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BetLion Aviator Zambia Review | How to Play BetLion Aviator?

BetLion Aviator is one of the most popular betting and online casino games in Zambia. This article provides a comprehensive review; it explains how to play the game, and its rules and comparison with other games.

betlion aviator

BetLion Aviator Bonus

BetLion Aviator casino game offers a special bonus to its new and existing players. After making their first deposit and playing Aviator games, players can participate in the Aviator Rain.

This is a weekly promotion in which the players can get up to 125,000 K in free bet prizes. However, to claim free bets, bettors need to click on “Claim” when the rain starts.

Moreover, the Aviator rain appears daily. Only bettors who have played Aviator games and staked K5 15 minutes before the rain starts are eligible to claim a free bet.

Also, the free bets expire within 30 minutes from the moment they are claimed. In addition, the free bets can be withdrawn as real money after they are used in an Aviator casino game that reaches a multiplier of 1.95.

betlion aviator bonus

See a summary of the BetLion Aviator bonus in the table below.

BetLion Aviator BonusBonus Description
Welcome bonusUp to 125,000K in free bets weekly
Bonus typeFree bets
Maximum receivable bonusN/A
Wagering requirementStake K5 Within the last 15 minutes
Claim your BetLion Zambia Aviator bonusPlay BetLion Aviator Game
Number of times claimableNon Stop
Play BetLion AviatorVisit BetLion Aviator

How Does Betlion Aviator Work?

Betting is a game of strategy, and Aviator games are no different. If you want to have an excellent time playing it, you should learn the basics.

A huge part of knowing how BetLion Aviator works is to practice and have a gaming strategy.

Learn how to start your Aviator betting journey following these steps.

Create a BetLion Zambia Account

Firstly, it is impossible to play the game without a BetLion account. This means that your first step is to open a new account with the Zambian bookmaker.

You can create a BetLion account in under 20 seconds, considering only your mobile number and PIN are needed. Also, under the option “More,” you can use the BetLion coupon code if you have any.

Users who already have a BetLion account should proceed to log in with their credentials.

betlion registration

Make a Deposit

The very next step is to make your first deposit. This is because you need a funded account to play the Aviator game.

You can make your first deposit by clicking on the “Deposit” button and following the instructions on the screen.

betlion deposit

Open the Aviator Game

Find the BetLion Aviator game at the top of the homepage of the online sportsbook. Note that it is the second icon to the right (the Airplane icon).

Click on it and wait as the page loads.

betlion aviator zambia

Place a Bet

Start out with little deposits (preferably, the minimum deposit possible). That way, you can maximize your learning experience even as you fine-tune your strategy.

You can increase your wager as time goes on and you get better.

Understand the Strategy

The key to your strategy is to observe how the plane flies. When you do, you will observe that the longer the plane flies, the bigger the multiplier gets.

Your whole strategy will be built around your sense of observation and instincts.

Even though previous games don’t influence the outcome of subsequent games, you will want to pay attention to previous flights and make bets based on that.

Cash Out

You can cash out at any time during the flight. The longer you wait, the higher the potential reward, but be careful. A note of caution here is that if the plane crashes before you cash out, you lose your bet.

Putting it in gaming terms, if you snooze, you lose. It is that simple.

Playing Aviator on BetLion is both exciting and unpredictable. If you take the aforementioned procedures sternly, you’ll be on your way to an entertaining gaming adventure.

BetLion Aviator Rules

In this section of our BetLion Aviator review, we zoom in on your Aviator strategy. Every once in a while, you’ll see bettors that play Aviator without any strategy.

However, a strategy should always exist, even though it doesn’t guarantee a specific outcome. Here is what you need to know about BetLion Aviator that can help you make a strategy for this game:

Launch the Game

Playing Aviator begins with you finding your BetLion account. Once you do, you are set to participate in the airplane-themed game.

Place a Bet

You can bet any amount within the game’s limits. Once the bet is placed, you can’t change it during that flight.

Additionally, you can only bet based on the amount of real money in your BetLion account.

Watch the Flight

Next, you wait for the virtual plane to take off. Once it does, your wager begins to tick, with your potential winnings increasing as it flies.

As the game is unpredictable, your attention is a critical skill that will be required.

Cashing Out

Unlike in sports betting, where things are beyond your control, here, you have much more direct control. This is because you decide when to or when not to cash out.

However, the longer the plane flies, the more you win. Bettors must, however, consciously and deliberately choose when to cash out.

You only succeed if you cash out before the plane crashes and lose otherwise.

Claim the Aviator Bonus

Whether you’re a new or existing player, you can use the Aviator Rain offer and claim free bets. With this offer, you can get free bet prizes that you can use on the Aviator casino game.

Fair Play

Rules exist for a reason, and if anyone breaks them, they will be penalized. Any attempts to manipulate the game will be considered a breach of the bookmaker’s terms and can lead to the suspension and/or termination of your BetLion account.

Our Review

Aviator casino game is arguably the most trending game in Zambia at the moment. It is, therefore, not strange that it is featured on several online casino sites, including the BetLion casino.

The Aviator game hosted on the various casino game sites is similar. However, the offerings around them are what can differ. BetLion stands out with its Aviator rain bonus.

All in all, BetLion Aviator provides an entertaining option for bettors who want to spend some time in the casino games market.

This online casino gaming choice is played on a simplistic interface. Additionally, it requires strategy and a healthy dose of chance/good fortune as it involves slightly high risk.

Easy to playRisk of losing if the plane crashes
Exciting real-time betting experiencePotential addiction if not played responsibly
Aviator Rain bonusBetLion account holders only
Suitable for all players
Simple user interface

BetLion Aviator vs Gal Sport Betting Aviator

The Gal Sport Betting and BetLion Aviator are two popular versions of the Aviator game. The online casino platform may differ, but the games are the same intrinsically.

Both games follow the exact betting concept of a virtual plane’s flight and are governed by the same set of rules.

BetLion is known for its simple dark interface and free bet Aviator Rain bonus, providing 125,000 K weekly in free bets.

It’s accessible to all players, with a focus on strategic play. On the other hand, the Gal Sport Betting Aviator wears a more sophisticated look, but it offers a lower Aviator rain bonus.

There’s really no difference between them, and the choice of an Aviator platform will depend mainly on the bettors involved.


We have dedicated the final section of our review to answering common questions.

How to play Aviator on the BetLion app?

Download the BetLion app, then log in or create a new account to use. Afterwards, select the Aviator game and explore.

From there, you can place bets, watch the virtual plane’s flight, and cash out when you’re ready.

Who can play Aviator on BetLion?

The BetLion Zambia Aviator is open to anyone who is of legal gambling age in Zambia and has a registered BetLion account. It’s essential to comply with all local laws and BetLion’s terms and conditions.

How to deposit on BetLion Aviator?

Log into your account, navigate to the deposit section, choose your preferred payment method, and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. The funds will be available for playing Aviator.

How to cash out from BetLion Aviator?

Cashing out on Aviator is one of the simplest things in the world. Players can interject at any time during the lifespan of the plane before it crashes.

All you have to do is click the cash-out button and select the amount and method.

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