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Clifford Mulenga: Agents are selfish and only interested in money

Jomo Cosmos’ Zambian midfielder Clifford Mulenga has lambasted agents who put their needs first and called for them to stop being selfish.

In the latest edition of KICK OFF Magazine, the former Zambian international spoke about how agents should be like father figures to players, instead of promising “a lifetime of greatness”.

“Agents should stop being selfish and putting their needs before players’ needs. Agents promise a lifetime of greatness and as soon as contracts are signed, players are neglected and are left alone to deal with the money issues and problems with their clubs,” he said in the January edition of KICK OFF Magazine.

“Some agents are not even interested in knowing what players are doing with their money, their training or their family life. Agents need to manage players like their kids and not some business interest so that when these kids fail, they do so only because they didn’t want to listen. I feel for my friend Lerato Chabangu. There are so many greedy agents out there who are only after their own interests.”

Mulenga feels that had he received proper guidance in his career, he’d be competing with the best two players in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

“I am not out to blame anyone that managed or was around me, but I feel like people were just excited with me playing football, scoring goals and dribbling people. They forgot that there was something bigger than that. Had I gotten proper guidance I would be competing with Messi and Ronaldo. I am not bragging, but I know that God blessed me with great talent many people would die to have.

Article by: KICK OFF

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  1. It is good you are able to give guidance and advice to up coming players. Sure you were a marvel to watch, however, you cannot cry over spilled milk. The best is to continue giving this advice to young players or even become an agent yourself. The major lesson learnt from your football career is that discipline is the most important ingredient in every aspect of life. Wishing you the best.

  2. In other words Clifford, talent was given to a wrong person; YOU! try and advise Fwayo b4 he blows up his earnings and starts asking for alms thru daily papers!!

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