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Buffaloes Settle in Juba Ahead of El-Merikh Clash

Zambia’s envoys in the 2018-19 CAF Confederation Cup Green Buffaloes have well settled in South Sudan’s city of Juba ahead of their 2nd leg clash with El Merikh Juba FC on Wednesday.


The game will be played at Juba Stadium at 16:00 hrs local time and the Army sponsored side is carrying a 2-0 lead ahead of the return leg.


Green Buffaloes Coach Bilton Musonda said in an interview that his troop has acclimatized to the weather in Juba.


And Musonda said all players were injury free. He added that they have had an opportunity of training on the same pitch they will be using for the main match.


Meanwhile the Buffaloes gaffer said they have been advising the players not to get excited as the battle was still on.


“We have done that [acclimatising to the wheather] and for today and yesterday we had favored. We had rains yesterday and today, the weather was a bit cool despite them saying it goes higher than 48 degrees Celsius. But fortunate for us, for the past 2 days it has been a cool weather that we have experienced,” he said.


“The fortunate thing is we have no injury, all players are free injury.The training has been going on well In fact the only stadia that they have and is the Stadium we are using and that we will be using for the main match. So it’s an advantage to us to train where will be playing.


“It’s very important when you play a game like that and you get the result and you travel a lot of players gets excited. But we’ve been talking to them, we are telling them the game is not over until we play the second leg, which is here in Sudan.”


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  1. Frog says:

    Go for it GFC It could be best we utilize Christopher Katongo for our u20 . He can be an inspiration

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