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Blog: Chipolopolo can rise again with new players and coach

Written by ZamFoot Blogger, Cry My Beloved Chipolopolo

Let’s put on our thinking caps on again fellow Chipolopolo fans!!!

It is not that Chipolopolo are a bad team it’s just our football is riddled with corruption and incompetency; players are not called up on merit, calling tired and retired players to the national team is like the recycling of politicians that has become endemic in our society.

Why can’t we have talent identification clinics were we summon all Zambian players scattered across the globe and from there start again like we did in 1993?

Some players have now made the national team their own entity and some lack the hunger and maturity required to don the once mighty Chipolopolo jersey. When last did we see the likes of Rodgers Kola or Mayuka being offered opportunities, but instead we hurry to accumulate caps for half-baked players like xxxx so that some officials with selfish motives can position them for sell to inferior leagues on Africa and some unknown parts of Europe if not Asia.

We hear time and again of Zambian players that are excelling in other leagues in Africa and faraway lands through tabloids but no attempts are made by the relevant authorities to bring them into the Chipolopolo Fold.

Not that I am being a pessimist but the writing has been on the wall for some time now, I remember with fond memories when Mighty Zambia played the likes of Burkina Faso, Kenya, Togo, Gambia or Congo no Zambian fan needed to have their heart and soul troubled, nomba these days , kutunshafye umutima, namasali, nokupuka ilibe kweka kweka. We need to acknowledge that we have seriously retrogressed and plan to start afresh.

We can do it but only if we sit in retrospection, accept that we have made mistakes, plan a new and consistent discourse for the future, commit to setting things right and do things by the book.

Last time we were told that FAZ made profits from gate takings, those resources should be channeled towards development and engaging a new coach.

Zambia can rise again but not with the current crop of players but with a new Blood that is determined and hungry for success and a highly competent technical bench. Chicken George has walked his road we need a New Competent coach.

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