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Bwale more focused on developing players than winning title

Zambia U20 national team coach Charles Bwale has stuck to his development agenda for the junior copper bullets ahead of the 2018 COSAFA U20 championships.

This is opposed to the wishes of some sections of fans who are calling for an all out win at the the tournament to be hosted in Zambia.

Bwale who will be in-charge of the junior Chipolopolo when they attempt to win their 12th title, believes winning will be a bonus as the main aim is to develop players for the national team.

“The most important part about the coming tournament is about development. We just have to gauge their development and if we get the cup it will be a move in the right direction but that’s not the ultimate. The ultimate is seeing most of the boys graduate to the senior team,” he said.

Bwale says he is not under any form of pressure to deliver after the disappointment with both men and women senior national teams.

“This is a different category and we know what happened with the senior men’s and women’s teams and I know people are looking at the U20 team but the way football is you shouldn’t do this under pressure. You have to do things accordingly and make sure we do things in the right way and correctly,” he said.

Bwale is expected to name a final squad any day this week for the tournament that will be staged in Kitwe and Mufulira between 2nd and 14th December.


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12 Comments to Bwale more focused on developing players than winning title

  1. David Chawinga says:

    Bwale we are tired of such stories.For how long are we going to be building and developing players???
    You were in charge of the under 20 team after chambeshi was elevated and you failed to qualify the team to under 20 AFCON in Niger.I remember you drew with Rwanda and Burundi here in Lusaka before losing in Bujumbura(Burundi) and had all sorts of excuses as well as attributing the loss to Burundi for fielding over aged players.
    Please Zambian coaches learn to be professional and face reality.Your Ultimate goal MUST be to win the tournament.You have had all these years to build the team man!!

    • Nostra says:

      I hate that of developing.
      Infact most players are being finished.
      Look at the famous World Cup Under 20, if they had kept that team they could have beat Mozambique 5-0.

  2. Kasama Boy says:

    Even if we shouldn’t do this under pressure, it is such tournaments that prepare the youngsters for the pressure they will be encountering when they come of age.
    So go for it. Aim at the ultimate prize.

  3. Logic says:

    Players are developed at clubs bwana and not at the national team. There is simply not enough time spent at the national team level to achieve the pipe dream. This is whats wrong with our thinking. Winning exposes players to clubs that can further develop them. This is a wrong mindset and it tells me all I need to know about this coach.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Aim for the bog price Bwana. That’s what Kamanga has done to football.

  5. Pundit says:

    Amateur coach

  6. Brian silungwe says:

    Useless coach with wrong thinking capacity!!! How many players have u developed sor far? Dont u think winning cosafa will make your players to be recognised by ”BIG CLUBS?” I Can see u ar a failure. Aim high! Thats when u will develop players BOSS.

  7. Brian silungwe says:

    Useless coach with wrong thinking capacity!!! How many players have u developed so far? Dont u think winning cosafa will make your player to be recognised by BIG CLUBS Across the globe?? Mr. Man dont be a failure, Aim high!!! Thats when you will do better with your developmental agenda. Otherwise, i can see zambia being booted out in the group stages.

  8. Chindika Popeye Nguni says:

    In short he’s telling us that he’s not capable of winning anything. He has failed us before even kicking a ball

  9. Seems like our coaches have failed us cause this man is as hopeless as kamanga and don’t know what is next for the nation. Instead of promising something great, only to talk about developing players, in three games? What a joker.

  10. sydney says:

    When a player is called for national duties, he had attained some levels of development, at national level we just shape them , to fit the system in order to get results. It’s not a ground for development. That’s why we have academies and clubs.

  11. Makaka says:

    No hope under this coach. Otherwise hr is judt thrte to embarrrass us.You develope players by inculcating a winning mentality in their minds. By the way, does FAZ give such coaches any targets when appointing them?

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