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Chamanga is a team builder as Janza justifies his selection

Chipolopolo Boys coach Honour Janza has defended the selection of China based striker James Chamanga.

The 34 year old has been retained in Janza’s 27 man squad which has seen over five veterans axed.

Former captain Chris Katongo, Collins Mbesuma, Jacob Mulenga, Joseph Musonda, Hichani Himoonde andFelix Katongo are not part of team but former National Assembly player has been included.

That has raised a lot eyebrows especially that in-form Israel based striker Rodger Kola hasn’t been considered especially that Emmanuel Mayuka has scored more goal [s] for the national team than at Southampton and Evans Kangwa just has 3 goals.

From the local league, atleast Jackson Mwanza and Sate Sate Kampamba have 27 league goals between them.

“He (Chamanga) carries with him what you call team spirit, he is a team builder, he is someone able to take a bitter pill to sit in the terraces also to come to re-oganise the other young players,” the gaffer said.

“The attributes that he carries are quite intrinsic that it is difficult for the distance people to see like us who are close to him.

While the Far East based  strikeris not a fan’s favourite like Mbesuma or Chris Katongo, he is one of a few Zambian strikers to have scored at four (2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012) consecutive African Cup of Nations save for the 2013 edition.

“We are in the rebuilding process, we have young players and a few experienced players with a character like Chintu when he was a player. We looked around, James poses some of the attributes that can help especially going into a bigger tournament like the one we are going to,” he said.

“This is a tournament where they are going to be together for a long time and we require somebody that is going to unite the senior players and young players, act like a bridge. There are more things that he is required to do than the field challenges.”

In the past, former coach Herve Renard also used to justify the inclusion of Kampamba Chintu and Noah Chivuta similar to what Janza has said.

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36 Comments to Chamanga is a team builder as Janza justifies his selection

  1. musonda says:

    not good enough a reason, under 17 player could be better to learn. why waste the money on this dead wood, if that is the only reason you need from chamanga, employ a professional instead of wasting player space for that!

  2. john says:

    You know what as fans we have complained these selectors don’t want listen. There is corruption in the selection process. Let them be held accountable if we go out in the first round. Janza should be fired if we go out. Everyone knows chamanga is finished and he insults our intelligence. Janza the blood is on your hands if we go out.

  3. Dewenga says:

    Uesless coach.

  4. Dewenga says:

    Ba coach bansala. We need quality coaches with good vision.To hell corrupt coaches.

  5. Paddy says:

    Given the very limited options Janza had, Chamanga’s selection is not the worst thing that could’ve happened to Zambian football. I’m utterly disappointed Jacob Mulenga won’t be part of the team but a coach is paid to make such decisions. The brutal truth is that at the moment we don’t have a single striker to confidently look up to in terms of consistent goal scoring ability. Mayuka, Sate, Kangwa and Kola wouldn’t make the team never mind first eleven of Some of our rivals like Ghana or Ivory Coast. The only consolation is that tournaments are won by team work and not necessarily individuals (unless you’ve got a Messi or Ronaldo). Chamanga gives us a physicality that neither Mayuka nor Sate can provide. As such I’d ask fans to give Janza the benefit of the doubt. When we won in 2012 we did so not with the best crop of players but with the best team working spirit.

  6. Frank Nonde from Gabs says:

    To day Am celebrating my golden jubilee (50yrs) birthday.I feel so
    great to be alive thanks to God,for sparing my life thus far.I HAVE the
    chance to witness the milestone of ZAMBIAN FOOTBALL,where within 3 years
    We have won the AFCON and have both the U17 and U20 qualify for African
    championship at the same time. No doubt our future as POWER HOUSE IN
    African football is brighter than at any other point in our soccer
    development as the Bembas say imiti ikula e mpanga loosly translated as
    the forest is there because of new trees being planted. MERRY XMAS AND

  7. tatu saad says:

    Like the other friend said “bakadoli bafula sana”we need at least the assistance of jacob and kola let loose sate sate and sautu these can feature in the U20 afcon is the coach so wishes ,some of our players are too tinny tht they can even stand the physic of the west and nrth africans

  8. tc soccerman says:

    This coach is useless, Kalu is useless too as he is selecting the team. Useless people.

  9. Naked goal says:

    what a useless explanation!!!!!! Janza is useless and can’t make a right decision. I have always said that the team qualified because of the white dutch man and not pathetic janza.

  10. Billy says:

    I for one am one person who supported the appointment of Janza as coach. But looking at some of the players selected and some players he left out, I am beginning to doubt his suitability for the jo as Chipolopolo coach. The only benefit of doubt I can give is that he won the last three or four games using the players he has selected with the exception of Mtonga and Chama. But AFCON is a big team and this is the reason we needed reinforcement. We are not saying that he should not maintain his squad, but my opinion is he should have added other players who are performing better than the players he has selected. I am not expecting a lot from this squad as they go to AFCON.

  11. Zambians.you are the one o were where condeming Jacob mulenga at afcon 2013.what do U want my brothers.

  12. Justice lukanga kafusha says:


  13. Janza,is protecting himself guys you ought to know that a reader should be respected even if people he is reading are earning more money or older in age. The person who have the right sight on this one is the technical bench. Katongo,and Jacob were under performing and expected to make the cut into the Nation team,the answer is No! On Chamanga yes the man is humble and give support to the best on the field. We can’t call Chipolopolo team if players are not working has a team,Chris Katongo can’t be working against the team more especially if he can’t deliver on the day!

  14. Duncandinho says:

    second cup maybe people were condeming him because he was off form but now that his form has picked up, he deserves a chance so that perhaps he can replicate that form in the National team.

  15. BIG 5 says:

    Zambian coaches what more do you expact nalyamo…!Ok We ll suport you still for the love of our beloved chipolopolo let’s go zambia.. BUT JANZA WABA ITOLE still more..

  16. mj says:

    To hell with your ill analysis on Janza. Give a man a break. we have had enough of Chris this, Jacob that. Let him do wat he thinks is best. Humbleness pays that’s why chamanga is there. Big up coach. EYES ON THE BALL.

  17. Don says:

    With only two weeks left I suggest we put our differences aside and support the team, Chamanga might surprise us again and score that decisive goal for us.

  18. The coach has the right to choose a player who he thinks is suitable.

  19. Discipline says:

    Kalu and Janza you never listen and respect the fans views,we called both of you pathetic,clueless,clowns,useless,corrupt and more unprintables all in thinking you wiil change but surprising enough no hence you will be held accountable for the negative out come .You two like cut too much ,shatalamonako.

  20. Discipline says:

    The coach has the right to choose a player of his choice my neck,so let him also select a Billy Hamoonga from power also.

  21. Kay Hummer says:

    I have always said that this character of a coach does not have the pedigree and the necessary experience. I have been called names here for calling a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Janza will go faster than he came. enough is enough. How can you not call an in-form striker like Roger Kola and call an old dog like Chamanga to the team. We don’t need passengers in the team. Time for experiments is long gone!!!

  22. Don says:

    Correction… Janza wanted Kola in the squad but a certain mafia in FAZ got a bigger say in the team selection,so let’s just fold our arms and hope for the best.

  23. kampombwa says:

    Great team selection if you ask me they only player that I thought raised my eyebrow was chamanga and now the coach has explained why he is important to the teams dynamics so I’ll give him the benefit of doubt and hope his tactics don’t back fire other wise its all the best chipolopolo I am behind you and the entire team

  24. kampombwa says:

    Its a good team and now we know why chamanga is there give the man a break and give him the benefit of doubt, our support and most Importantly let’s not be fearfull of change when the time is ripe the old guard did there part but know its time to put our faith in the younger lads

  25. tony mash says:

    its good to be diplomatic but not forget that you are abusing our emotions.the whole nation is pregnant with high expectation this we not accept anything less than a medal.this time it belongs to zambia because the so called ancient power houses have sink into oblivion eg the dark stars and renard football club.on the issue of chamanga he is going there as a member of technical crew but masquerading as a player. this idiotic system was introduced by pathetic renard.

  26. tony mash says:

    PLEASE ZAMFOOT BRING THIS TO OUR BLOG .when renard won afcon he told the whole entire world that zambia they where luck to win afcon and he won it with average players. the idiots from Barcelona said the zambians are slow and passive.does zambia have an identity? are we a force to reckon with? are we above or below average? what have achieved since 1974.does the current team have future or not.and lastly we want our main objective of going to afcon. please zamfoot bring this issue on this blog.

  27. Don says:

    Merry Xmas and a happy new year to you all.

  28. FLOYD jr. says:

    People let’s be realistic with our expectations…this is a new team,we rebuilding,we can’t win the trophy this afcon..Even katongo and co cudnt hav won it this afcon…….Its really hard to please everyonr,..Katongo criticised Janza’s tactics in the presence of other players,if u hv managed pipo b4 u wud testify that this is a bitter pill 2 swallow..under herve renard the national team was kept on losing n drawing against mediocre teams,did u ever hear katongo criticising herve renard 4 th bad results?? Jst bcoz renard used to name him in th starting 11 and Janza has th guts 2 bench him…Katongo has no respect 4 janza and he hasn’t apologised because of his ego,do u expect Janza 2 call a player like that? That wud b like begging 4 him…I 4 one wud love 2 watch the new players because they have pace and bring new tricks 2 the team,Lubambo musonda meks those runs and shoots frm afar,sate sate pops up like lightening in the box,little is known about them so they won’t be predictable at afcon….with all due respect to Chris and Jacob and their achievements,it’s time we parted ways and thanks 4 everything..

  29. Justice lukanga kafusha says:

    This is the result of appointing a coach from the early Stone age. He cant think on his own being controlled by another idiot at the expense of Zambian football twanaka some of us

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