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Coach Micho Draws positives from Benin stalemate

Addressing the press after watching the Chipolopolo Boys surrender a 2-1 lead at halftime to draw 2-2 away against Benin, Coach Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic took time to note positives from the match.

“I don’t have any regrets. Every single change we have made has been capable to help us.

The only question we didn’t answer was when we couldn’t close the spaces infront of our defense,” he said.

“The opponent was opting for the aerial balls and we didn’t have the answer. We needed to defend with a holding midfield to correct this mistake,” the Serbian gaffer observed.

“This is a lesson we can learn. Based on this lesson, football was teaching us.

We want to learn the lesson so that come September World Cup Qualifiers against Mauritania and Tunisia, we would have prepared well,” he remarked.

Coach Micho went on to state the importance of trying different player combinations in the absence of several key players.

“Several of our first team starters have not been around. And we wanted to widen the pool of the players that will help us in the World Cup Qualifiers.

This match is worth more than 30 training matches. Because as a player you cannot hide here. This is a real competitive situation,” he cautioned.

“It gives us so many lessons. Who can and who can not.

I am very happy with what we have put [together]. Whatever is wrong we need to correct and whatever was right we want to keep it up,” he alluded.

“I believe the match was helping us to grow up as a unit and as a team,” Coach Micho concluded.

Next on the itinerary for the Chipolopolo Boys is a stop in Khartoum ahead of the final friendly match against Sudan in Omdurman on Friday 11th June.

Zambia will be looking to end the international tour on a winning note having lost the first match to Senegal by 3-1 before the two-all draw with Benin.

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11 Comments to Coach Micho Draws positives from Benin stalemate

  1. Tony mash says:

    I feel sorry for the coach.

  2. Positive Thinking says:

    @Tony Mash

    Why feel sorry for him? I think this situation is an amazing opportunity to rope in some of the fringe players and perhaps identify some game changing talent. I just hope this also shows the coach that we need to bring back Sunzu and maybe even Kennedy Mweene. The experience is vital to Zambia’s World Cup hopes.

    • Anonymous says:

      coach continue pushing hard we are proud of you. don’t listen to negative cements you have vast experience in football.

  3. Onesphor says:

    My man, u know the game. That has been my thought too.

  4. John says:

    He can’t read the game

  5. Godfrey Kaniki Chilufya says:

    I hope this time the coach will play Ntazana

  6. Anonymous says:

    This man is not worth of a coach to rely on. He shall just continue talking about learning lessons each time he fails to deliver. You mean there is no one who can do it better for us?

  7. GSK11 says:

    Coach is right .
    Playing the likes of Sadio Mane with a B side show how much depth and talent there is.
    Its like an exam.
    Getting exposure now is the key .

    The defensive unit must be stressed and as coach said to see “who can…” and more importantly
    “who cannot…” .

    There is talent in Zed.

  8. Tony mash says:

    This is not b team Except mahembe..chiluya.. keeper and mumba the rest they have over twenty caps. Katema. Phiri. Sakala. Kola. Mwila. Amita. Moses phiri.. sautu..chipeshi..tandi mwape.. and sikombe they are being recycled. This is not b team.

  9. justin Nyemba says:

    If Zambia wants to properly defend in a game then we need to get more defensive minded wing backs. Chipeshi, I’m sorry is not that tight in defense so is Chikuya. Let the coach widen selection to lower leagues since currently it is very difficulty for young players to break into the elite league partly because of foreign player mania currently obtaining I Zambia. Apart from the wall wako niwako and corruption related to finances in local player transfer and engagement. It’s bad in the soccer fraternity made worse by the incapable but trained coaches and also the I’ll trained ones. Sad indeed!

  10. BuzzEd says:

    The coach should emphasis on developing a system of play and build a team around that system of play. That is how successful teams world over become champions. Harve Renard was successful because his strategy was clear – DEFENSE. Zambia under HR did not score a lot of goals but they did not concede a lot of goals either. He worked on the boys physical conditioning to play his system and trained them to be disciplined in defense. That is why he yelled at them like that on the touchline. They had specific instructions on how to play and when they did not follow the play book, he was like a maniac on the side line. But guess what, he won a championship! Watching Zambia play now is misery to say the list. One has no idea what type of football is being played. they just chase and follow the ball. There is no systematic build up, no ball possession, poor passing accuracy. It is reactive football, just play against the strategy of the opponent. It is a case of chimbwi no plan and that is why don’t agree with the coaches assessment. Benin is a weak team that matched Zambia’s level of football IQ and hence the draw. We need to raise our football IQ to play at the elite level and win competitions or better yet, qualify for World Cup 2022.

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