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Both Teams to Score Meaning | Understand Betting Terms


This betting guide focuses on both teams to score meaning, providing a comprehensive review of the betting market.

Both Teams to Score Meaning Explained

As the name suggests, both teams to score is a bet where a punter predicts that both teams will score at least one goal in the match. Hence, the outcome of the game is not considered in settling the bet as long as both teams score a goal.

Basically, both teams to score (BTTS) means you are predicting the final scoreline of a game to be 1-1, 2-1, 2- 2, 3- 1, or any outcome following the trend. In terms of goals, there are three outcomes to a football game: both teams score, either team score, or no team score. Only the first option will count as a winning bet in a BTTS market.

Some betting sites in Zambia display the market as GG (Goal Goal), while others simply put up BTTS. Regardless of the market’s name on your preferred betting site, our guide will ensure you understand it well.

Unlike money line, over/under, and correct score markets widely available across several sports, the GG market covers only football betting.

Both Teams to Score Betting

Types of Both Teams to Score Bets

Generally, the BTTS market is widely available across top sports betting sites in Zambia. Here, we discuss the common types of bets in this market.

BTTS Yes or No

This is a straightforward market and the easiest to bet on. You need to predict whether or not both teams will score at least one goal in a game. The market doesn’t consider the number of goals scored or the winner of the match.

It is sometimes displayed as GG/NG, where “NG” stands for No goal, meaning one of the teams will score or none will.

First half BTTS

In this betting market, you bet on both teams to score in the first half of the game. The goals scored in the second half and the full-time outcome does not apply to this bet. Alternatively, you can choose to predict if both teams will score in the second half or not in the Second half BTTS market.

BTTS + Home/Away

The BTTS + Home/Away falls under the combined market bets and has more risk than the traditional GG market. Here, you predict that both teams will score and then select a side to win the match. You can either pick the home side to win or the away side alongside the BTTS prediction.

Examples of Both Teams to Score Bets

From both teams to score meaning, punters must predict both teams to score at least one goal to win the bet. As mentioned, both teams to score market is available only on football betting.

For instance, you would win a BTTS bet on an English Premier League game between Aston Villa and West Ham if the game ends 1-1.

Another example is a BTTS & Over 2.5 bet on a game between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig. You will win if the match ends 2:1 and lose if it ends 1:1.

Both Teams to Score Tips

While luck plays a significant role in betting, an effective strategy will allow you to make better predictions. From our expert evaluation, we analyse some tips on the BTTS market.

Teams with High-Scoring Record

When making BTTS predictions, it is essential to look out for teams in a good goal-scoring form building up to the game. A team’s goal-scoring form utterly rests on the shoulders of its players and how prolific they are. For example, recent results like 2:2, 4:2, and 3:1 indicate that the team has a solid attack.

Poor Defensive Teams

Teams with a poor defensive and goalkeeping record will concede many goals, irrespective of their solid attack. To place bets on the BTTS market, pay attention to the number of goals both teams conceded in recent matches.

Other Factors

Aside from statistics and results, several factors can play a significant role in a team’s performance in a match. These factors include rivalry, must-win games, home advantage, injuries and suspensions, and cup finals. It is pivotal to consider all these factors before placing a BTTS bet.

Both Teams to Score – Our Review

From our both teams to score meaning review, the market is hugely popular among football betting enthusiasts. Also, it is widely available across reliable betting sites in Zambia.

BTTS bets are easy to understand and have fewer risks than correct scores. During our both teams to score review, we noticed a few pros and cons of the betting market.

Perfect accumulator betsHigh risk
Relatively high oddsRequires extensive research
Great return on wagers
Easy to comprehend

Both Teams to Score Meaning FAQ

Are both teams to scores popular in Zambia?

Yeah, both teams to score market is popular across betting sies in Zambia.

Where can I place both teams to score bets in Zambia?

The both teams to score betting markets are widely available across top sports betting sites in Kenya, including BetLion.

How are both teams to score odds calculated in Zambia?

The odds of both teams to score are calculated as the percentage probability of the potential outcome.

How to make both teams to score bets?

To place bets, log in to your preferred online betting site and select the game you want to bet on. Make both teams to score predictions and enter your wager amount before submitting the bet.

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