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Casilli dismantling Woodlands Stadium to it’s old appearance


Former City of Lusaka sponsor Diego Casilli has embarked on dismantling structures at Woodlands Stadium barely seven months after investing millions of dollars in refurbishing the facility.

The stadium became one of the best in the country after Forli Limited, which is owned by Casilli, invested about K50 million (US$5 million) in upgrading it.

Casilli has started pulling down the same structure just a week after announcing his withdrawal from sponsoring Division One side City of Lusaka.

Casilli consultant Simataa Simataa said Casilli stepped down due to the Football Association of Zambia making life difficult for him and continuous harassment and attacks by the community and the executive.

“Casilli is not happy with the position FAZ has taken by supporting the executive and also the continued harassment from the community,” Simataa said.

Last week, FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe said they don’t recongnise the City of Lusaka PLC 2000 but would work with the executive .

[Zambia Daily Mail]

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  1. I don’t have full details of the real problem between faz & cassilli someone please enlighten me cause this is just sad. Woodlands stadium became a wonderful place to go & watch soccer why have we allowed such a sad situation to occur?

  2. He is venting his anger, to the club, and the stadium. Because of the differences he has with the executive and FAZ, then the stadium has to be destroyed. He gave this stadium to the club with conditions attached?.Think of my fellow soccer lovers,first he is not in good books with the community, second with the executive, and third with FAZ.if the community have issues with him,I think this guy has crossed the line. He thinks is punishing the community just because they are not happy with him.

  3. Personally am disappointed with his childish is childish to vent your anger on a structure which was not part of the differences. Even if the community, executive and FAZ are at fault, it’s wrong to take such actions .However the reasons for differences,you can not destroy what you dedicated to the community. It’s like in homes with extended family, a man living with in laws, he has personal differences with the wife,then he decide to vent his anger with the in laws who are innocent. Such a man is a coward .Geniune love for soccer involves sacrifice .His pride is clearly seen in his actions. Such kind of investors are dangerous in football. Maybe he wanted to control the community, executive and FAZ. His actions clearly shows that.Gone are the days when people with money pretend to give with hypocritical hearts.They give in order to influence the operations of football.And his personal consultant,simata,simata,i wonder what kind of advise he gave him.People with money, should be very careful with their so called riches, because it’s not always money can buy anything.

  4. Who owns the stadium he is destroying? What do the statutes of your country say regarding constructing a community facility/amenity and destroying it? I thought such is regulated by the law. You cant construct just because you have money or destroy because you are angry.Acting like that is tantamount to corruption and it is a crime.With this background information one wonders whether Zamfoot’s story is not fabricated. One side of the story cannot reveal the truth.

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