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BetWinner Virtual Zambia | Discover its Pros and Cons

BetWinner Virtual sports have grown in popularity in the Zambian gaming landscape, largely due to their fast-paced nature and ability to recreate the experience of real-time sports. Read our comprehensive review to gain a full understanding of virtual sports at BetWinner, including steps to place bets on games and rules guiding them.

Our Review of BetWinner Virtual

Virtual sports is a relatively new betting option that allows players to wager on the computer-simulated version of popular sports like Football, Tennis, Racing, and Basketball and watch the flow of games on a video feed. From our thorough investigation of virtual sports, we can confirm that the outcome of games is random and fair, eliminating any undue advantage of one player over another.

Moreover, the outcome of virtual games is determined by RNG (Random Number Generator), a complex algorithm that maintains the integrity of the games. In addition to this technology, our expert guide took note of the high-quality visualization with 3D animations and real-time commentary used to recreate the thrill of real sports.

We noticed a few drawbacks during our review of virtual games, such as the lack of realism and social interaction. However, the perks of the betting option outweigh its limitations.

The table below highlights the pros and cons of BetWinner Virtual sports betting.

BetWinner Virtual ProsBetWinner Virtual Cons
Available 24/7Lack realism
Compatible with various devicesNo virtual sports bonuses
Fast-paced and easyDifficult to predict
Random and fair
High-standard video quality
Available in demo mode

Explore BetWinner Virtual

With an extensive range of sports and a wide audience, sports betting has become the most popular form of gambling. However, the rise of virtual betting, which replicates real-life sporting events, offers a unique betting experience and fast-paced entertainment.

BetWinner Zambia has gained popularity in recent years for providing a great selection of virtual games with interesting gameplay. The operator ensures that simulated games mimic the rules, strategies, and officiating of sports to provide immersive gaming.

In addition, you can use the BetWinner promo code for virtual sports as well, however, the operator does not offer a unique bonus for the betting option.

In this section, we explore the virtual sports available at BetWinner, their rules, and their features.

Virtual Football

Indeed, virtual football is the most popular virtual game at BetWinner and across most betting sites in Zambia.

The reason is not far-fetched; they replicate the atmosphere of real football events, including the team names, players, current form, and rules, on a simulated video feed. Here, our expert guide gives an overview of BetWinner Virtual football.


Players can play virtual football matches anywhere at any time as they are on for 24 hours, seven days a week. Each half of a game lasts for about a minute, and the half-time break is less than 30 seconds.

The next game starts about 70 seconds after the current one ends. To guide your predictions, the operator provides teams’ statistics, such as previous results, tables, and head-to-head records.

Furthermore, on-demand games have different gameplay; once a bet is placed, the game begins exclusively for you. These games are programmed uniquely per player.


Over 15 virtual football games are available at BetWinner, including leagues, tournaments, and instant matches. They include:

  • Football World Cup
  • Football Streak Competition
  • Football League
  • England League On-demand

Markets and Odds

Virtual football allows you to bet on almost all the markets available on real football games.

Also, depending on your preference, you can set the betting odds as Fractional, Decimal, or American. Here are some of the available betting markets:

  • 1X2
  • Over/Under goals
  • Correct Score
  • Both Teams to Score (yes/no)
  • Half-time/Full-time


The cashout feature on virtual football allows you to settle your bets and receive a percentage of the payout during the half-time break. However, cashout is not available on all betting markets.

Virtual Horse Racing

Horse racing enthusiasts can place bets on interesting and thrilling virtual horse races with realistic simulations and extensive betting markets.

BetWinner Zambia offers several tracks and distances to recreate the feeling of real horse racing. Here is an overview of BetWinner Virtual horse racing.


Virtual horse racing is scheduled for games, so the video feed of the race will start at a predefined time as determined by a countdown.

Users can place bets on their favourite rider until the display of “no more bets” pops up 10 seconds before the commencement of the next race. Each game takes 3-5 minutes, depending on the game provider.


Horse racing is by far the most popular game across virtual betting sites in Zambia after football. Even more, BetWinner offers over 15 virtual horse racing games from top providers in the industry. These games include:

  • Racing Horses
  • Horses 6 V2
  • Horse 10 flat Ondemand
  • Horses 12 Sprint
  • Horses Streak

In addition, on-demand games are different from the basic virtual games. They are instant games, and the next race is programmed to start once a player places a bet.

Markets and Odds

Similarly to virtual football, you can choose the display format of betting odds: Fraction, Decimal, or American. Here are some of the popular betting markets on virtual horse racing:

  • Winner
  • Place
  • Forecast
  • Quinella
  • Trifecta

Bonus Rounds

Mostly, bonus rounds are in the form of bonus games, and they are triggered when you meet a particular condition as decided by the game provider. Read the rules of your preferred game to learn more about bonus rounds on virtual horse races.

Other BetWinner Virtual Sports

BetWinner prides itself on providing a rich selection of virtual events for punters to play for real cash or free in the demo mode.

Aside from football and horse racing, the online operator goes the extra mile to offer virtual casino games alongside other interesting virtual sports. They include:

  • Racing Karts
  • Roulette
  • Motorbike On-demand
  • Greyhound Streak
  • Keno
  • Virtual Golf
  • Virtual Baseball

How do I place a bet on BetWinner Virtual?

Beyond the interesting betting options and competitive odds available at BetWinner, the betting site has an intuitive interface that enhances fluid navigation.

In other words, you can place bets seamlessly on your preferred virtual game on your mobile device, desktop, and tabs.

Follow our step-by-step guide to place virtual bets on BetWinner.

  1. Visit the official BetWinner website on your device through a compatible web browser.

    As an alternative, you can access the betting site through the BetWinner mobile application.

  2. For new users, complete the BetWinner registration process by clicking “Register” on the homepage.

    In the meantime, existing players can log in to their betting accounts.

  3. Navigate to the menu bar, which has options like casino and TV games.

    Click “virtual sports”.

  4. Select your preferred virtual game from the vast game catalogue.

  5. Make your predictions.

    Use the statistics feature to make more informed predictions.

  6. Enter your stake amount and “submit bet’ to submit the bet ticket.

    Watch how the event unfolds on the video feed.

Since virtual games are fast-paced, you will know the outcome of your picks within a few minutes.

Virtual vs Sportsbook

Virtual sports are becoming increasingly popular across Africa due to technological advancements. While virtual games have several benefits, our experts do not believe they will replace real sports.

BetWinner allows its users to wager on virtual sports, sports, and casino games using one bet account via the website or mobile app.

Moreover, sports betting enthusiasts at BetWinner Zambia shouldn’t have any problem getting accustomed to virtual sports, as both betting options have the same markets, rules, and gameplay. However, typical sportsbooks have more betting markets and games for players to select from than virtual sports.

Simulated sports have been around only for a few years, so several sports don’t have a virtual version. Currently, the sports available across virtual betting sites in Zambia include Football, Horse racing, Greyhounds, Basketball, Cycling, and Tennis.

One of the significant benefits of virtual sports over its sportsbook is that the former is fast-paced and available 24 hours, seven days a week. The table below shows the major distinctions between the betting options.

BetWinner SportsbookBetWinner Virtual Sports
Actual athletes play gamesRNG determines outcomes
They have extensive betting markets and sportsThey have a limited betting option
Games have a stipulated timeGames are fast-paced
They are only available during a league seasonGames are available 24/7
Live betting is availablePlayers can only place bets before the commencement of a game
They have more bonuses and promotionsThey don’t have unique bonuses

BetWinner Virtual vs Betway Virtual

Betway Virtual sports section has a vast game lobby with interesting virtual events that recreate the excitement of real sports. Similarly to virtuals, the outcomes of Betway Virtual sports are generated by RNG (Random Number Generator), ensuring they are random and fair.

However, our expert guide noted that Betway’s Virtual sports section boasts a more extensive range of games than BetWinner’s. Aside from Football, Horse racing, and Greyhound, Betway offers an impressive number of virtual games on Tennis, Motor racing and Basketball.

All in all, both virtual sports betting sites provide an outstanding mobile virtual gaming experience on their websites and mobile apps.


Are there any bonuses on BetWinner Virtual?

BetWinner does not offer unique bonuses on virtual games, unlike sports betting and casino games.

Can I use the same account for both BetWinner Virtual and regular sports betting options?

You can use one account for virtual and regular betting.

Are the odds in BetWinner Virtual similar to real sports betting?

Virtual sports at BetWinner Zambia have betting markets and odds similar to real sports betting.

Is BetWinner Virtual available on mobile devices?

Yes, players can wager on virtual sports on their mobile devices via the website or mobile application.

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