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BetLion Registration Zambia 2024: How to Sign up with BetLion?

Zambian punters must complete the BetLion registration steps before they can bet on the sports betting site. In this guide, you will find out the registration and verification steps and the bonus options alongside other important information.

BetLion Zambia Registration – Step-by-Step Guide

Registering an account with BetLion has been simplified. You are only a few simple steps away from owning an account with this renowned betting site.

Most importantly, you need a registered Zambian number to initiate the process. On this note, the following are the BetLion registration steps for online bettors in Zambia looking to start betting on the site:

  1. To begin, using your browser, go to the BetLion Zambia betting site.
  2. Next, on the top-right side of your screen, tap the “Register ” button to access the registration form.
betlion registration zambia
  1. When the page opens, enter your mobile number.
betlion zambia registration
  1. In the next field, enter a 4-digit PIN that will serve as your password.
  2. After that, confirm the 4-digit PIN you entered in the field above.
  3. Next, click “More”.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and click sign up. Afterwards, you may deposit and start betting on your preferred game.

BetLion App Registration

If wagering on sports using a mobile application suits you best, you will be pleased to learn that BetLion has developed an app for its customers. The BetLion mobile app allows users to create accounts and access any game and other features just as they would on the website.

The straightforward signup process available on the website is also the same within the BetLion mobile app. To create an account with the BetLion app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Using your mobile device, download and install the app.
  2. Then open it and click ‘Register’ on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
betlion app registration
  1. Once the registration page loads, enter your mobile number and a desired 4-digit PIN into the designated field.
betlion mobile app registration
  1. Next, confirm the PIN and tick the box below the form to prove you’re over 18 and accept the site’s terms and conditions & privacy policy.
  2. Finally, tap the green “Sign Up” button to complete your BetLion mobile app registration.
  3. After that, fund your account, choose any of the games in the sports section and begin playing.

BetLion Verification Process

BetLion doesn’t include any verification during the sign-up process. For more details, the online gambling service will ask you a series of questions designed to establish your identification and determine whether or not you are the rightful owner of the account.

This indicates that the process of verifying the account does not include any challenging steps.

After the gambling website is satisfied with your responses and determines that you are the rightful owner of the account, they will grant you full access to your account. However, on some occasions, the site can request full verification.

In this scenario, you will have to provide documents like your National ID, depending on what the site needs at the time, to verify that you’re the rightful account owner.

BetLion Registration Bonus

As a way to attract new customers, the online sportsbook offers 100% up to K1000 in free bets welcome bonus. You simply have to place a bet on a minimum of 3 selections with total odds of 5.0 or greater.

The welcome bonus is valid 7 days counting from the initial BetLion registration.

The offer can be claimed with or without the BetLion coupon code. However, it’s available to new customers only.

Bear in mind that the highest amount you can win from a free bet is K15,000. Visit the website for more terms and conditions of this promotion.

BetLion Welcome Bonus

BetLion Registration: Terms and Conditions

To sign up with BetLion, there are certain requirements you need to complete your registration. In the following texts, you will find an overview of these requirements:

Age Requirement

To register with BetLion, you must be 18 years old or older. If you are less than 18, then you can’t create an account on the betting site.

Valid Phone Number

To sign up with the betting site, you need a valid Zambian phone number.

Your phone number is the most important requirement when signing up. Hence, if the number is invalid, you cannot register.

Robust Network

For a smooth registration, your network must be stable. Otherwise, you might experience a hard time completing your registration.

If possible, connect to a steady WiFi to eliminate network glitches.

Reasons to Sign Up with BetLion Zambia

When you sign up with BetLion, you have access to a wide range of betting options. Here’s a breakdown of what you stand to gain by creating an account with the site:

Live Betting

BetLion’s live betting section enables punters to bet in real-time. With this feature, they can monitor the progress of their wagers and make informed decisions about the outcomes of their bets.

Betting Market

Bets may be placed on a diverse selection of sporting events through the BetLion online sportsbook. Outright Winner, Double Chance, Draw No Bet, and Asian Handicap are just some of the several betting markets that customers of the BetLion online sportsbook have the opportunity to place wagers on.

Sports Options

Bettors can wager on a variety of sports betting activities, including football, golf, badminton, rugby, and many other games.

An extensive range of online sports betting events is available to customers of the BetLion online sportsbook. You can also place bets on BetLion virtuals.

Fans of BetLion virtuals can also explore games like Aviator and Supersonic, which are very popular among Zambian bettors.


BetLion satisfies all of Zambia’s gambling regulations, as evidenced by the company’s availability.

BetLion guarantees that all private information is protected against security breaches.


The betting site offers jackpot games. At the moment, bettors can only explore the Daily Jackpot game.

This means that bettors who get a Daily jackpot ticket can be in the run for the prize of 10,000 ZMW. Also, they can get a new jackpot ticket every day since this game runs on a daily basis.

However, this betting site used to feature a Midweek Jackpot and the Goliath Jackpot games as well. It’s very likely that the Midweek Jackpot and the Goliath Jackpot games will become available again in the future.

BetLion Login Guide

To access your account, you must sign in with your account details. Only three taps are required to log in on BetLion.

Follow the steps below to log to your account:

  1. First, go to the betting site or launch the app.
  2. Click the login button.
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. Input your 4-digit PIN, click the login button, and you’re in. You may now bet on your preferred sport or game.

Problems With BetLion Registration

There are a multitude of factors that might contribute to the registration process becoming more challenging than normal.

You definitely ought to educate yourself on the many potential reasons for this. On that note, please take into consideration the following problems and suggestions to solve them:

Registered Mobile Number

If you have previously registered an account with your mobile number and the account is still active, you can’t create another account with the same number. This is because BetLion only allows you to operate one account at a time.

On that note, if you feel like having another betting account, consider signing up on another reputable sports betting site in Zambia.

Country Limitations

BetLion is not available to users in every country. Hence, if you are not located within Zambia, you are not legally permitted to sign up with the site.

Since BetLion is available in some African countries, ensure you are on the appropriate site for your country.

If the site is not available for your region, then search for other sportsbooks located within your nation and sign up there.

Slow Internet Connection

There is a possibility that the BetLion website will not load properly, especially if your Internet connection is not strong enough.

Consider switching to a different Internet provider. If it is still not working, you could try contacting the Internet service provider.


From our BetLion review, bettors can see that the site has made the process of registering for a betting account simple and straightforward. To create an account with BetLion, all you have to do is adhere to the four simple steps outlined in their sign-up form.

Also, registering using the mobile app is a highly viable option. The BetLion mobile app is available for download on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

All that is required of you is to download the BetLion mobile app and then follow the simple instructions provided to complete the registration process. The time required for this is often rather brief and straightforward.

BetLion Registration vs Betway Registration

Betway is another popular sports betting website in Zambia. The registration process is also similar to that of BetLion.

On the homepage, tap the prominently displayed sign-up button, enter the required details, and click the register button to join the platform.

The registration bonus is 50% of your initial deposit up to K1000 as free bets. Betway compares with BetLion in that they both have simple user interfaces and are easy for starters to get started.

However, BetLion seems to have more rapid customer support in case you need assistance during the registration bonus.

BetLion Registration Zambia FAQ

Is BetLion available in Zambia?

Yes, it is available in Zambia. In Zambia, BetLion is owned by Farthing Zambia Sports Betting Limited.

How long does it take to verify the BetLion account?

If the operator decides to get more information from you to verify your identity, you should be able to complete the process within 24 hours.

How to deposit and withdraw on BetLion Zambia?

To deposit on BetLion, go to the Deposit section and select either of the options. Next, select your payment method and enter the amount.

After entering the amount, send in your request, and the transaction will be processed instantly.

To make a withdrawal, you need to visit the “Withdrawal” page, select the amount you want to withdraw, opt for a payment option, and confirm the transaction..

How long does the BetLion registration take?

The BetLion registration doesn’t take time. It depends on your speed. Nevertheless, you should complete your registration within five minutes.

Remember, your speed and Internet connection determine this. After signing up, you gain access to any game or event on the site, alongside other features.

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