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After five years of just surviving relegation… What next for Lumwana Radiants

North Western-based side Lumwana Radiants survived relegation again this season, Which makes it there fifth season of surviving the drop.

Lumwana was promoted in 2015 and they have done extremely well in the aspect of staying in Zambia’s top Division and not going back to the lower leagues but the question on everybody’s mind is, What Next For Lumwana Radiants?

The 2020/2021 season is what is going to determine what progress Lumwana Radiants have made and it is also going to determine whether Lumwana Radiants are going to be relegation candidates every season or they will progress and become an Elite Side or middle table club in the Zambian Superleague.

Throughout their stay in the Zambian super league, Lumwana Radiants have produced some amazing displays over the years and have also produced great talents like Gozon Mutale who currently plays for CAF Inter-clubs regulars Green Eagles.

Speaking of Green Eagles, They have clearly given a lot of Zambian sides the Blueprint of how you progress from being relegation-threatened side to Qualifying for CAF Champions League. The most important thing if you want to progress from being a relegation-threatened side is consistency in retaining players you’ve had over the years and Green Eagles have shown have done that over the years by Retaining the likes of Spencer Sautu and a number of other players. Lumwana Radiants have to do this while Scouting and recruiting young and hungry players that have the ambition to play top-level football, which is CAF Inter-clubs competitions.

The Management has shown intent in the recent past by almost signing a top player like Chisamba Lungu and later the capture of Alain Ngeleka Katembwe. They have done well over the years and you can be assured that they have a plan of how they want to progress.

Lumwana Radiants die-hard fans expect a lot from there team this season and have expressed their views on LRFC TV. One of their die-hard fans Bob Katengo expects them to sign a good center forward as he believes it’s the only thing they are missing to become a top tier side.

Stats clearly show that they are a good defensive side but scoring goals is what has been the problem for them over the past few seasons.

Last Season they had a (-1) Goal difference scoring 20 goals and conceding 21 which was the 3rd lowest in the division behind teams like Nkana (18), Power Dynamos, and Green Eagles who both Conceded (19) respectively.

This statistic alone shows that Lumwana Radiants will need to reinforce their front line and bring in a center forward who can at least score 10+ goals a season. Their progression this season will depend on them being solid at the back and having a forward who will score a good number of goals a season.

After being relegation-threatened side for five seasons its only right that Lumwana Radiants finally push for a bigger status in the Zambia Super League sphere.


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