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Clatous Chama signs for Tanzanian side without Lusaka Dynamos consent

Lusaka Dynamos captain Cletous Chota Chama’s move to Tanzanian side Simba FC could end up at FIFA after it emerged that the Zambian club has not sanctioned the move, the ZamFoot Crew understands.

In the dramatic turn of events, even those ‘Facebook pundits’ who have been disregarding the ZamFoot reports about a possible player exodus at Lusaka Dynamos due to non-payment  of player’s salaries, bonuses and signing on fees, have confessed that things are not well at the ‘money bags.’

While the news that ‘Tripple C’ was signing was hitting social media, the ZamFoot Crew  understands that the Lusaka Dynamos hierarchy was caught unaware.

While they still have a running contract with their skipper, there’s speculation that the Tanzanian giants are aware that Lusaka Dynamos have been struggling financially and have not been paying their players close to 3-4 months.

“Clatous is using that to sign as a free agent in Tanzania,” a ZamFoot Crew  source  said.

“LD might go to FIFA to seek clarification.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that Lusaka Dynamos will not activate the International Transfer Certificate (ITC) in the TMS.

Should Lusaka Dynamos go that route, then that will only leave Simba and Chama to go they FIFA way.

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8 Comments to Clatous Chama signs for Tanzanian side without Lusaka Dynamos consent

  1. Anita says:

    Education makes a person be able to comprehend issues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This guy must join Zesco, or trek down to S.A. There is no football in Tanzania.Save for the good fan base support.

    • Zambia Shall Win the ACON again says:

      US 50,000.00 signing on fee patali i can also go after all he is in his late tweties he needs to make decent money for himself and his family.

  3. Positive Thinking says:

    When will Zambian players learn? Since time immemorial, with Dennis Lota being the first case I can remember back in 1995/96…Zambian players have done things like this and in the end they are the ones who end up suffering. The clubs simply get into a legal row and all the while the player is left wallowing on the sidelines and not getting paid anyway. Chama should have closed the chapter with Dynamos before this move. Especially since they can’t pay him.

    • Zambia Shall Win the AFCON again says:

      Rules have since changed if you dont pay a players for more than two months then there is no contract according to FIFA. CCC is within his rights as a player to leave LD since he has not been paid for the past five months.

  4. Slim says:

    Skill and brains would be too much for Zambian footballers!What is the players association doing in the way of educating our footballers on the pitfalls associated with international transfers. Anyhow clubs in Zambia don’t do that much for our generally dull players; they are underpaid, no security, and worse are made to sign long term contracts devoid of commitment by the club. In case of serious injury ” bye bye”. No legal brains scrutinise these contracts, it could be if u r not paid for 3 or more months the contracts gets nullified. In which case triple C is released from LD. But, has that Simba contract undergone legal scrutiny? This is where the so called players association should play a part.

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