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CAF ban Janny Sikazwe

THE Confederation of African Football (CAF) has suspended top Zambian referee Janny Sikazwe for alleged biased officiating during the Champions League semi-final match between Tunisian side Esperance and Premeiro Agusto of Angola.

Sikazwe, who epitomised Zambian football when he officiated at the 2018 Russia World Cup and other top global championships, will not handle any match until he satisfactorily responds to CAF, has asked him to exculpate himself.

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) general secretary Adrian Kashala comfirmed the suspension in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

Kashala said an exculpatory letter has since been written and FAZ is waiting for a response from the continental mother body.

Source: Daily Mail

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16 Comments to CAF ban Janny Sikazwe

  1. Leo says:

    Every where is bad news…
    What is happening with Zambian football pls educate us some of us in diaspora

    • Nostra says:

      We told you Sikazwe, you were a hero yesterday. Then you decide to befriend the Kamangas for Technical Director. Those guys are evil. Look what they did to Kalusha.

  2. Kensplash says:

    Joshua Bondo cost us the Nigeria match and he was not punished,also other countries like Burkina Faso complained to Caf about the same Bondo and no action was taken. Caf is actually displaying selective justice and double standards. Caf reinstated Equitorial Guinea in place of Kenya but they remain suspended under FIFA. Thank God our ladies taught them a lesson they will live to remember for the rest of their playing careers.Lesa nimalyotola.

  3. Kasama Boy says:

    I wish Janny the best.

  4. Frog says:

    There’s a lot of injustice West and Northern African always get away with it .

  5. Logic says:

    Bena Diramba were left to roam free…This punishment ses very disproportionate and I can’t help but think someone is not happy with this young man’s success. CAF is a joke!

  6. Kopala says:

    Its been long overdue it has happened several times in the local league. Power Dynamos have been at the receiving end of his decisions until when he over turned a dubiously awarded penalty to Nkana.Its time he sobers up and get back on the right truck.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lest we forget the rise of Zambian referees concides with the reign of Kalu. You thing outsiders like any bit of how we have allowed kamanga to mistreat kalu?

  8. Anonymous says:

    People janny messed up big time in that game,dont just support because he is one of us that ka thing ati that blood is thicker than water that s why people dont change or improve ati they will condone me he was bad full stop.

  9. discipline says:

    People janny messed up big time,this thing ati he is our own,blood is thicker than water thats why people dont change or improve he deserve to be punished it just unfortunate the same Angola side was also favoured when they faced zesco but the Gabon ref was spared because zega never complained to caf.janny is in soup because agusto complained.

  10. Sibs says:

    @Discipline how did he mess up? I never watched the game. Did he give away penalties or fake cards. CAF should lets us know what is the accusation or maybe ZANFOOT you know the accusation?

  11. Sibs says:

    Whiles i agree with you that Agusto were bailed out by the referee when they played Zesco. The Ref added 7 minutes abd there was a clear foul on Zesco player when Augusto scored one of their goals.

  12. man Link says:

    I watched the game he really deserve it,he gave fake cards and a penult

  13. MELIVA says:

    fyamano thz guy deserves punishment remember the match nkana vs power dynamos .error

  14. slim says:

    Who doesn’t hate a thieving bastard bane?! Kamanga has treated Kalu with kid gloves! In fact Kalu predicament is self inflicted; his case which he should have cleared with FIFA was left to fester. That has nothing to do with Kamanga. The problem here is the basic priciples of this country, that is,when u steal and getaway, you are everybodies hero!; Ati “ba mpiya balya, nangu sha kwiba temulandu,naiwe kebe”. As a country morality counts for nothing.

  15. JEMMIE says:


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