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Chipolopolo fans fuming after Kamanga unveiled Sichone as Technical Director

Hundreds of Chipolopolo fans have expressed their anger and frustration after Football Association of Zambia, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga unveiled former Zambia captain Moses ‘Big Mo’ Sichone as the assistant Technical Director at Football House on Thursday.

Many fans are questioning Sichone’s loyalty especially that he snubbed national team call ups at the height of his career.

“This is the the person who thought he will never need Zambia when he went to German. Let German give him a job.When we needed him he refused. Ba Andrew Kamanga, ,better you even help Elijah Litana get a Job not Moses,” Patrick Kasonde posted on social media.

There was even a suggestion from another fan that Sichone should get a job from one of his former club in Germany

“From the comments above it clear everyone still remembers he refused to play for us and am sure ponga hasn’t forgotten too so why reward him with a job let him get one from the club he saved with so much commitment that he refused to play for chipolopolo,” Ian Fuliwa wrote.

Alongside Stopilla Sunzu, the late Harison Chongo, Elijah Tana and Litana, ‘Big Mo’ is considered as one of Zambia’s finest centre back in the last 2 decades and not all his lost as he still support.

“This is the problem we have us Zambian we good at condemnation is ever on our lips, when Renard came we called him names till he won us the cup Moses, told us the reasons he stopped playing for Zambia, today you have forgotten.get facts before you cast a stone,” Eric Lyumbika wrote.

Sichone was present at the Press briefing

Below are some of the reactions from the fans….

Yula’z Kay: He is highly qualified I think….The position is of the assistant Technical Director,moreover he is appointed and not elected….!! It’s ok for me ….let’s now wait for the Technical Director appointment itself,….! Good preparation ba faz and am just hoping that we will start preparing ourselves for 2022 worldcup NOW!!!

Chiti Chitundu: Let people come back to help. if they dont we condemn them. if they cone we start condeming. why. Welcome big Mo. This move requires Sacrifice and bravery.

Fans question Big mo loyalty


Fans question

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23 Comments to Chipolopolo fans fuming after Kamanga unveiled Sichone as Technical Director

  1. Bigsteve 4rm SA says:

    Absolute fake outrage, like any of the people making the negative comments about this appointment would agree to work for free in the name of sacrifice or patriotism. Even the famed Kalu showed no patriotism when he did not vote for Kalaba and just because it was Kalu some people even wanted to justify his less than desirable action.

    The names being thrown around as alternatives that FAZ should have considered, are they FIFA A coaches?? Do they have any FIFA badges of note?? So we should compromise and accept mediocrity in the name of patriotism!! If that is the case then we should not b!tch and moan when the national team performs poorly because instead of quality we will be looking at patriotism.

    • Amos Mumba says:

      Steve ..you have no right whatsoever to try and draw equal lines between kalu and Moses in as afr as patriotism is concerned.Yes he has a right to come back and contribute but to equate him to Kalu’s sense of duty to this nation is an insult.Refusing a National call up because one prefered to go for a holiday to Europe under different coaches will always haunt you in future no matter how you defend it.It is only in your world that deserving players are nominated based on your version of patriotism.

      Nowadays you dont sound like the wise man I once admired on this platform.

  2. FC LUO says:

    after 1999 under 20 world cup Sichone clinched a deal with fc cologne and he partcipated at 2000 africa cup then he started refusing to play for national team we thought it was Evaristo Kasunga fault at the time. Teddy and Kalu took over he played one game against sychelles he promised that he will play in the world cup qualifiers and unfortunately he demanded a hefty allowance of k25,000 per game is that been patriotic look at Christiopher Katongo,Issac Chansa and other 2012 stars they never demanded huge amounts to play for zambia.Moses is a football scout what he is going advise young players like Patson,Mwepu,Fashion and under 20 stars he will tell to shun national team calls and make more money at their respective clubs in europe ….we all know european clubs pay more money than national teams

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      Shichone did not play at the 1999 under20 world cup. He moved to Germany after the 1999 all Africa games, where Zambia lost in the finals vs Cameroon

  3. discipline says:

    Sichone wawoyo this guy is sooo useless and selfish and no one has ever played for the national team for free it’s just that at times the allowance are too low such that,as in Mo’s argument that he wanted to paid the same 25million(25000today),

  4. Forget the past you lose one eye, dwell in the past you loose both eyes. Fellow Zambians lets just learn from our past mistakes and work together for a better future rather than digging the dead past that wont even get us anywhere, one love Zambians.

  5. BYONKABYO says:

    Thumbs up faz. Soccer fans we need to forgive and suport big mo. Wada oso shud forgive those players don’t take novices ku chan tonament pliz

  6. km says:

    Sichone never wanted to play for the country despite being talented.i was there during his time.he would prefer playing for his club.The argument here is not about qualifications in the coaching field, but his refusal, pride and arrogance whenever he was called upon for national duties .I remember moses disembarking from the plane at lusaka international airport, wearing a tight clothes with sun glasses, and we were happy thinking that he will be at the training comp with others,just to hear on the news he came for holiday. When the coach was questioned, he responded by saying that were expecting him in the comp.Is this the guy to lead the technical team in FAZ?.Kamanga should reverse this appointment. Kamanga should never take soccer fans for a ride.we ave been following zambian football, we know these players by finger tips. We comment what we know ,not just hearsay.Faz should train loyal zambians for such positions not these rabels like moses.That’s why lucky dube in his song said,”be good to the people on your way up,because you might need them on your way down.” moses should not treat zambians as fools were he through trash on them, and then he comes back to be given the job.let him go to Germany and be employed. If they can’t employ him, let him go to hell.we do not need him to be part of football activities in FAZ.KAMANGA avoid employing your personal friends ,who have no respect for the country

    • Bigsteve 4rm SA says:

      Some of us are very lucky that we ended up not being your children because of two reasons:
      1. You would never forgive us for any mistakes we made in our youth. you will hold it against us for our entire lives without even proof checking if we have changed our ways.
      2. Your heavy heart of no reconciliation and no forgiveness would mean that us as children would never be taught the value of forgiveness, we would only be taught how to forever hold a grudge.

      Every man and woman, yourself included, have fallen short and made mistakes. The only way to test if you learned anything from the mistake is to give you a chance to redeem yourself. should you fail at the second taking only then can we say you are a lost cause. Us Zambians are loving forgiving people hence our nation is even a Christian nation…..don’t tarnish our name with lifetime grudge holding habits.

      • Zambia shall win the Afcon again says:

        We should also learn to reward loyalty. Litana was vary loyal to the Chipolopolo cause so were other players before and after him.


        I agree with you Bigsteve 4rm SA and the other thing is this guy sacrificed for Zambia maybe to get the qualification He has now. We have seen many loyal and patriotic Zambian players end up kicking stones in the streets. Let Him contribute to the nation this might be his destiny! who knows?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Moses Sichone should not bring the bad seed of unpatriotism to zambian football that era has ended …….he is a scout and he will sale palyers to europeen clubs and advise them to never play for zambia unless $ 25,000 is paid upon arrival at the airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    There is no Zambian that owns anybody fullstop. When Harrison “Waya” Chongo became pure who was there? No one ba kolwe. Football players are not national property ba kolwe. Go play yourselves mwaba ifipato

  9. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:


  10. 90minutes says:

    I hear most of you blogger’s are gifted farmer’s, there is a government farm in chisamba, Zambian government is requesting loyal and patriotic Zambians who can use their personal transport from were they live to chisamba and work in the farm without a pay and after this look for your own return ticket to were ever you reside. In this period what your family will eat is your own baby to take care of. If you can’t do this, then you’re just like Moses sichone.

  11. km says:

    Big Steve my brother, you only forgive when you see the fruits of repentance. Luke 17 vs 3.if a person has never apologize,that person is still very dangerous. We know it’s important to forgive and forget. But that apply to people and who are remorseful and sorry for what they did. Forgiving someone who has not repented, is lack of wisdom and giving such a person mistaken kindness. We need to be kind to the majority of zambians who feel hurt. Don’t cover wrong doers in the name of forgiveness.The true God only forgive those remorseful and repentant.Moses has never shown the spirit of remorseful and repentance. The sad part is that Kamanga knew how the public would react to the appointment of Moses, but he went ahead to appoint a rebel. And expecting Zambians to keep quiet?. If they express their displeasure, then you tell them that, they are not forgiving? .Do you care what kind of precedence moses will show to upcoming players? It’s dangerous to cover those who think that they can get away with their misbehaving. You hurt innocent ones.If certain foolish behavior like that of Sichone is not dealt with, offenders never learn from their mistakes.Even in homes were children are pampered or left alone do things as they please, they grow up being irresponsible, heartless and unappreciative. All the foolish behavior exhibited by moses,you kept quiet and now you force zambians to forgive such bad behavior? Are you being fair in your wisdom to criticize those expressing displeasure over moses behavior? Imagine a judge in the court acquitted a criminal in the name of forgiveness? Imagine the people at the court crying for justice after the release of criminal? Imagine someone sympathies with the criminal who has not changed, and tells the affected ones to forgive this criminal. Is this person being fair ?.Later he preaches justice and fairness. Kindly my brothers be balanced and view this issue all round. Let other players learn from this. You don’t look down where you come from.people will take note of such behavior, they will reject you.Since humans can’t read the heart,it will take time for them to know if you have changed. Moses should publicly apologize to the nation more especially those in football fraternity. Be assured my brothers I have no animosity towards moses,but am saying he does not deserve to be involved in football activities because many zambians have been sensitive to his foolish behavior.

  12. Amandla says:

    Ya, Sichone was a runaway slave! I don’t know if he is patriotic enough. If it were me, I would choose Kalu over him Zambia used to literally beg him to play for the national team and he used not to listen! Atase!

  13. Amandla says:

    @KM good comment, excellent!

  14. Zambia says:

    I think forgiveness is not the issue here. Zambians can forgive Sichone. Working with him is another matter. Zambians want to know if he has changed. In the absence of repentance he will be assumed to be the character we used to know.
    The character we used to know was not good for Zambia, one worries what morals will be tought to the young and budding players, obedient, God fearing and focussed.
    Is he going to tell them to do as I say and not as I do? I think FAZ owe the public some explanations

  15. serenje says:

    this job given to sichone is not crucial. Ba kamanga give it to zambians who sacrified for the country. The likes of Johnston bwalya. The malitoli brothers. Elijah tana and litana. Sichone was so puffed up with pride. I remember even his fathet was so boastful and unpatriotic

    • Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

      Like ba KK apponited ba mposa mabwe during the struggle for independence, as ministers ka. Ba Sab A, Standard 1 Takwaba

  16. discipline says:

    Kikiki,ati runaway slave yes indeed this guy was very full of himself now he needs us and our money

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