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Charly Musonda gets Chipolopolo summon, Chisamba looped in

Belgian midfielder Charly Musonda Jr. has received a call-up to the Chipolopolo national team while Russia based midfielder Chisamba Lungu has also received a late call after being omitted on the initial list.

Musonda who is on the books of English side Chelsea but is on loan in Spain has been in scintillating form for his La liga club Real Betis. The 19 year old is son to Zambian soccer legend Charles Musonda but holds Belgian nationality despite not having been capped yet at senior level by Belgium.

Fazfootball reports that Chipopolo coach George Lwandamina says he is fully aware of the allure for Charley to feature for Belgium. However the coach is very hopeful that the part of his heritage with both parents being Zambian will sway it for the Chipolopolo team.

On Chisamba, the coach apologized saying the player-maker was omitted by mistake but was part of his team to play Congo Brazaville in back to back games this month.

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33 Comments to Charly Musonda gets Chipolopolo summon, Chisamba looped in

  1. BigSu says:

    Best news ever….Hope the Zambian government can speed up and give him out Nationality….Zamfoot please shed more light on what FIFA require to santion the move..

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Take a look at #4 below (Zambian Constitution); there may be some wiggle room. The kid doesn’t have to immediately renounce his Belgian citizenship. Parliament can grant him an extension to renounce it giving the Country time to amend the Constitution to allow dual citizenship. Only catch however is the kid won’t be able to play for Belgium if the Country fails to amend the Constitution.

    (2) A person who-
    (a) becomes a citizen of Zambia by registration; and
    (b) immediately after becoming a citizen of Zambia, is also a citizen
    of some other country;
    shall, subject to clause (4), cease to be a citizen of Zambia at the
    expiration of three months after such person becomes a citizen of
    Zambia unless such person has renounced the citizenship of that
    other country, taken oath of allegiance and made and registered
    such declaration of his intention concerning residence as may be
    prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
    (3) For the purpose of this Article, where, under the law of a country
    other than Zambia, a person cannot renounce the citizenship of that
    other country that person need not make such renunciation but may
    instead be required to make such declaration concerning that citizenship
    as may be prescribed by or under an Act of Parliament.
    (4) Provision may be made by or under an Act of Parliament for
    extending the period within which any person may make a renunciation
    of citizenship, take oath or make or register a declaration for the purpose
    of this Article, and if such provision is made that person shall cease to be
    a citizen of Zambia only if at the expiration of the extended period that
    person has not then made the renunciation, taken the oath or made or
    registered the declaration, as the case may be.

  3. Rojah Ramjet says:

    Wooow, mmmmmm im excited than ever b4. This is good news of its kind…i fully expect a 100% positive response frm the boy, since this is his root’ Zambia’. Im waitng patiently fo da best…………

  4. Billy says:

    I reported actually this on the previous thread about summoning of Charly Musonda by Lwandamina, but Zamfoot even deleted that comment. But it’s fine. Not a problem.
    But it remains to be seen if the boy will agree and if FAZ will be able to afford paying this boy for playing for Zambia. He would benefit more playing for Belgium than Zambia, in terms of Euro or world cup football, monetary benefits, etc. I am sure the issue of patriotism vs money will come in, or purely he would just want to go with Belgium. We are yet to see. But knowing the Belgians, they are very ruthless when it comes to that. Just look at what happened to Lukaku. They quickly snapped him from Congo. In addition, I strongly believe these Musonda boys’ allegiance lies with Belgium. But it’s a good try by Lwandamina. Let’s wait and see what happens next.

  5. kampinda says:

    Realistically, getting Charly is a long short. Let’s rather try Lamisha and Tika.

  6. rud van nistrooy says:

    Gudu thinkingi ba chicken! We nedi such players

  7. gen says:

    plz call numba makeke as well. this one wants to play for zambia. let us call all zambia born players and give them citizenship. let us do so even to some professionals who play in zambia like that congole in zesco team.

    • Anonymous says:

      who is Numba Makeke?

      which club does he play for?

      How old is he?

      kindly shed more light on this player.

  8. What about mbola and singuluma.on charly musonda junior let’s wait and see.just hope for the better

  9. CRESPO says:

    But Lwandamina ati we omitted chisamba by mistake how about Mbola,Mayuka,Jacob and Singuluma? Lets be serious in selecting players this time.

  10. kampinda says:

    Please watch this to get a sense of the Charly’s outstanding talent…Spanish commentators are starting to run out of superlatives. Barring injury and mismanagement, he is one the world’s next biggest soccer superstars…. Neymar, 3 years older than Charly, has his work cut out to win FIFA golden boot awards for the next decade.


  11. Neutral says:

    Good try indeed!

  12. NTAIMU says:



  14. quicksilver says:

    Nice. Long shot but worth a try. Will be a massive decision for the lad.

  15. jbs SIMUBERNARD says:

    Ifintu kwesha chatting

  16. Chris says:

    The key person is the father if only faz can manage to talk to the father things will be fine.

  17. kuku says:

    Just win the game Mr. fried chicken George.

  18. Nold k says:

    Hw sure ar u,dat dis by cn play 4 chipolopolo mmmmmmmmmm 4get

  19. chifwa sc says:

    He has got a big decision to make, having charly Kalaba, chisamba and lubambo plus kalengo, mbesuma then sunzu buchizya and kabaso chongo finally jocob banda between the posts

  20. chifwa sc says:

    In case it’s me you referred to as confused, be rest assured there never will be a confusion arising from having a wish list but that there will always be trouble when we have insensitive idiots like you thinking others are less than you are even if you don’t know them

  21. martin says:

    george u ned 2 thk behind yr line up b4 is to late

  22. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    Easy does it ba muntu let’s not take things too personal. A comment is jst a comment.#gonna leave it rite here.

  23. PAPA GAME says:

    Gen where z this numba makeke? It’s a new name to me maybe this one can easily play for mother zambia and hw good z he in the pitch?

  24. jungleman says:

    Ladies and gentlemen as much as we would like Charly to play for Zambia, lets be mindful of the fact that the boy is just starting his senior football career. lets respect his family’s sentiments and give him room to mature into a great football player. I personally do not mind which national team he plays for, but am proud of the fact that he has Zambian blood and because this i will always be a fan of Charly Musonda jr and his family!!!!!!!

  25. Zambian Buffalo says:

    Our fingers are crossed, please we need this boy so urgently. In as much as Belgium is number , I feel the boy can honor his father and mother. My argument is loyalty, if the boy is loyal he will make us proud!

  26. Rainford kalaba says:

    And why am i not surprise? Earlier on i was telling a friend that FAZ or Kalu speaking to the parents over inviting Charly Musonda (Junior) is a non starter we all know that, if Charles Musonda his father did not see the relevance of playing for Zambia in our time of need, then he will not see the relevance of his son playing for Zambia now. We Zambians looked foolish in those days when we kept begging Charles to come play for the national team and he gave us Champions League excuses which we did not understand. We have only come to understand how big the champions league is now. We might have our personal differences with Kalu but we are grateful for the sacrifices he made for this country even when we lost hope that he was not coming coming. He would still miraculously show up on play and return to Europe. He was a very thoughtful and selfless player in his time for the people of Zambia. I don’t know how he treated his fellow players on the pitch. This is why we love him despite his short comings. The Zambian coach, Chicken, has simply offered the young Charly an opportunity which he offers to every talented young Zambian player which is to play for the National team. Unless you are telling me that now there is a procedure which involves talking to the parents first before a child can play for the national team. Chicken is simply being a reasonable and considerate coach. If this offer does not mean anything to young Charly as a person like his father then let him be period. We are not here to baby anyone or to beg him or to treat him as a special case. The same way we let Charles Musonda be, so we will not beg for anyone. Zambian football will still live on with or without Charles Musonda and his children. We are grateful to the govt for the duo citizenship clause which qualifies young Charly and many other players in the diaspora to play for the national team

  27. Stewart sly chulu says:

    If the boy refuses then its fine let him be”i know that its not him refusing playing for Zambia,all this is coming from the boy”s mother,Anyway I personally can be very happy to see him play for Zambia GOD BLESS ZAMBIA

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