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Blog: Chipolopolo can rise again with new players and coach

Written by ZamFoot Blogger, Cry My Beloved Chipolopolo

Let’s put on our thinking caps on again fellow Chipolopolo fans!!!

It is not that Chipolopolo are a bad team it’s just our football is riddled with corruption and incompetency; players are not called up on merit, calling tired and retired players to the national team is like the recycling of politicians that has become endemic in our society.

Why can’t we have talent identification clinics were we summon all Zambian players scattered across the globe and from there start again like we did in 1993?

Some players have now made the national team their own entity and some lack the hunger and maturity required to don the once mighty Chipolopolo jersey. When last did we see the likes of Rodgers Kola or Mayuka being offered opportunities, but instead we hurry to accumulate caps for half-baked players like xxxx so that some officials with selfish motives can position them for sell to inferior leagues on Africa and some unknown parts of Europe if not Asia.

We hear time and again of Zambian players that are excelling in other leagues in Africa and faraway lands through tabloids but no attempts are made by the relevant authorities to bring them into the Chipolopolo Fold.

Not that I am being a pessimist but the writing has been on the wall for some time now, I remember with fond memories when Mighty Zambia played the likes of Burkina Faso, Kenya, Togo, Gambia or Congo no Zambian fan needed to have their heart and soul troubled, nomba these days , kutunshafye umutima, namasali, nokupuka ilibe kweka kweka. We need to acknowledge that we have seriously retrogressed and plan to start afresh.

We can do it but only if we sit in retrospection, accept that we have made mistakes, plan a new and consistent discourse for the future, commit to setting things right and do things by the book.

Last time we were told that FAZ made profits from gate takings, those resources should be channeled towards development and engaging a new coach.

Zambia can rise again but not with the current crop of players but with a new Blood that is determined and hungry for success and a highly competent technical bench. Chicken George has walked his road we need a New Competent coach.

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  1. lwandamina and paul katema their is something fishy ,the boy is below average buy why use him in a crucial game and bench chisamba the captain of good league in russia compared to zambias red arrows . Boyd very underweight who GB knew was a customer .i hear the ZAFCA boss saying lwandamina should e given chance,to hell with you” what chance”f00000l

  2. There is very little substance in your writing. In a game of football there is a win or a loose. Even African power house teams like Egypt, Nigeria and Cameroon have ever missed going for AFCON. In the last match against Guinea Bissau, the only convincing goal Guinea scored was the third one. The first one was a dubiously awarded penalty as the Guniea striker was leaning on Sunzu and fell down after our defender moved off slightly and the referee pointed to the spot. For the second one, our goal keeper had held the ball and their striker kicked it off him to make it two for them. Both of our goals were classic and convincing. The players you are calling tired legs are the one that have been delivering lately and not the unconvincing Kolas and Mayukas you are referring to.The only remedy here is to organize our defence.

    • there is always a conspiracy theory when it comes to Zambia…always crying, complaining and feeling cheated…play football Zambia. You guys are like the kid no one wants to play with at school coz you always report to the teacher when you get poked at while playing. smh i hate that kid

  3. This piece habours personal sentiments rather than speaking to the issues. Writer, understand that the day of heroics are far gone. Qualifiers are not league games. Zambia needed a long term plan if they want to really qualify to Russia. It could be too late right now. The deal is tough planning.
    You should had watched how Cameroon beat Mauritania. They didn’t wait for Mauritius to score first, they did. In which of your games had you done that?
    Chipolopolo only play planned games when they meet Ghana. They play as if they can beat the crap off everything else. I would not be suprised when you pull out of the world cup qualifiers after 2 games

  4. new faz president plz use the duo citizenship to our football advantage. there are so many Zambian prayers doing fine in other good leagues. all west African countries use this system. we need atleast 5 new Zambian prayers from other countries using duo citizenship tactic. we have NDUMBA MAKECHE plus many more in Australia who are doing fine in European leagues. please identify these players and call them now before world cup qualifiers. our openent should find a new Zambian team.

  5. For Me ITotally Agree With The Writer Of This Article Of Analysis Of The Zambian National Soccer Team. We Need To Rebuild Our Team If We Are To Achieve Our Goals The Truth Is Their Is Are Serious Problem With Our Team.

  6. The issue with Chipolopolo is that We are one dimensional when every one is 3 dimensional. We just play our game without looking at the weak or strong points of our opponents.no wonder our coach is chicken, We just play around like headless chickens, not knowing who to mark out or taking advantage of weak spots in our opponent. COSAFA team should have a different technical bench with different players mostly U23 and U20 who have not been tried before in the senior teams with a few senior players who have never played for the national team but doing well in the local league.

  7. What this blogger is saying its hundred percent correct.. Zimbabwe benefited from this execirse.. There team selection iz good.. They call up all their professionals dotted on the globe.. We have enough meterial at disposal… Mukuka mulenga, emmanuel mayuka, jacob mulenga, rodgers kola, emmanuel mbola, moses phiri, ronald kampamba, anthony banda, given singuluma, ndumba macheke, lawrence phiri and obby chirwa all these players are national team materials. Calling mfune , katema and mkandawire ahead of these players its a mockery

  8. Zamfoot u are surely offside. write something with more tangible truth. why reveal the exact issues rather than speculation. if anything this looks like a write of more than 12 months old. come on Zamfoot u can do better! Shalom

  9. before you employ national team coaches they should go for h i v test. This should be a prerequisite. Kalu used to appoint rotten coaches who were dying slowly on the bench after they failled he fired them some few weeks later you will hear people saying. M. H. S. R. . I. P. Chicken must go for h. I . V test coz he is now behaving fun . Am sure everyone knows h.i.v affects brains. This what he said .. Coach why dont call up all proffessional? I dont call professionals to sit on the bench. He put luchanga on the who is struggling at club level and ignored mayuka and singuluma who are scoring for their clubs. He dropped katebe and munhtali and call up mfune who is 38 to sit on the bench. Chisamba lungu one of the few african who is wearing an arm band in europe sit on then bench and give a starting place to a below average player paul katema. Another midget b mkandawire who is not playing regularly to his club played ahead of mbola who is playing week in week out for his club. I dont think he is able to explain why is he doing this. His brains might have been affected with h. I. V. And aids..

  10. I thnk local coaches ar easy to corupt mayb a n expatriate can coach 4 supremacy and to leave a good reputation lyk hr, we need a coach who can a look at players who play in better leagues lyk sate sate,ndumba,musonda jr etc zambia has got talent its only tht we’ve got coaches with poor selection of players example janza and nw a headless chicken, we can use cosafa to asses players who can be able to play at senior level not lyk what i saw last year k.mweene,mbola,sinkala etc. Playng cosafa thts backslidng.

  11. Mr Tony mash am really trying 2 figure out wht stuff u r on coz yo comment is sour but i understand yo frustration. #WillLeaveItRiteHere

  12. No need to over-analyze the zambian football crisis here. More than needing just a serious coach, Zambia needs players that want to enhance their careers in top European leagues. Players whose hunger for success will match that of our West African counterparts who are busy breaking into every league in Europe in large numbers while we our players are content with local celebrity status. While we can spring a good result from time to time, we don’t have the quality to sustain the status of being the Mighty team we once were.

  13. We can’t create a whole new team overnight, impossible, Chris Katongo and Mbesuma are apparently our best players.

    FAZ must face facts though. Zambia has dropped right down the ranking. Don’t expect Zambia to start firing up, until someone comes who can command these foreign based players + develop local players and get a grip of issues, then we can think about challenging.

    I had hoped Lwandamina could pull some strings but if not for the elimination from qulifiers, the rankings akso show the task was too great.

  14. kalu was right when he said our coaches are not yet ripe to coach chipolopolo true their selectionis biast how does boyd mkandawire start ahead of nkausu, paul katem ahead of chisamba lungu , that is what costed us we we drawing that game and today it was going to be a diiferent story how do you still attack when you know that it 93 min played why not defend the scoreline renard had a uefa pro license same as maurinho, van gaal , zidane , rednap , sir alex furgerson etc , uefa set 2010 as deadline for all coaches coaching premier league clubs in europe as a requirement we now downgrade to lwandamina who has a caf A equivalent to uefa b meaning he only qualifies to be an assistant at a championship side like qpr and we think he can compete with the likes of hector raul cooper egypt coach former valencia coach, JOKeS and the sports minister should not say they dnt have money but they have money to pay politicians their gratuities right ?.

  15. In Zambia there is a lot of talent that goes to waste because there is no motivation.
    We lack Academies to nature your talent and motivate them, if we have academies and work with young latent there is no way we can have 35 yr old’s in the team but we don’t have a choice.
    We lack basics of football that is why most of our players come to scene at 30yrs and still at that age the player lacks a lot.
    We lost to a team that can not even beat our local teams, its a lesson lent and now its time to work with the U17 boys, monitor them until we get them to U20 then to the senior team. Lets give support to the U17 coach and whoever gonna be with the U20.
    But at senior level we need a foreign coach for fair selection because this is not the first time it is happening, remember same thing happened with Patrick Phiri and still we didn’t lean.
    We need people without jealous and motivate players, the key is to start now with the U17 team.
    Zambian players to go overseas like they suppose to as a talented country because we lack basics of football and that starts at a young age not at 30yrs.

  16. eiii they look so old..eiii why are there no young energetic players from Zambian….They look like Roger miller’s age mates

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