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Chipolopolo’s poor travel arrangements upsets Janza

Poor travel arrangements for the Zambia national soccer team has upset the Chipolopolo Boys technical bench including coach Honour Janza, Zambianfootball.co.zm can exclusively reveal.

According to the ZamFoot Crew insiders at the team’s base at Johannesburg’s Milpark Hotel, the change in the travel arrangements hasn’t gone to well with the players and the coach.

The official CAF program indicates that Zambia was scheduled to arrive in Ebibeyin, Equatorial Guinea on today [Wednesday] at around 12h00 but the 2012 African Champions will now touch down in Equatorial Guinea on Fridayo, 48 hours before they face DR Congo in the Group B opening match.

“The boss [Janza] is not happy with the way team ‘s travel arrangements have been done,” a ZamFoot Crew source said.

While the team expected a chartered plane to Equatorial, the Football Association of Zambia, FAZ has already communicated to the team manager Lusekelo Kamwambi that they have been booked on a commercial plane.

The team leaves for Equatorial Guinea on Thursday 14th January and is expected to arrive 16th January at their Ebibeyin base from where Chipolopolo will launch its campaign for a second Africa Cup title.

The team will have a one-night stop in Addis Ababa awaiting a connecting flight to Malabo where they are expected to land around 12:00hrs before taking another flight to Mongomoyen from where they will drive to Ebibeyin.

“There’s nothing which can be done on Friday after arriving. The players will be jet lagged and fatigue will still be there. And on Saturday, it will just be light training a feel of the turf at venue of the match.

This means that Zambia will lose 2 days of training and will hold their last proper training session today [Wednesday] and instead of having tailor made sessions, Janza will be more worried with fatigue.

In the last 5 days, FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya has been globetrotting attending Glo-CAF Awards and Ballon d’or awards instead of fixing the team’s travel arrangements together with FAZ General Secretary George Kasengele.

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has been sandwiched in campaigns as he has completely forgotten about the national team.

Zambia will face neighbours DR Congo on Sunday with kickoff at 17h00.

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112 Comments to Chipolopolo’s poor travel arrangements upsets Janza

  1. Billy says:

    I am sorry people to say that Kalusha and co. and all imbeciles. When is this shambolic preparations gonna end? I end here.

  2. Kay Hummer says:

    There we go again. This is what i always talk about on this blog but i am called names for calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon. You can’t go to a prestigious tournament like the AFCON with such shambolic and chaotic travel arrangements and expect to win the AFCON. This is a scandal. Some one should be held responsible for this. Someone should be fired. They have to lose their job. This is unacceptable and should be CONDEMNED in the strongest possible terms!!!!!

  3. Bwalya lubinda says:

    why is kalu stil their has faz president mwebantu? this guy as no heart for zambian football he doesnt care at all,all he care about is his pocket.mother zambia ,football die hards let us do something about this kalusha.i sujest a protest againt him can’t be a bad idea let us go their and demand for him to step down.if we just keep posting coments like this nothing will happen and we all no that the govrmnt can’t interven.it pains me when all this rubish is hapening in our beloved zambian football.

  4. Kay Hummer says:

    We need a complete overhaul at FAZ. We can’t continue like this. Kalusha Bwalya should resign on moral grounds after the AFCON tournament. It will be a miracle if we can win the match on Sunday. God should help us!!!

  5. Kay Hummer says:

    Enough is enough, Kalusha Bwalya should go. He should either be forced to resign. @Bwalya Lubinda, i have to agree with you. Kalusha Bawlya has no heart for Zambian football. His priorities are some where else. He has destroyed football in this country and should go. We are sick and tired of this character of a man. He should go! He has to go!

  6. Kay Hummer says:

    When are we ever going to learn from our mistakes. These kinds of arrangements costed us a place at the world cup last year. If we had planned properly for the Ghana game, we should probably have had a positive result from that game. We lost alot of training hours due to shambolic planning and travel arrangements. In this case, we will only have Saturday to acclimatize and have a feel of the turf. The small boys will be tired, confused and jet lagged!

  7. Doc says:

    The so called kalu shud be serious with his duties.

  8. egwugwu says:


  9. Chiefsoccerfan says:

    ICHIMPWENA KU SASA AFILIKA! Doing shoddy preparations and even go late as if you had serious frinedly games? This is a serious joke come ba Kalu and whoever is incharge of logistic. WE DONT NEED THAT AS AN EXCUSE BECAUSE TAPALI EFYOMWALECHITA KU SASA AFILIKA

  10. Watch Over says:

    Not again please…..

  11. paradox says:


  12. Kay Hummer says:

    The bunch of jokers in FAZ have to GO. Enough is enough!!!!

  13. paradox says:


  14. Some people wil defend kalu

  15. Kay Hummer says:

    I have been vindicated again. The football in our country is in a mess. When i call a spade a spade and not a big spoon, I am called names. I am branded as being unpatriotic. I am told that i am a foreigner with no love for the team and Zambian football in general. Zambian football is in the intensive care unit. Something should can be done to arrest this situation!

  16. 2010 or 2008 –London dibacle (Zambia vs Ghana) .. International friendly. Result 4-1.

    2013/4— Ghana Vs Zambia (World cup qualifying match in Accra) Zambia trains in a car park due to Shambolic travel arrangements making the team arrive in Ghana 24hors before kick off of a crucial World Cup qualifying match) Zambia lost 2-1

    2014 — Cape Verde Vs Zambia away ….Result Zambia 1 Cape V 2

    2014 — ZMW 100 paid to Shepolopolo as participation fee at the women AFCON held in Namibia.

    2015 — Zambia watchdog reports that Kalusha donates US$20,000 to a named political party to influence the decision of ACC investigations into alleged corrupt case involving some FIFA official

    2015 — Zambia travels to AFCON 2015 leaving no time acclimatise with a coach who has no contract and no targets.

    How much are players going to be paid???

  17. MAN JOSE' says:

    I think pipo let’s be objective here,who job is it to make sure these preparations,hotel arrangments,travel arrangments,flight arrangment and availability are in place at th right time,wat were these guys doin all this while? I stand to be corrected coz I kn its th team manager mr Kamwambi’s job to make sure all this are done,it may not be him doin th actual paying but to make sure n generate a schedule th th whole team shud follow…blaming th minister or th faz president won’t help,if th manager had done is job non of these “circus” wl exist? Hie job is nt to arrangment for player interviews,its not too late,even training in RSA is good coz complaining wl jst destroy th team moral friday is good th game is 18hours sunday two days is enough to hv a feel of th pitch,all tactical n technical decision wl not be made in EG no excuses wl b accepted…but sorry to say th team manager should answerable coz he manages th team…

    • paradox says:

      We r critising based on what we have read above.

    • Zed#1 says:

      And who supervises the Manager incharge of making these arrangements. My Friend as a leader you take blame for a stone thrown by the lowest guy in your ranks. So All in All Kalusha is to blame….. Why should we praise him when the little guys do the correct things and not blame him when its the opposite.

      I have always mentioned that Kalusha is there for personal gain…. what is he doing on the local football front……???? Change is Inevitable.

  18. There we go again,who to blame? Did the Govt release the money? Zambian Govt are jokers no vote for PF.

  19. egwugwu says:

    Dear Kalu.

    We have received a disturbing report that our Chipolopolo team will leave south Africa en route to E/Guinea on Friday instead of today .This means that they will only have a light training on Saturday plus jet lag and fatigue then play Congo DR on Sunday. If this is true then the entire FAZ is not serious and should pave way for the right people to run the affairs of football in this country. South African team left their country a week ago to get acclimatised and yet the Zambian team is busy watching people in south Africa. I recall your statement saying we re going to Guinea not to win the AFCON,now I believe you.shame

  20. Kay Hummer says:

    Maite (Formerly Maite & Man City), you have just hammered the nail on it’s head. It’s a pity that we have people on this site who don’t see anything wrong with the way the national team is handled. They are okay with the way things are. They are happy. Some of us have a heart for the team. No one wants the team to fail. We want them to win. We just try to be objective and say things as they are. We call a spade a spade and not a big spoon!

  21. Chiefsoccerfan says:

    Can you imagine that Mr. Kalusha Bwalya has maintained that there is no new Jersey for Zambia in this AFCON and that they will use this same PITIKOTI designed jersey we have been using in the qualifiers?

    I think its high time we demanded that we change the company from nike to another brand because Kalu seems to have big cut in the Nike deal and I think its not the genuine Nike from USA but just a SA company where the white wife is the Marketing managher.

    This is embarrasing our flag has beautiful colours and yet our jersey is the worst in this tournament. Even Malawi are now looking good because they have engaged PUMA.

    I suggest that we change to PUMA or Diadora, Ubro or

  22. Ngake says:

    Cry the beloved country. Not this same rubbish again!! its bad enough our team lacks quality now we have to deal with the poor travel arrangements nonsense AGAIN! Can we please get these jokers mascarading as FAZ kicked out that organisation. The first person to be booted out should be Kalu. FAZ is run like a kantemba. If you know you will travel by commercial plane why not leave early?? Basic commonsense.

  23. Teddy Malama- Ba Shi Malama says:

    Kalu alipena, forgive him Stain your call.

  24. Teddy Malama- Ba Shi Malama says:

    Good point ba mudala, that’s y I suspect that there is something to do with uku panda, honestly with the money he gets he can see a skin specialist and he can be given some medicine. U cant have those big and abnormal pimpoz at his age, Look at Rooney and wat he did to his hair, he looks ok otherwise this time around he would have been looking like a beast. Ba SUNZU twapapata do something to your face, its horrible to say the least. How does your wife feel when she is kissing u or making love to you and see that face, sexual appetite kupwa if I was her, she must be very strong. Do something man with that money.

  25. PULU MULENGA says:

    This isnt good news at all

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Eeh Pastor we missed you. Rumour has it mwaliupa bosses-congrats-kekekekekeke

      This story makes sad reading “THOSE THAT FAIL TO PLAN HAVE ALREADY PLANNED TO FAIL”!!!

  26. leo says:

    I used to defend this clown but now awe sure……he’s busy with watching ronaldo hairstyle and forget about the team what nonsense is that kanshi….I wish we can be booted in the first round and release a vote of no confidence…… Ponga for president….

  27. Kez Kez says:

    I have always said it time and again come FAZ AGM in March we need change at Football House we need credible people to run our beloved sport in our country let’s beg MR PONGA LIWEWE to be President and Nenani Banda as his Vice Respectively because these are the people who have proved in managerial position before not some one who only proved in the pitch not in the office

  28. I used to defend kalu now lets try ponga

  29. paradox says:

    some zaqmbians have masters degree in heavy insults.

  30. @ Kay Hummer & chiefsoccerfan, What do you make of Kalu’s statement that we’re going to E’Guinea not to win the AFCON but to merely participate. Is he playing mind games or this is what he meant????

  31. The Bullet says:

    This is a very bad development. FAZ need to improve on the management of our soccer otherwise they should be shown the door

  32. Kay Hummer says:

    Maite (Formerly Maite & Man City), Kalusha Bwalya no longer has a heart for Zambian football. He is only in FAZ to enrich himself. It’s so shameful. The chap is shameless. He no longer has the heart of a winner. He is a loser and he is not helping us at all!!!

    • Billy says:

      I agree. Kalusha does not have a heart of a winner. The guy believes in mediocrity. Thats why he always does shoddy deals in his life. Useless man.

  33. Papa says:

    I would urge fans to hold their fire. The national team is funded by govt so a lot depends on the Ministries of Sport and Finance. Faz could have sent in a timely request, but the disbursement depends on these two ministries. As we learnt from the Cape Verde incident, it was actually govt that was at fault and the Minister himself, Chishimba Kambwili, exonerated Faz and apologised. It is also noteworthy that the travel arrangements during that trip were made by civil servants in govt and not by Football House. We are well justified in being angry about what is currently transpiring, but as to establishing the target of our anger, we should wait until we get all the facts and the facts will come out eventually. We will know who the culprits are and disciplinary measures should be taken against them. Accusations and presuppositions do not justify calling someone guilty.

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      Papa-the more reason we need to learn from the past and make plan b (leave early and not trust boma that has a more pressing issue of paying Farmers with elections next week).

    • Watch Over says:

      Papa I agree with you people are angry with FAZ coz there is no official statement made by FAZ to explain the cause of this problem. Moreover time is not with us.

    • Billy says:

      Why didn’t FAZ push govt. on this issue? FAZ is also incompetent. We can’t continue like this. This mediocrity has to come to an end. We just need new people in FAZ.

  34. Maybe its time for GREAT KALU to go to FIFA. I think he can work well in an environment with well established structures. Its a well known fact that FAZ under GREAT KALU has failed to attract credible sponsors like KCM, MCM,BP,ZAMTEL, STANCHART,Stanbic etc even after winning the AFCON cup.

    GRZ has not money due to upcoming elections.

    A statement from FAZ can do in this instance.

    I wish they came out in the open and lobbied funs on this platform to first organise (1)at least one friendly game and (2) to contribute funds to charter a plane for our players

  35. Naked goal says:

    I am not a tribe man but i have come to agree that Bembas have problems in running offices. Too much of tulyemo. This has been a huge problem ever since Kalu became faz president. Poor jersey,poor traveling arrangements,poor coach appointments,interference in team selection,interfering in player transfers and full of corruption. He is even known as a corrupt person in world football.

    • paradox says:

      u r a tribalist. most likely tonga. we dont need pepo like you dimining other tribes

      • Noble Eagles says:

        Thank you very much @ Paradox ! Naked goal please we need an apology as Bemba’s, by the way one bad element does not make all elements to be bad. Sometime back in after winning AFCON I said someone want to destroy our football in this nation. I can bare call this a conspiracy , we where suppose to go to Brazil but someone played his cards very well and this time he thinks he has played them well , not all days are Wednesdays. This time we are still winning this AFCON whether we go on the actual day or a day before. Am just listening from DeadNBC. Kalukasu has given a lame excuse lets hope the special interview which will be live tonight on DeadNBC @ 21:30hrs Hon. Kalukasu will clarify on this takataka arrangement. Boys Never give up this is our second cup within 2 years 11 months

    • leo says:

      We hear loud and clear tribalism is in your heart one mans lack of managerial skills cannot dent all….walikwata “aka lozi nobu Tonga” iwe sana

    • Uncle Bobs says:

      The excludes me i suppose and you can come and meet me face to face we compare notes, but your opinion respected!

  36. It’s ok coach just soldier a head . This has been an old story in Zambian football. HR had the same what he called ” Takataka” traveling arrangements. Two days lost is just fine the players you have carried are have trained enough. I may not know what Iam talking about but there is nothing that you can do as an employee if your employer does not act according to your plans. As a parent of all those who are there, just encourage the players. You are already in a difficult situation

  37. Kay Hummer says:

    AFCON UPDATE: Janza still without a contract, Chipolopolo camp unhappy with commercial flight delays, slam Secretary General for chaotic arrangements
    The Chipolopolo technical bench has expressed dissatisfaction with last minute changes to travel plans and slammed Football House for the chaotic arrangements which will see Zambia arrive in Malabo on Friday afternoon and only be able to train on Saturday after they leave Johannesburg tomorrow. The team will be travelling for two days as they have a night stop in Addis Ababa from where Ethiopian Airlines will fly them to the Guinea Equatorial capital. In Malabo, they are expected to take another short flight to Mongomoyen from where they take a two hour drive to their base in Ebibeyin. Their group opponents Tunisia and DRC chartered planes directly to Mongomoyen while Cape Verde were the first to arrive, allowing them enough time to shake off jet-lag, rest and train well.
    Other than the grievance of the poor travel arrangements, the squad is also beginning to feel the impact of a technical bench that is not permanent.
    “You see, no one is talking about these things and Honour Janza is a naturally quiet man and humble. He won’t go about asking the secretary general Mr Kasengele why he is not being given the contract. Remember, this is the same secretary general who a few months back was engaged in quarrels and fighting with the TD over serious technical matters which Janza felt were not being handled properly,” a team member who requested not have his name revealed and is the squad in Johannesburg told ZamFoot in a telephone interview.
    “Besides the issue of the contract for Janza, everyone is working in suspense, like casuals. That is why Davies Phiri had to go and sign a club to sustain himself.”
    “For the travel plans, it’s chaotic as usual. The secretary general had no concrete information about the team leaving and even as we say the team leaves on Wednesday, there are still doubts but we hope for the best. They’re saying it’s the ministry of sports, but why doesn’t someone push them early enough because we know the dates of the tournament. We all believe everything rests on one man’s table and history shows how badly FAZ has been hit by this type of arrangements and management,” he said.

  38. Kay Hummer says:

    This is what i always talk about. I am called names and insulted for saying the truth!

  39. mambwe says:

    There we go again…it seems its a waste of time to learn 4rm mistakes as it is to repeat them. FAZ shud b serious. TUPOSEKO AMANO BANE

  40. Lets pray for this FAZ bane for the love of football

  41. chamz says:

    People, its no FAZ, the government is in charge of senior team, travels. Blame your govt. You may not like Kalu but this has nothing to do with Kalu. Two days is enougg.

  42. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    I said it a couple of articles ago that I was worried no one was lifting a finger on travel arrangements until the last minute be it in FAZ or at the Ministry of Finance. This FAZ administration has dismally failed when it comes to logistics. If it was an intelligence rating they would be rated retarded when it comes to logistics

  43. Logic says:

    I’ve always been a supporter of Kalu but I think our FA needs a change at the top. This ugly movie cannot keep playing out in our football day in and day out. This is insanity at best. This FAZ group has to go! Enough is enough, twanaka

  44. Duncandinho says:

    This is the kind of food that Kay hummer feasts on but who can blame him? These clowns as someone has already called them are really taking us for a ride, I don’t really know who I should be pointing a finger at but whoever they are must be ashamed of themselves, for how long are we going to be subjected to the same kind of rubbish? Anyway what’s done is done, the team just need to soldier on and do the country proud and make a name for themselves.

  45. paradox says:


    • paradox says:

      carefull, make sure that your PC or Laptop is protected. that website is infested with viruses.

      • Makinwa says:

        Your brain is infested with Ebola. You have picked squabbles with almost everyone. What do you realize is wrong with you? Nothing? Look at yourself again or better, read the postings of ROK. You will be educated by ROK’s postings.

  46. ROK says:

    We cannot continue running football in this country like the country has run out of capable people to run football affairs. The problem at Football House is that there is no cadency of responsibility. There should be no cherry-picking here as the fact of the matter is that the current FAZ Excom has brought the first ever Afcon but it is also true to say there is no guarantee they will bring us the next Afcon. We should not waste time trying to figure out who is responsible and who is innocent here. If an organization is not performing to shareholder expectations, you do not sack office orderlies-you fire the CEO because the buck stops at him. However, in this case, we need to get rid of everyone come next year. Experience is a wonderful thing as it enables you to recognize a mistake every time you repeat it but if you can recognize a mistake and proceed to make the same mistake, then it does not matter how many years’ experience you have.
    I am afraid the conmen and conwomen at Football House will have to pave way to a more competent Excom. Let us vote out these jobless conmen and women come next year because they have adequately campaigned out themselves and they have to bite the bullet for taking football stakeholders in this country for granted. I do not like talking in the abstract and I think it is my duty as tax payer to ensure that the tax payers’ money is put to proper use. I am fed up with this FAZ Excom. When the Afcon is won by Zambia, all of a sudden, the prize money is ‘reduced’ below the prize for the continental club championship and we are expected to take this without question!
    Talking about the Nike kit, I want to remind all that Nike does not manufacture anything. Nike is a virtue supplier. It is a brand which is given to properly-selected and authorized manufacturers to manufacture sports garments and shoes. Zambia is not the only country using Nike kit and we have seen beautiful Nike kits but the problem is that we seem to be dealing with pirated Nike equipment from dubious suppliers in order to get a cut from such illicit deals.
    Please start packing your trinkets at Football House as you have collectively outlived your usefulness and we will not miss you as this country has never had a shortage of competent manpower. Surely you must be ashamed of yourselves. Out of all the 16 qualifiers, it should be Zambia hitting headlines for wrong reasons all the time. THIS IS TOO MUCH BANE. PLEASE RESIGN.

  47. Don says:

    Kalu must go,Let us usher in Ponge Liwewe,someone who has the interest of the team as priority number one not self aggrandizement.

  48. derick says:

    Foolish preparations always, let’s just fire the entire zaf

  49. tc soccerman says:

    Haha what do you expect from Kalu’s entourage. Same old same.

  50. Discipline says:

    Pathetic,useless,foolish,rubbish people who do not care about the feelings of the Nation at large but themselves and as long as they are getting cut from player transfers.May the almighty God have mercy on you selfish clowns.

  51. ROK says:

    Zamfoot, So you have not stopped this habit of defending FAZ by not publishing postings like the one I did about two hours ago because they are anti-FAZ? We will not develop football in this country if we are going to be glorifying failures. Personally, I would rather not post anything on your blog than being indirectly being forced to glorify an Excom that has lamentably failed.

  52. LeBron James says:

    This is a bit internal issue, but I’m very upset as well. Departing S.Africa and your arrival in E.Guinea takes probaby more than two days really? Sometimes I’ll leave the U.S to Amsterdam, from Amsterdam to Ghana with KLM and it doesn’t even take me two days. Wow! This is straight up ignorance.

  53. isoka says:

    PF gov’t explain yoselfs, what a fucken joke y’all are..90 day mandate BS…and for FAZ this might your last ride before the AGM, Tonga Bull its your YEAR 2015. All the best Chipolopolo

  54. David says:

    Janza has no contract janza not payed since taking over, shambolic travel arrangement, znbc not showing live afcon, zesco to continue loadshading during afcon.

  55. SONG says:

    My heart bleeds for Zambian football.This is how we blew up our world cup chances last time.This is also how we gave away the match in cape verde.

  56. gb says:

    I did mention about these shambolic travel arrangements yesterday. Very unprofessional.

  57. yaba yamuyayayayayayaya,elyonse 1971 votes yes

  58. Tommy.C The Progressor says:


    • ROK says:

      Mr Tommy you must have some serious challenges with your memory if you can easily forget things that happened a few months back. Just to help you a bit, after the Cabo Verde debacle, Kambwili blamed FAZ and the converse is also true. I led the on slaughter against this now traditional shambolic way of doing things. Finally, Kalu owned up and apologized and at that stage, I, among other people, called for a cease fire since the FAZ chief had apologized and I said it takes gentlemen to admit mistakes. Why did Kalu apologise for something that he was not responsible? The problem with some of you is that you do not fully appreciate how the corporate world operate and you think if it is, for instance, George Kasengele who has failed, then Kalu has not failed! When an institution like FAZ fails to do something serious like arranging for a trip to a tournament which was known several months ago, irrespective of who has failed, the CEO of that entity should assume FULL responsibility of that failure. So Bwana work on your memory before you start defending things you only dimly understand.

      • LeBron James says:

        “the CEO of that entity should assume the FULL responsibility of that failure.” Instead of blaming the gvmt. The bus stops with Kalusha period! Gvnmt usually runs slow; that’s why you submit your request on timely manner to avoid delays. Well said -ROK-

  59. Riech jr says:

    As someone has already put it,surely how do you get bitten by the same dog over and over again and yet you still use the same route,then there must be something really wrong with you.We ve been having difficulties in our travelling in the past but we still can’t learn from our mistakes.It seems the current FAZ executive have become too comfortable because they brought us Afcon 2012 but we have had enough of their incompetence and its high time we bring in people who understand football administration.

  60. Noble Eagles says:

    Hon Kalukasu has confirmed that the team was given yesterday K5 million out of 35 and he went on to say that they agreed with FAZ that they will be giving the team in parts as the tournament progress. Actually its the secretary at Finance to blame for the 5 million which was given to the team. Ba Hon said he directed the PM secretary at MoF to pay the remaining K7 million to add up K12 million they agreed to pay the team as first part from K35 million. Ndeloleshafye

  61. Ba Reubeh says:

    Someone needs to break the Kalusha- George Kasengele tag team!! Its evil and useless! These two idiots are upto no good. Who remembers the 2006 debacle when Kalu as coach single handedly hired a Mexican as his assistant at AFCON and introduced to George, whom Kalu fondly calls GK. Zambia disasterly performed at that tournament, Kalu and GK, organised cheap professional contracts for Milanzi and Tana to Mexico. Augustine Mukoka of The Post extensively covered that shameless outing of Zambia at AFCON and sighted the pathetic conduct of Kalu and GK at the torney. Kalu was upset with Mukoka and omost gave Mukoka a ninja side kick when they met at some Airport in Joburg! Lol! I think as Zambians, we have to;erated Kalu’s bullcrap for too. Let him and that GK idiot leave football House. The small midget Nkweto can accompany them too. He only sends his foolish selfies on Face book every time he accompanies the national team!!

  62. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Malabish. When we had this issue going to Cape Verde I was up in arms and I was told to keep quiet, because GRZ had accepted full responsibility. My response was, accepting responsibility does not equal accountability and by virtue does not yield solutions. I asked what the way forward was and people on this blog jumped on me. If you are not going to hold your leaders accountable, whether FAZ or GRZ, then why complain when they rinse and repeat the same mistakes. Why even act surprised, I was upset and wa told to stand in line since someone in GRZ had raised his hand and said “my bad.” Enjoy amateur night my brothers, because it is what you have continued to watch on stage and it will continue until you hold your leaders accountable.

  63. positive thinking aka realist says:

    With that said. I wish Janza the best of luck. Had he been European he would have been afforded a bunch of resources…moaning would have been at his door with a cheque book. We don’t even respect our own enough. I will be watching the poor man walk a tight rope, but I admire the teams courage. I hope they still give 100%, they are the only patriots in this picture. While the vultures at football house feast, they will be telling the young men and technical bench to be patriotic and die a little for mother Zambia…it’s all a tragic comedy and we eat it up without blinking an eye. It’s our own fault.

  64. positive thinking aka realist says:

    Moaning = Mopani

  65. Slu says:

    Poor planning is the passport to failure. We might blame FAZ, but I think government also share the blame. Government provides funds and FAZ arrange everything. Did government release the funds on time?

  66. Lugarithm says:

    Sometimes it is imperative to hear both sides of the story, you guys are expecting Kalu to take the blame and you are forgetting that FAZ entirely depends on government. What most of you are advocating for is tantamount to firing the headmaster at a government school when salaries have been delayed by GRZ or trying to eradicate malaria by killing mosquitoes in your homes and not from the source..
    This is not the time to be preening about what you can do, most of you would be pouting and resigning if you were in Kalu’s shoes.
    Zambia has a problem in terms of funds debasements i.e the farmers have not yet been paid and yet we read about how the government has sourced funds to pay them.

    We need some changes in policies and that’s why Kabwili is Ranting like a pregnant woman because he knows that its his government at fault. In all this lets exercise restraint and be mature in the way we make arguments.
    I love you my fellow Zambians.

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