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Chisamba quits! Its disrespectful to play small inexperienced boys at my expense

MIDFIELDER Chisamba Lungu says he has quit national team duty, blaming the move on coach George Lwandamina.

Chisamba said it was a waste of taxpayers’ money to call him for last weekend’s 2017 AfCON qualifier against Guinea Bissau only for him to warm the bench.

The international lad who further blamed the coaching bench for Zambia’s 3-2 loss to Guinea Bissau, said his decision to turn down future national team call-ups was painful, but he wanted to put an end to what had been happening to him in the past where he is called and not used in preference for less experienced players.

The ball wizard who plies his trade with Russian side FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast said it was disappointing that apart from being subjected to the bench, Lwandamina did not bother to explain to him why he was not used.

“The technical bench has to check themselves because personally I did not think I will not play in that game; I was disappointed but I couldn’t show it and could not ask the coach why I was on the bench. The coach should have explained to me why I was on the bench but unfortunately the coach never told me anything. It was a waste of taxpayers’ money…like I said before; if I am not in the plan of the coach please let me know. I respect his plan, it’s not that I have anything against him. If he has anything against me, as a father and coach he has to speak it out; call me and say ‘Chisamba, what you are not doing is this and that’. That’s what [Herve] Renard used to do; each time you did something wrong, he would tell you. But the coach that we have now is just quiet which is so disrespectful on my part,” he said.

“If I am not in his plan he should not call me and I will respect that. I am not saying I am the best but calling me to warm the bench while small boys who are not experienced play is very disrespectful. He should have explained to me so that we walk on the same page because the action really affected me. I am very much disappointed on what happened in Guinea Bissau. Next time I will not come. Seriously I have decided not to come anymore.”

He further explained that the loss to Guinea Bissau and subsequent failure to qualify to the 2017 Africa Cup was as a result of poor player selection by the coaches.

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  1. I support you on this. Better to quit.

    Herve Renard still remains zambia’s best coach ever. The players miss him and they know his importance. They will continue to say good things about him.

    • The coach must be fired how can you bench chisamba lungu and play katema chicken you coasted the nation s faliar to afcon chicken is very dull he can’t read the game

  2. ok our locals (coaches and players ) can’t replicate the AFCON12 feat we achieved…they lack the mental faculty to win a game least of all put the ball in the back of the oppositions net…pure mediocrity a squad for Zambias calibre

  3. Well said an I support Chisamba 100%. My heart bleeds for a day when local coaches can be objective and treat player with respect and as fellow adults. Sitting down and explaining to a senior player like Chisamba would have avoided all this. The problem is ourr local coaches think they are little gods who players cannot even question. Good move Chisamba, make your money man!

  4. Chisamba Lungu is wrong,as far as i am concerned this is not the first time for him to say such word.I remember at one he said the same words for not being considered for the national,he even threaten to change the nationality.The best is to talk to the coach or you quit as long as the coach remains in charge,not to quit completely.Remember you don’t play for George,you play for all Zambians and you have a large following.

  5. Ba Nazo Yashanii Ba kalamba, the lad is saying sensible things, whether he has said it before does not make him wrong. Lwandamina does not have to disrespect him like that, for sure. Explain it to the player that he has call the roles he expect them to play in his plan, after all it is not his team but for the nation as a whole, no personal grudges should be involved.

  6. faz cant you see that we dont need lwandamina any more lwandamina is a club coach and not a national coach we need one

  7. Chisamba is 100% right and the idiots at Faz still won’t get us a foreign coach but instead prefer the same clueless biased corrupt local coaches. Kamanga is Kalu 2.0. Useless.

  8. Nazo chisamba is right
    You can’t play boys at the expense of chisamba at least tell him why he is calling
    Like HR will tell chintu that he was a choir master and chintu accepted that role not amalabishi aya nkoko
    The same goes to faz amalabishi
    Kamanga pathetic FA president
    Ohh cry my beloved chipolopolo
    Finally I am a kalu worshiper

  9. In as much as it is disrespectful, a waste of Tax payer’s money and un acceptable to call a senior player and not use him in a game, Chisamba also as a senior player, used the wrong method to air his views. If anything Newspapers tend to sensationalise news items.
    So be careful what you say and how you say it.
    The coach may have had his reasons not to play him, but I still feel that, Zambia still needs Chisamba, just like I feel we shall soon be asking Fwayo to come on board. The games I have watched him play for power gives me an impression that he can out gun a lot of those players currently trying to establish themselves in the Chipolopolo.

    Chisamba we know you success and you love Zambia, but take time to think things over and don’t vent your frustration to newspapers. None of us is happy with what has happened of late, but lets take time to reflect as we sit out another AFCON since 2004.

    • If the coach had his reasons it was his responsibility to talk to the player beforehand. That’s what sensible managers/coaches do.

  10. We told you that this kamanga guy is an imbecile.After what chi lwandamina did we still keep his a*s AND TUMMY as chipolopolo coach .Go KALU GO HERVE RENARD PERIOD NOT THESE failures at FAZ who are just big mouthed .


  12. So sad to hear Chisa is quitting. Jacob Mulenga quit in similar circumstances, this is a learning curve for our coaches. We used to blame Kalu for poor player selection – mostly accusing him of being corrupt and wanting kudyamo. Is it the same trend repeating itself with Kamanga?

  13. its u who is an imbecile, kamanga become president wen the damage in losing points had already bin done. u r the same pepo who started following zambian football after March 20th.

  14. Lolo lolo people! I head faz has appointed unknown coach by the name of Kabwe currently coaching power dynamos to be on the touchline during cosafa cup,is this an expatriate coach or what?lets wait and see how this guy will select his squad for cosafa.

  15. Total failure in man management skills. If you can’t manage individual players how can you manage a team of players?

  16. We need an expatriate coach and now I understand why whites colonised us.surely we need an expatriate coach.mayuka,sate sate,kangwa,mbesuma,Jacob,nkausu,chongo,singuluma,Walter bwalya,mweene,Jacob banda,munyau,situmbeko,katongo,kalaba,lubambo,chisamba,kondwani,luchanga,Larry bwalya,sunzu,sinkala,Adrian chama, not those other plangas.train the above team under a white expatriate coach as all the current local coaches alive have failed us. I for one has lost the belief in local coaches and I know why herve renard was important. To say the truth I always admired him.it was faz that decampaigned HRand some other unreasonable fans on this site who have never played football but think they know much. Our criticism s should change for the better.

  17. Its people like you Panadol who Kamanga wait until you sink with at FAZ just like kabwe warriors that’s when you will accept.wembwawe nomunibe Kamanga .Yes Kamanga is new but is it normal or to keep lwandamina as a coach,idiot.

  18. How can that be possible to bench chisamba Lungu- ‘corruption’ fire Chicken his pocket is rich and coasted our happiness just imagine substitute Kalaba and Chris what a dull coach I don’t want even to see him whith a chibeery.

  19. @paradox,do you see why people like me are frustrated with Kamanga? The state of Zambian football needs urgent attention and fix. Kamanga is taking too long to make swift decisions to are needed to fix the game there in Zambia. These are kindergarten decisions….like if a coach is a failure you fire him immediately. Kamanga didn’t do that until zesco pulled chicken out. As if that was not enough insult, he goes on to bring in some nobody called Kabwe, who is probably going to be biased in player selections. We just need a foreign coach that’s all as it is the only way we are guaranteed of good,fair player selections and player’s play time at national team based on club performance and experience.

  20. Most Local coaches are useless,George Lwandamina included!!!How can Lwandamina play Paul Katema from a losing side Red Arrows,or Sakala from Zanaco and leave out Chisamba Lungu?to make matters worse,Lwandamina played an amature Boyd Mkandawire instead of huge Steven Kabamba from GBFC-shocking!!!Lwandamina can only manage poor local teams like Zesco,GBFC,Red Arrows,etc and not Chipolopolo!!!WELL DONE CHISAMBA LUNGU!!!LET PREGNANT GEORGE LWANDAMINA REMAIN WITH HIS KAMANGA’S FAZ!!!

  21. Well said chisamba lungu. You very brave young man. As long as chicken is there do not come national duty.. He is too small to coach chipolopolo.. Let him play mfune and katema.

  22. I am known for team kamanga, but at this stage, I want to agree that kamanga is too slow to act. maybe he us lacking courage to do that. even lucky Msiska will do as a stand by couch.
    Chisamba is right, Lwandamina is the reason why zambia will miss out. Thumbs up Chisamba, how do you kill the game by substituting Ck and kalaba?????????

    • Kalu took along time to act when he became fa president and he had been vice the years before that. The only thing Kamanga must act quickly because the next round of wc qualifiers are already apon us!!!

  23. I suspect Chisamba must be under pressure in his role as captain of a Russian club, he is feeling the pressure.
    I cannot condone Chisamba taking this action, having a strong word with the FA powers yes but announcing you quit internationals no. Doing this opens the door for everyone to start behaving like micheal essein and that starts to spell the end of your career. Snubbing call ups is not the Zambian way. No one has ever quit the national team like this, you can argue details but most players able would come.

    Chisamba must remember that not long ago he was the young boy!

    I would agree that he should have played but how could he have expected to play when he wasn’t around the team the first time. Lwandamina has not handled his players well, neither has Chisamba handled himself well.

  24. What Chisamba Lungu did is wrong that can affect his career and that is showing a lack of respect or courtesy.

    Chisamba Lungu is a very good player with a lot of talent but he must know that coaches are not the same and its something we see every day and ask our self questions about the situation.

    Discipline is very important in football and we have seen so many good players playing top leagues but career cut short because of that.

    To me Chisambe Lungu is the best player we have at the moment and people can agree with me but that behaviour is an acceptable.


  25. Kamanga is taking so long to fix thngs we need players lyk chisamba in w.c qualifiers lwandamina go for good leave the tecnical area, its lyk loco coaches hav faild us we need an expatriate coach now!!!if the government has no money to hire one then lets change ubuteko and go foward,Ba chisamba please do it for your mother zambia nt ba lwandamina we need you CHISAMBADINHO pliz !!!!.

  26. @seen from afar maybe that’s why you can’t see because you are farrr
    Things are terrible with the national team it’s only kamanga who thinks otherwise
    Chisamba is right …I wish all other clubs withdraw their coaches
    Do you wait for WC qualifiers to start so you can find a coach? I was happy that kalu went but this is worse
    Kamanga likula with administration, baponga nabo can’t even advise this pathetic kamanga

  27. So due to the biased nature of team selection we now have lost two senior players under this coaches watch. We first lost Jacob now its Chisamba.

    This coach cannot take us to the world cup and that’s a fact. The government are showing no will to aid the national team in this regard as well and to top all this negative vibe around the national team we have players now quitting because the coach cant see beyond his nose.

    All I can say is eishhhhh……

  28. Fans we are quick at blaming Faz for mistakes made by a coach. I think Faz are handicapped becoz they dont have support from governmen to employ an expatriate coach. Better we be patient. Am very surprised to see people like TC soccerman the way he is lambasting Kamanga? These are the same people who campaigned vigorously against Kalu and now few months in office they expect Kamanga to do wonders if they dont have support from boma. Its easier to talk when outside but when you get inside that’s when you realize that its not easy.

    • I am also very surprised at how people are so quick to blame Kamanga when the ink on his presidency is not even yet dry. This coach problem started long before Kamanga so how is it that people associate it with Kamanga? Now they are even resorting to calling him names and insulting him without even giving him a minutes chance to prove himself. its bewildering how some people reason truth be told.

      • My brother this is the same measure you used against Kalu.You lambasted him at every turn!I am even wondering why the long road trip in West Africa was not a screaming headline on Zamfoot.I guesse its the usual case of hypocrisy!Its amazing why people cant see that Kamanga does not have what it takes to run football…just by his stint at Kabwe Warriors.Trend analysis is the barometer for performance analysis!

    • There is no issue with Kamanga yet. We have had the same scenario for over a year, kalu could have changed something, he couldn’t… enter kamanga. end of story.

  29. Most of you are talking rubbish. Kamanga has done very well. what you are seeing in the results of kalu’s work. Most of you soon will be praising kamanga because i see zambia winning the under 20 afcon under kamanga’s leadership and qualifying to the world cup. Zambia had already failed to qualify because of corrupt kalu who blew points at home against Guniea bissau.

  30. under kamanga the team has been travelling early for games and getting high quality friendlies. Kamanga is not the one who employed Lwandamina but corrupt kalu. Get your facts straight. Kamanga needs time before being judged. Mark my words under kamanga the under 20 are going to the world cup.

    • What’s the point of travelling early and lose the games we are suppose to win?
      Yes Kalu was allegedly corrupt but he always qualified the team for afcon
      We will give this pathetic kamanga chance once he fire lwandamina like kalu did when he was given that bonet immediately when time for change came he fired bonet and employed HR why can’t this kamanga do the same.?atase bamambala

  31. Bosses it doesn’t take rocket science or quantum physics that lwandamina ninkoko
    Kalu knew this that’s why he was somehow involved in coaching and bringing UK obervesers and kwari
    Now kamanga likula he is thinking this is kabwe warriors
    Kamanga is kalu 4.0 operating system worse ever FA president
    He is pathetic lipulanga likula
    At least try msiska

  32. you must be mad for blaming an innocent man who has been in office a few weeks, is kamanga the one who hired that useless coach lwandamina? All of us knew lwandamina was hopeless. Leaving out mbola, mayuka, singuluma, chisamba etc did not make sense. Calling patson daka never made sense to.

  33. Anyone can win at home that’s real success but wining away from home
    John your brain is very disarranged to that kamanga is very organised give us his track record. …and will give you the facts I know about him

  34. Well Said Chisamba. Am sure its not only Chisamba who was affected in such a negative way, there could be other Senior players who despite being played, they might have been disappointed with benching of such an experienced player

  35. If i give a message to Chisamba Lungu i say this: keep respect for your country, this announcement is disrespect to your country forget about Lwandamina because he is one coach. Keep respect for your own country because if you don’t your club will start to not respect you. Those are the ways of the world.

    I want Chisamba to be succesful club and country. That is why i say that.

      • To say he quits.

        What he has said is he won’t play for Zambia. That is a gesture to mean he won’t play for his country because he doesn’t agree he should be left out and that means he has no time/respect to play anymore.


        Even i agree he should have played but what did he think, now this. All you fans congratulating Chisamba should stop, this is bad, don’t encourage it. I believe players can and should protest make their voices heard but taking this action is a no no.

        Look at Jonas Sakuwaha, players need national call ups that is a god send. Jonas said he wanted to concentrate on club football. Then you are forgotten about from head coaches and your club dumps you. Then what.


  36. Am sure chisamba has not given up on the national team but the technical bench
    Once goerge is KFC the boy will come around
    Football has become so business and if kamanga is a real business man he should know that stakeholders will be relactant to come on board
    The sooner he act the better
    Some wise people have said “when you are not in power take time to deliberate, but when time of action has come don’t think just act ”
    Kamanga had all the time before coming into power. ..its time to act bwana
    So do I give you time, hell no we want real change very fast

  37. So Aces have let go of Mbesuma and Amazulu have let go of both Allan Mukuka and Bornwell Mwape.

    Were are our players getting it wrong in the PSL?

  38. The loss was as a result of poor player selection. I 100% agree with Chisamba Lungu. Its best to fire Lwandamina so that Chisamba Lungu plays for Zambia again. Its ridiculous. The arm band should also be handed back to chris. I give credit to chris for maintaining a low profile. What we needs now are the experienced players are the new players have failed to deliver. Ngatulelanda muleumfwa. Wwe need to bring back the 2012 AFCON winning team and maybe just include kalengo, aron katebe,Danny Munyau, Cletus Chama and Jacob Banda. Benching Chisamba Lungu is bullshit. Amafi yeka yeka

  39. Chisamba is very right. even in europe a coach will sit down with a senior player and explain his action so that the player understands but this chicken was just quiet and expected the player to guess. the modern game is about talking bwana!

  40. Dear soccer fans en pundints, never blow chisambaz issue out of proportion. he asked de coach not to co him to de team if hes not in his game plan as it contributes to wastage of taxipayers money en not as reported in some sections of de media. chisamba has not quited but trying to b logical en mature

  41. Am glad Chisamba has spoken out, its unfortunate he has quit,i like the way its done in kenya where by the coach is called on a football pannel and quizzed to explain the tactics he used. Wish it could happen in zambia as well.

  42. Thats wy charleas musonda cant release his son to play for chipolopolo he knows our poor coaching stuffs.How can you substute kalaba who had good game/katongo and leting poor katema and other dude to finish the game.And that mukandawile how many times do we have to tell you that is not senior team material foolish coaching stuffs

  43. felo zam soca fan dd u watch Rusia vs England haa!!! Dare standad z high nd by fa compare 2 zam imagn zambian coch benches c.Lungu painful 2 de nation new faz president pliz help our nation team woried experienced soca fan

  44. Chisamba is spot on, for me in that game I was shocked to see Kalaba out and Kangwa in. going for a 1-4-3-3 when the game is at 2-2? Shocking 85′ he should have thought about bagging the point and chase 10 points win the last game. now Uganda is going and Zimbabwe to the Africa cup. Disband the team and start to rebuild. Oh I long for those days when we went 17 years unbeaten at home!!!!!

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