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Chiyangi admits Kaseba is a poor finisher but defends his selection

Zambia national team interim coach Aggrey Chiyangi admitted that striker Tapson Kaseba is very poor in terms of finishing off chances. Chiyangi, however, defended his selection in the starting line up that drew 2-2 with Eswatini saying he is a hard worker who runs tirelessly.

Kaseba started in attack for the Copper Bullets on Saturday against Eswatini but missed a number of changes including a one that he was left with only the goal to beat but somehow fluffed his line.

“I wish one day you become a coach so that you understand what the fans don’t understand. When you planning for a game you have to look at your opponent’s and see which players can help you.”

“It’s unfortunate that Tapson is very poor on finishing but when you defending he helps a lot . What he just needs to do is work on his finishing but when you play a good team like these guys you need such players who can run up and down. There are so many players who the fans cry for but they should see how they play both in attack and defense,” Chiyangi told the ZamFoot Crew.

“If you look at Swaziland the reason the scored is that we defended badly. We gave them so much space, Why because we were failing to track them, That’s what we look at. People can cry for a player but there are so many things we consider.”

“Its the player. When you miss a chance it’s about the player and not the coach. The chances we had were clear cut chances so if you miss such a chance what do you say ?” he added.

Zambia gave away a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 with Eswatini but managed to qualify to the 2020 Cameroon CHAN tournament 3-2 on aggregate.


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3 Comments to Chiyangi admits Kaseba is a poor finisher but defends his selection

  1. Jackson says:

    Ba Chiyangi, can you please spare Kaseba. Yes, the young man might have missed numerous chances but as a soccer fan I don’t think the player deserves that treatment where he is criticized publicly during the post match interview. Remember he is also a human-being who has feelings. Please don’t just be a coach but also a father to those boys. I’m sure you understand the father’s role in mentoring a child till he attains perfection.

    My free advise is that learn from Pitso and other coaches who understand that the coach’s success depends on his relationship with players. I still remember a match where Kennedy Mweene made a school boy blunder that almost costed Sundowns the PSL championship, during post match interview instead of criticizing the player, the coach took responsibility and said that “as a coach I budget for those mistakes. Though Kennedy made what may be termed as a silly mistake the coach acknowledged that in the past when the team needed him, he rose to the ocassion and helped sundowns win matches and trophies.

    Ba coach your post match remarks are that of a coach who is feeling the heat, but if you can not take the heat, then stay away from the kitchen instead of venting you anger and frustration on the players. If you don’t know these same players can either keep your job or fix you.

    If I were you what I would do is to revisit my tactics, philosophy and team selection because symptoms have already shown that the technical bench needs to pull their socks. Gentlemen let’s face realities, in our last three matches we have scored 5 goals and conceded the same number of goals. Remember that before that, we failed to score in Botswana and when the Zebras visited us they almost beat us at home fortunate enough the third goal we scored in the dying minutes of the match saved us a day. We just managed to beat them by a narrow 3-2 margin.

    In the light of the foregoing, was it fair for the coach to say you can not miss so many chances and expect to be spared? No, Mr Coach if you can;t handle the pressure then let your assistant go for post match interview.


  2. Anonymous says:

    That means Tapson is not a striker. if he is a hard worker, why not turn to a holding mid fielder, or better still a defender? Bornwell Mwape and Kennedy Musonda are itching for that chance. Going forward, don’t over look Kondwani Mtonga, he knows how to sock pressure. In algeria don’t experiment, we need MINGALATO, men not boys.

  3. Daniel says:

    You have given him enough time to prove himself. Time to try others now.

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