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Champions league extra slots in Kamanga’ agenda at CAF Symposium


By James Sibeleki in Livingstone.

CAF are set to converge an African Football Symposium at the Extraordinary General Assembly on July 17-18th in Rabat Morocco.

The Symposium will host Invited stakeholders such as Jounalists, former players and FA Presidents to discuss on how to improve the game in Africa.

The Football Association of Zambia President, Andrew Kamanga said, he will utilize this event to get a clear picture of how many clubs his country will field in CAF Champions league and Confederation Cup.

A wide consensus is that, by making it to the group stages and going further in the previous years, through a criteria known as CAF 5 Year Rankings, Zambian clubs have cemented needed points to have extra slots.

The FAZ boss was speaking to a member of Zamfoot Crew in a phone exclusive interview from Livingstone.

“We have got a CAF Symposium from the 17th up to 8th of July. It’s one of the things will be following up.”

“But definitely we’ve been informed, though not officially that we will have the opportunity to field more than 2 clubs in 2018. So once the formal communication is avaible we will let you know,” said Kamanga.

When asked about the system FAZ will adopt to pick teams, if CAF dims them fit to field more than 2 teams; If Baclays Cup winners will be considered, Kamanga said, that this will be a responsibility for the league organizing committe.

He added that, they will be need to strike a balance when picking the teams so that Zambia have strong represantation. The Executive Committte member will have a final say from the decision by the league organizing committe.

CAF 5-year ranking is a criteria used to determine the number of teams the association league can field in a particular tournament. Top 12 ranked national league are eligible to field 4 teams.

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