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Chisamba quits! Its disrespectful to play small inexperienced boys at my expense

MIDFIELDER Chisamba Lungu says he has quit national team duty, blaming the move on coach George Lwandamina.

Chisamba said it was a waste of taxpayers’ money to call him for last weekend’s 2017 AfCON qualifier against Guinea Bissau only for him to warm the bench.

The international lad who further blamed the coaching bench for Zambia’s 3-2 loss to Guinea Bissau, said his decision to turn down future national team call-ups was painful, but he wanted to put an end to what had been happening to him in the past where he is called and not used in preference for less experienced players.

The ball wizard who plies his trade with Russian side FC Ural Sverdlovsk Oblast said it was disappointing that apart from being subjected to the bench, Lwandamina did not bother to explain to him why he was not used.

“The technical bench has to check themselves because personally I did not think I will not play in that game; I was disappointed but I couldn’t show it and could not ask the coach why I was on the bench. The coach should have explained to me why I was on the bench but unfortunately the coach never told me anything. It was a waste of taxpayers’ money…like I said before; if I am not in the plan of the coach please let me know. I respect his plan, it’s not that I have anything against him. If he has anything against me, as a father and coach he has to speak it out; call me and say ‘Chisamba, what you are not doing is this and that’. That’s what [Herve] Renard used to do; each time you did something wrong, he would tell you. But the coach that we have now is just quiet which is so disrespectful on my part,” he said.

“If I am not in his plan he should not call me and I will respect that. I am not saying I am the best but calling me to warm the bench while small boys who are not experienced play is very disrespectful. He should have explained to me so that we walk on the same page because the action really affected me. I am very much disappointed on what happened in Guinea Bissau. Next time I will not come. Seriously I have decided not to come anymore.”

He further explained that the loss to Guinea Bissau and subsequent failure to qualify to the 2017 Africa Cup was as a result of poor player selection by the coaches.

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