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Bwale talks winning Cup and Benching fan favourite Mwiya

Zambia U20 national team coach Charles Bwale says his team showed some glimpses of what they can do and even win the cup.

Zambia started poorly in the first half but later improved and managed to score two goals in the second half courtesy of substitute Prince Mumba.

“In the second half we saw some glimpse that we have a team that can do a lot of things even wining the cup, ” he said.

England based striker Mwiya Malumo started the match from the bench and was cheered on when he was about to enter the field of play.

Bwale says he knew they would be given pressure to put in him in the match way before the game started.

” We knew from the start that we will have pressure from the start on benching Mwiya but we need brace ourselves for that and endure because we are technicians and know what’s happening on the field of play. We know who can start and who may come in. Mwiya is a good player yes but in this game it was ideal to start with Emmanuel Mwinde though he did not show his true character but he is a good player,” he said.

“Mwiya is a good player so is Mwinde but you can only use one player at a time,” he added.

Zambia lead group A with three points and will next take on DR Congo on Thursday before facing Mozambique in their final group game a day later.


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8 Comments to Bwale talks winning Cup and Benching fan favourite Mwiya

  1. Naked goal says:

    You are not a good coach sir, that team can do better with mr chambeshi

  2. Kensplash says:

    Overall we had a very poor game even if we scored the two goals. I feel Bwale is not the right man in that position. A seasoned coach can do a very good job.

  3. Naked goal says:

    South Africa, the team to watch in this tournament

  4. JK 11 says:

    Tactless coach Bwale. This team is not going anywhere with that kind of display.

  5. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    Bwale is just one of the local coaches who’s target is to disgrace us. Very incompetent coach

  6. Pundit says:

    Just look at the statement and the tenical bench very useless I have always said on this platform this coach is incompetent!at least faz can do better with the coach this one is not among the top 10 not even top 20 list of local coaches!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Who appointed Charles in the first place.Is it supposed to be talent identification or what.We have a lot of coaches in place even veterans that can assist groom these young lads.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Who even appointed this Bwale guy? Hope he does wonders today, our hearts are still bleeding with the Sven Team so please do us a favor by bringing us gold.

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