Friday, June 14, 2024

Copper Queens coach Mwape salutes his players

Copper Queens coach Bruce Mwape has saluted his players for qualifying to the Paris 2024 Olympics qualifier.

Barbra Banda scored a brace to send the girls to Paris via a 3-2 aggregate over Morocco

“I think the game we played this evening was very tough. Even back home when we played them, it wasn’t easy,” Mwape said in a post match interview

“They actually managed to beat us when they came to Zambia, but we’ve managed to carry the day this evening,” he added as he highlighted Morocco’s resilience

“It’s good for our team, not only beating them but also qualifying for the Olympics, which is what we were fighting for.”

“The difference is that we’ve won 2-0 this time. When they came to Zambia, they beat us 2-1.

“But when we played in Zambia, we actually saw the tactics they were using, and we thought of making a few changes in our approach to today’s game.

“It actually paid off. In the first leg, some of the players were given rest. We had to put in new players to suit the system we wanted to use when preparing for the game,”

Zambia has been in Group C alongside USA, Germany and Australia at the Olympics

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  1. Congrats coach Bruce.

    However, I am of the view that the technical bench needs to find proper midfield combinations to give the team a balanced structure and ensure effective transition from defence to attack.

    The energy, seeming comfort on the ball and imposing figure of Prisca Chilufya makes me think she can easily be converetd into a central or defensive midfielder. That position and another ball carrying attacking midfielder would make the already dangerous front players unstoppable.

    The preparations for the Olympics starts now

  2. We need technical & tactically alert people on that bench. The battles ahead are going to be wild and testing because the world has been and is still watching our singular approch employed by our very own mr. Mwape. We need a variety or an unpredictable approach because😁:

    1. Germany 🇩🇪 has a bonzo to chew with mr. Mwape & team;

    2. Australia are unpredictable so tilimbe;

    3. USA 🇺🇸 are just tough, let’s just face the music;

    4. Zambia 🇿🇲 is ready to dance & suprise all because we just need a suprise and go through to the next round.

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