpiece tournament in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Hosts South Africa grabbed a 1-0 victory over the 10 men of Eswatini to head the pool with a full haul of six points from their two games.

Eswatini and Lesotho are second and third respectively while Zambia and Botswana are fourth and fifth without a point to their names. Next up for Zambia is Eswatini on Saturday.

Full Time

Zambia 1- 2 Lesotho

(Justin Shonga 29’| M. Sera 70′)

ZAMBIA XI: Kennedy Mweene, Benedict Chepeshi, Adrian Chama Benson Sakala Kelvin Mubanga (Moses Phiri 66′), Salulani Phiri (Spencer Sautu 66′), Gamphani Lungu, Justin Shonga (Brian Mwila 67′), Rodrick Kabwe, Kabaso Chongo, Augustine Mulenga

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24 Comments to COSAFA Cup: Zambia suffers shock first defeat to Lesotho

  1. Boy says:

    let this over overconfident micho know kabaso is not a centre back he will cost you games start watching from the 5-0 to algeria to this game we don’t have qualifications but we have this little understanding and Zachariah chilongshi runs like a headless chicken up and down with know defensive sense on left back and no crossing ability check all the highlights from the time he started playing use prosper in left back and kabaso on right back check game against Brazil whr he ws used on right back neymar had difficulty moving

  2. Pele says:

    No matter how much we speak and the Zambian bench does not listen this kind of loss will be the order of the day. For the umpteenth time modern soccer is that the most dangerous man is the one making a run into your area without the ball. Both goals from Lesotho were by strikers left free by our defenders! When will this technical bench ever listen?????

  3. Patrick mwanza says:

    Ubukali wakwa goal keeper ni defence.Mweene lekelafye abena Lameck naba Gregory baleikata naiyo defence.Balibelela ukusebana.

  4. Boy says:

    Can someone tell this foolish dumb coach kabaso is not a centre back he is a right back go c his videos from the 5-0 loss to algeria and the game he played against Brazil he played at right back neymar had it hard against him

  5. Tony mash says:

    The issue is not about the defence. This coach is failing to come up with a winning team. The midfield is not functioning well. This the area we are failing to sought out. Lets not blame keeper or defence. I think nathan sinkala can do better if they play 442 formation. Benson sakala is not the quality we need in this team. Thats waste of time. A midfielder with over 30 caps who never attracted any foreign club. Adrian chama is not good enough. They should pair kabaso and tandi mwape..

  6. Tony mash says:

    All those who are anti king kalu you should say sorry. He is the only one who can take zambian football to another level.

  7. BYONKABYO says:

    This is an insult to Zambian football loosing to Lesotho after leading surely! No no no faz do something the coach has failed. that means even the world cup qualifying games nothing will happen. Let Wedson nyirenda take care of the remaining games he can do better not that school boys type of football we watched today.

  8. Tony mash says:

    Nyirenda and chambeshi they can do better.. they should bring in chambeshi so that he can bring young stars into the senior team..

  9. Anonymous says:

    With this type of performance you think this coach will take you to the worldcup. Failing to qualify to Africa cup and Failing to beat Lesotho.

  10. Positive Thinking says:

    Yaba ba Zambia. How?

  11. Nyantabwino says:

    We are still very far from winning and bring back our old golden glory days like before the boys don’t have country at heart too much pride in our team only a few were there to perform FAZ must be held responsible for all the loses we are getting from every we play that is a tourist

  12. Nyantabwino says:

    That coach is a tourist

  13. Shocker says:

    FAZ is very useless as well. Since Kamanga come into the picture Zambia football as lost direction. Look at how our clubs are performimg in CAF competitions; can you expect a club from Angola or Tanzania to eliminate a Zed clun from CAF competition?

  14. Frank Nonde says:

    Isanity is doing the same thing every time and expecting different results. ZAMBIA is doing exactly that. Fire Micho and remove the deadwood who still thinks are the best talents available.We should have used under 17 and under 20 combined team to form the senior national team.

  15. GSK11 says:

    What an embarrassment!

    Top class goal keeper Kennedy was beaten clean by sharp striker – didn’t even see the ball.
    But the problem was in midfield mainly, still – A Chama got skinned alive – yet again.
    Only first game, not over yet, lot to play for -sure results will improve.

  16. Logic says:

    At what point does this bad Micho experiment end kanshi? This man and whoever hired him needs a serious mental evaluation. This is unacceptable. Enough is enough. We have more embarrassment needed our way if we don’t cut this guy loose. He can’t even coach a game of sojo!

  17. Slim says:

    @Tony Mash you living in the past…nostalgia strikes deep. Kalu had his time, reached his pinnacle and finally messed up and lost it! Ask FIFA. The question is are we making progress under Micho. That’s the way to go. If not get rid of him. Not the nonsense about administrators.

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      There is no difference between Micho and Sven (who was fired). They are both Economic refugees in Africa

  18. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    This is what you get when you appoint a Chainama Mental Hills Hospital Case as coach. The man knows nothing. Fire him and appoint Wedson Nyirenda. Local Zambian coaches have done well when in charge

  19. Cool says:


  20. brian says:

    why cant these people accept that kalu can change football.we will keep on lozn

  21. Kemtrix says:

    Abakulu bakale…Abakaale bakali!!l wonder what’s really happenig to our b-luved galant copper bullets,they behave like some politicians-it’s Zambia that Zambia this…oooshh!!am tired of this football patern and totaly disapointed…kuti walila na bayashi,otherwise no improvement

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