Friday, June 21, 2024

Buffaloes demolished in North Africa

Green Buffaloes suffered a heavy defeat in Egypt in the first leg of the CAF Confederations Cup preliminary stage.

Buffaloes lost 4-0 to Al Masry.

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  1. The soccer season calendar in Zambia should be changed to run from August to May. When these CAF competitions start our season is normally on recess and most players are rusty. Please lets align our league with what is obtaining in most major leagues in Africa and the rest of the world.

  2. Personally I saw that happening. Green buffalos and zesco to some extent the referees did not officiate well. More especially when they were playing against forest rangers and buildcon. Both buffalo and zesco were outplayed but the referees help these teams to win.Hence robbing points from forest and buildcon. If that officiating was fair,Zanaco would Ave come number one,followed by nkana, then zesco,.The top 4 would Ave been Zanaco, Nkana,Zesco and lusaka dynamos or power.

  3. Bad officiating by referees made the country send teams which were not read to play CAF champion and confederation .I will mention zesco,first,They Ave assembled a strong side,but their standard last season they can not play in champions league but in confederation. They did not play as team.This coach krapotic disturbed the formula for the team. They needed a year to recover from that.The referees who officiated those two games for zesco against forest and buildcon, favoured zesco,hence making a team qualifying to champions league which was not ready.Buffalo’s were favoured against forest and buildcon. If anyone does not agree,try to watch those two games then you will see for yourself what am talking about. Lusaka dynamos was more qualified to play confederation than buffalo. Zesco united,are not fitt to play champions league.but confederation. The teams which were suppose to champions league are Zanaco and nkana. Confederation, zesco and lusaka dynamos. Because of bad officiating good teams Ave been prevented to play champions and confederation. This is my personal analysis. Ave no hatred towards zesco and buffalo. But I strongly feel,they are not ready to handle these two Africa league.

    • Its not easy to play continental football after a long break, Zanaco and ZESCO have been on it and are a bit more prepared even there administration… However toughest encounter for me in this round was GBFC, they were handed the toughest opponent and had no breathing space. The four Teams were at the same level last season and any of the 4 teams could have won the league. If one watched GBFC last season, they had a good team relative to Zambian football

  4. Am not surprised this GBFC team is never serious and always a disgrace when it comes to continental football. they are a serious let down

  5. Too bad for Buffaloes, the coach should drop all buffalo players and this is part of discipline. Had lucky prove at home that you are wounded buffaloes,but Wada should drop all buffalo players. I thank you.

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