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Chambeshi blames early exit on poor preparations and lack of concentration

Zambia U23 national team head coach Beston Chambeshi believes the team could have done better with adequate preparations.

Chambeshi said he had learned that tournaments were about preparation. He also went on to say lack of concentration at the back during set-pieces was one of the problems that led to an early exit.

“The many problems that killed us was the concentration at the back, we conceded a lot of goals through set-pieces which are not healthy when you are playing in a tournament like this,” he said.

“We have learned a lot of things from this tournament. All the tournaments are about preparations. We have to improve in our preparations and play higher level teams so that they get used to any type of game.”

Chambeshi went on to say the team has bowed out with their heads held high.

“All I can say is, it is good for the boys that they have played at this level, at least they have learned one or two things from this tournament and I am happy even the way the tournament has been organized. We are going with our heads up through the way we have played here but we are down because we are out of the tournament,” Chambeshi said.

Zambia was eliminated from the on-going tournament after drawing 0-0 with South Africa, losing 3-1 to Nigeria and 1-0 to Ivory Coast. Ivory Coast and South Africa progressed to the next round joining hosts Egypt and Ghana in the last four.


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4 Comments to Chambeshi blames early exit on poor preparations and lack of concentration

  1. Lukanga Kafusha Justice says:

    Poor preparations??? What does the coach mean??? Give us the details

  2. Justice Don says:

    The kamanga executive must now tell the Nation, what next. We have never failed to qualify to the AFCON in this manner. Now we must judge the current FAZ Executive. They blew their hornes much louder, after taking over from the Kalu executive. These guys have brought down our pride. They’re suggesting to pay a foreign coach at $10,000 per month. This stupidity of the hieghst order. Plz resign before we walk over to your offices to scamper all of you in all directions. You pretenders, failures, opportunists. You have shamed us enough.

  3. Paddy says:

    And he talks as if he has just learnt the importance of preparations now. How long has this dude been in the game again?

  4. Don says:

    Before the tournament, we’re ready , after getting the boot, ati lack of good preparations, shifting goalposts to suit yourselves ka?

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