Earlier today, the die was cast in the capital city of Egypt, the stage for 2019 Afcon finals. It was our own Andrew Kamanga versus other contenders from the Cosafa region.

It was a seat Zambia held under Kalusha Bwalya, the past FA President. Its a setback in the Zambian setup and knives may be out for AK, accusing him of handing the seat on a silver plate to what may be considered as lightweights in the African Football. But this waa a democratic fight and all the best to the winner. Though my gist of the story is purely on what our football has become.

It beats me seriously and very sad about our football and now I believe the problem is not Kamanga or Kalusha Bwalya. That is bedevilling our game.

The big problem is the people who are in both choirs, singing whatever chorus is being sung. Already even this article is going to be analysed by the two camps with others already saying am losing it and others suggesting otherwise.

We are divided and it’s a pity that instead of talking of football we really have gone camps like.

You can really see some justification into the loss of Kamanga loss at CAF in the cadre manner while some jubilant comments into the Kalu camp.

To be honest, Its Kalu and Kamanga to stop this madness because it’s true they read these issues and can tell these two choirs to stop.

We have spoken countless times when elephants are in a tussle it the grass that will suffer. And true to it, our football is slowly but surely becoming the greatest loser. The sooner we find each other the better.

Zambian football is not about Kalusha Bwalya nor is it about Andrew Kamanga. These guys will go. What legacy will they leave to recognized with

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