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Chipolopolo arrive back home without Sven as he heads to Ghana

The Zambia national team has returned home after a disastrous performance in Mozambique without coach Sven Vandebroek who has flown straight to Ghana to join the Zambia National Women’s team who are playing in the Women Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Ghana.

The ZamFoot Crew understands that the under-fire coach will beef up the Bruce Mwape technical bench helping analyse opponents and giving technical advise from the stands.

The former Cameroon national team assistant coach will take up his role at the Total Women’s Africa Cup of Nations tournament ahead of the Copper Queens second game at the tournament against Nigeria on Wednesday.

Zambia whacked Equatorial Guinea 5 – 0 to go top of group of Group B. South Africa also beat defending champions Nigeria 1 – 0.

The Zambian lasses have recorded the biggest scoreline at the tournament.

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10 Comments to Chipolopolo arrive back home without Sven as he heads to Ghana

  1. Daniel says:

    Why do we do things opposite way. The coach was alone on the day Zambia aged Mozambique. He also needed a proper assistant coach. Should have given him aggrey chiyangi or beston chambeshi.

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Watching the girls beat Equatorial Guinea, I do not think they will survive this group.
    Their play was even more disjointed than the Chipolopolo in Mozambique, worse of all some of them were very jittery and they are in a group of clinical finishers in SA and Nigeria.
    Despite this I wish them the very best.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very right just like the men’s team against Mozambique, the girls were jittery. In the first 40 minutes they contained the Nigerians because thye were compact. But after that they gave Nigerians too much space to play. Somehow they lost concentration.

      In addition the coach got his tactics wrong. We needed goals to be safe but the coach opted to play a lone striker. This lone striker thing crippled Zambia and thuus were were unable to recover. This is the same tactic we used against Guinea Bissau away. Justin Shonga was a lone striker. It never worked because there was no supply of balls and the striker huffed and puffed. I wish the girls played the same way thay played against Equatorial Guinea. The Nigerians were beatable. We needed more bodies in attack and with our pace we were going to punish Nigeria. Did you see how South Africa overun Nigeria. They played their game.

      Way forward.
      Against South Africa we should go for all out attack. What is there to defend? Our girls love to attack. They should play as a team. Individualism will get us no where. Attack. This time its about goals, goals goals. Nigeria will obviously obviously overrun Equatorial Guinea unless a miracle happens. Our hope lies in Beating South Africa by three goals to Zero. South Africa were lucky to beat Nigeria. It was a shocking result.We should avoid conceding because goal difference will matter. Epo mpelele

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Let him not go and disturb the women technical bench after failing to read the men’s crucial game. Fans could read the game more than him. Clatous and Patson Data should have started that game or he should have made changes as early as possible, but what does he do? He leaves it so late that even when Kalaba was introduced he could not make an impact.

    My question is, has he been involved in women’s qualifications and other games? If so in what capacity?

    Ngatachenjele he will find himself on the losing side of the women’s next game and that will be his end.

  4. Nazo says:

    Zambians are not serious, how do you give a National team to a Boy like Sven?

  5. Saku says:

    Sven please dont go and disturb the womens please stay away

  6. Don says:

    Beat or draw with Nigeria n you’re in the semi finals, so near yet so far. One thing for sure , Nigeria will come out all guns blazing as they know only a win can save them. So apa that’s when we want the coach to strategize.
    If I were the coach, I would pack the bus n hit’em on a break. Frustrate them girls n just as they le their guard down bang

  7. Soccer fan says:

    Sven can do beter in future dont fire him FAZ just give him Chambeshi or Chiyangi as his assistant coach not Kampamba who knows nothing about coaching because he has never been a manager at any club even here in zambia .

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lubambo & Banda E. SPOILED OUR GAME .

  9. Dr says:

    Very sad,why leaving the boys alone and going to Ghana,Faz just fire him he is not serious let’s try someone else.

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