Saturday, July 20, 2024

630 minutes winless streak! Harambee Stars add to Zambia’s misery

Champions Zambia suffered a 2-0 defeat Kenya as the start to their title defence turned sour.

Auatine Otieno gave Kenya a 1-0 lead from the spot in the 9th minute, and 10 minutes later Patrick Otieno made it 2-0 with a tap in from close range.

The Harambe Stars took a comfortable lead going into the break.

Chisi Mbewe’s side piled pressure in the second half but the East African defenders in numbers.

Zambia’s winless streak has now gone to 7 matches in all competitions.

Elsewhere Zimbabwe beat Comoros 1-0 in the other Group B match.

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    • Ukumutwala kwisa?
      Question the reasoning of FAZ with their delay. This coach had less than 2weeks to pick and train a team.

      Judging from the way the boys played. Interplay- passing game & link up with the both wingers was evidence the boys were coached well. The tactical awareness &/ decipline lacking in “REDCARDED” Kapumbu has nothing to do with the coach.

      Give tgis coach more time & you will see what he can do. Clearly he did it with Red Arrows

  1. Ha,ha,ha Bernard we don’t have a good team anymore. It has nothing to do with the Coach. Our men’s football has gone down. This Administration has failed us.

  2. Seven (7) in a roll is as complete as it gets. Zimbabwe should be the turning point failure to it then our complete downfall to 8th loss will translate into all other qualifiers including AFCON next year.

    Grant or no Grant our players are useless. No team work or individual drive fuelled by national pride or patriotism. Just selfish lads each one trying to play to impress scouts at the expense of the team. Win as a team & scouts will come watch you ALL

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