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Africa World Cup list complete as Renard guides Morocco to Russia

Herve Renard has guided Morocco to the 2018 Russia World Cup after he saw his team pick up maximum points away against Ivory Coast.

Needing only a draw in the final game, the Frenchman who is assisted by Patrice Beaumelle went step further by beating a star studded Ivorian team 2 – 0.

The Atlas Lions return to the World Cup for the first time since 1998.

Renard has continued with his shrewd tactics making his team difficulty to beat and they went through the campaign without conceding a goal in 6 games to finish on 12 points, 4 ahead of Ivory Coast.

Renard with Patrice as his assistant guided Zambia to the first ever and only  Africa Cup of Nations triumph in 2012.

The African line-up is now complete with Nigeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Senegal being the other teams from CAF.

Zambia again failed to reach the finals after finishing second behind Nigeria in the qualifying group.


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22 Comments to Africa World Cup list complete as Renard guides Morocco to Russia

  1. Naijaguy says:

    I think Fifa should create a different world cup for East and southern African Teams.lol. ??. They are just wasting time playing qualifiers.

  2. Nazo says:

    It is a usual story of going back to the drawing board and i wonder how many drawing boards are we going to have? To be frank and honest, Nyirenda is not taking us anywhere.He has got issues with player,he is sending players on early retirement and he is rushing certain players.
    For example, what criteria did he use to call injured Macha at the expense of Evans Kangwa,Lubambo Musonda who are banging goal in Europe.Then Sunzu,Mweene and N’gonga should leave team and the harm band should go to Chisamba lungu.Overall, tactically Nyirenda is not good.Let us not be blinded by the two wins on Algeria who seemed to have internal problems.

  3. PHOTON says:

    Hold your breathe my brother and don’t look down upon your fellas for days are numbered and one day tabwakace bwino!

  4. General says:

    wada surely has personal issues with certain players. we need chisamba,kalaba,mbola,lubambo,KANGWA and also Kennedy Mweene should be replaced by nsabata. sunzu is a suspect also. we need to try other defenders apart from sunzu.

  5. General says:

    let lubambo be called also not bene ngonga he is calling sure!

  6. Fleming Michelo says:

    Hi brothers i think they is no need of pointing finger on wada wada coz these guys you are demanding they have been there before what did they do nothing coz players like RK fwayo mbesuma were there againest nigeria but they falled lets keep same team coz atlist these boys their managing to score goals they just need to be motiveted only.

  7. Akin Sambaki says:

    African coaches coaching African national teams seem to always be lurked in problems with some of their players,this always makes them to be biased in their player selections.
    Nyirenda is having issues with some his players.He should have allowed national pride and exigency take the front burner and select his best legs to help him prosecute his matches.
    We saw same issues with late Stephen Keshi as the Super Eagles coach back then,when players such as Reuben Gabriel,Uche Nwofor,Ejike Uzoenyi and a band of some other fringe players were preferred ahead of established stars.Nigeria would have struggled to qualify were Oliseh still the coach.He had issues with Vincent Enyeama and this forced him to premature retirement.Emenike was also not in his good books.He handed the captain armband to Ahmed Musa ahead of the obvious deserver of it,Mikel Obi.
    In the preliminary world cup qualifying rounds against Swaziland, Oliseh kept the likes of Mikel Obi,Elderson Echiejile,Leon Balogun and co on the bench for the likes of Sylvester Igboun,Austin Oboroakpo,Stephen Eze.
    Oliseh left unceremoniously and came in Gernot Rohr who benchmarked his player selection criteria on merit and commitment and not on nepotism,favouritism and other narrow considerations.
    He handed the captain armband to Mikel Obi(deservedly) and instilled believe and commitement in the star-studded Super Eagles.The team mutated from that which was besetted with a sagging morale to that which started brushing aside their opponents with relative ease.
    Then African coaches usually buckle under the pressure from vested interests to have their cronies selected into the national teams and also do take bribes in that regards.Foreign coaches are usually more professional,astute and upright in discharging their duties.Some football agents in Nigeria have anonymously alluded that Gernot Rohr has refused to take bribes from them to have their footballers foisted on the team and that this is different from what was obtainable.
    As much as African coaches keep being ‘African’ and not objective and dutiful,it would be better foreign coaches are handed the job by serious African countries.
    We can’t keep elivating our worst and burying our best.

  8. Soccerguru says:

    Nazo….it is people like u who crucified Renard. Those players u are crying for played for Zambia early in the qualifiers and what did they Do? Nothing …please let’s stop aanalysing football with emotions and start using our heads …

    • Luapula Bize says:

      Spot on Soccerguru! Infact the players have been around with little success. Despite the failure to qualify, this team looks more determined to succeed with a lot of hope in them. Lets move on!

  9. Chipyango says:

    Sad day for patriotic Africans. Just feels like 2 African teams will be at the world cup. I dont think Egypt, Tunisia and Maroc consider themselves Africans. Wish this Was Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Zambia and Senegal or Cameroon.

    • Anita says:

      Sure Chipyango, it is sad indeed. Egypt, Moroc, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya don’t consider themselves Africans. When they come to play a team in sub saharan Africa they say, “we are going to Africa or we went to Africa”. They consider themselves Arabs.

  10. Raymond Mwileli says:

    Renard is a good coach many people said he was lucky , he found a team already made for him. The guy is just a good coach in a shot space of time he won the Africa cup with Zambia, Ivory coast and now he is going to the world cup.

  11. Egwugwu says:

    Zambia has played good football in the WC qualifiers except that wada wada is poor at substitution especially in the dying minutes. The only game we didn’t play well is the game against Nigeria at levy.we asked wada to introduce the under 20 then but he refused.Another useless player is ngonga who contributed to this failure.that chance he missed in Nigerian is similar to the chance patson had yesterday and scored with easy.

  12. Mwebantu says:

    Once upon a time we had amafus whom we called “Wailers” on this site! The way they campaigned against Renard and their hatred for him, I have an opinion now, that those guys are the same we now see on one common Zambian website site! They are anti-establishment! You said Renard didn’t know a thing? Where are the wailerfus?

  13. Anita says:

    What is the relationship between Wada and these two BELOW AVERAGE players who are always in the team- Alex Ngonga and Adrian Chama?

  14. Mwebantu says:

    Wailers eating their own sh…!

  15. Amandla says:

    Way to shame haters!

  16. Chimpombwa says:

    What happened to that dentist guy..John and his wailer friend Stumpy.. They have been served tripple portions of Humble pie by Herve Renard. The man is now among the best coaches in African history. 2 Africa cups with 2 different teams and a World cup berth! Eat that!

  17. GSK11 says:

    I think our defense should recruit the Jones Chilengi type of defender – the type with a military background and a moustache.
    They just looked very intimidating!

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