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How to Download the 22Bet App? 22Bet Zambia App Review

Players that want to enjoy remote betting should try out the 22Bet app. If you are looking to maximise your wagering potential, doing it remotely is the best way, and we will help you learn exactly how everything works. 


How to Download the 22Bet App on Android?

Using an app to wager on sports will help you get to what you need much faster. Users with Android devices have the option to download the app from the site and install it on their devices.

22bet app download

Download the App

Start by downloading the app. You can do it from the operator’s webpage. You can load the site via your native browser and then click on the Android icon.

The installation process will begin automatically.

Install the App

To install the app, be sure to follow the given instructions. You will need only a couple of minutes and a few clicks of a button to install it.

The process goes automatically, so you won’t need to do anything special.

Start Using the App

The app should be ready to use at this point. You can open it, create an account using the 22Bet registration form, or log in to an existing one, and then start looking for betting opportunities to create your bet slip.

How to Download the 22Bet App on iOS?

Those that have an iOS device also have an opportunity to use the app. The iOS version is also available for download and can be acquired via the operator’s webpage.

22bet app

Downloading the App

The first step is downloading the app and you can do it by looking for the iOS icon in the app section of the page. Click on it and you will be diverted to the page where you can start the app download.

The Installation Process

The installation process works automatically and you don’t really need to do anything specific. You simply have to follow the steps that are displayed one after the other and complete them.

The installation is pretty straightforward, so even a first-time user will find its way quite fast.

 Look for Sports Betting Opportunities

By completing these steps, the app should be ready for use. You can log in to your account if you already have it, and perform all the actions that you would on your desktop.

You can ultimately find the games that you want to bet on and create a betting slip.

System Requirements

The app does not weigh heavy on your phone. Meaning that both of them can be installed even on older phone versions.

It makes it much more widespread as a larger variety of users can install it.

If, in some way, you are not able to meet the system requirements of the app, there is a suitable alternative.

You can load the site via your native browser and bet directly from your phone. This part does not require installation, so the parameters of your are not as important.

How to Use the 22Bet App?

You are probably asking yourself about what the app can do for me. The simple answer is – A lot.

There is so much that the 22Bet app allows you to do, and it makes your entire experience a lot better.

Create an Account

With the app, you can do one of the most basic things when joining an operator – signing up for an account.

The 22Bet registration process works almost the same on the app as it does via the desktop site. You simply follow the steps of the app registration process so as to sign up with the brand.

Redeem a Bonus Offer

The same as you would via the main site, you can redeem a suitable welcome offer via the mobile app. You only have to complete all the bonus requirements in order to redeem the offer.

When it comes to the welcome bonus, it is usually the same one as the one on the site, as the operators rarely release separate mobile bonuses. 

Customers also have the option of using the 22Bet promo code when signing up as well.

Depending on the offer, may be able to have a chance to compete for a first deposit offer or get some free bets. It depends on how the bookmaker decides to go about it.

22bet welcome bonus

Deposit and Withdraw Funds

The operator already has multiple payment methods for players to choose from. They can all be accessed and used via the 22Bet app as well.

You can add funds to your account or move some of your winnings to your bank account with the app without any problems.

Access to Many Sports Betting Markets

The best part about using the app is that you can wager on a large number of sports markets. The operator already has a large base of sports to offer its users, so people that use the app can find the event they need and place it on their bet slip, all while using the app.

Reasons to Download the 22Bet Zambia App

If you are not convinced by now, here are a couple more reasons why to download the 22Bet app


With the app, a player can access all of the functions from anywhere they like. As long as they have a stable internet connection, they can do basically anything.

It makes it a lot more convenient to place bets whenever and wherever than having to do it all from a single stationary place.

Funding an Account

Sometimes you need to add funds quickly in order to bet on a game that is starting soon. You can’t run to a computer since you simply don’t have the time.

Luckily, all of that is possible through the app, as you can add funds instantly and meet the game that you have been waiting for. You may also need it to redeem a free bet, for instance, if such requires a deposit.

Quick Access to Games

The convenience of getting to a game fast cannot be measured. It can only be achieved with the quickness that having an app brings.

You only have to get out your phone, find the game, and quickly place a bet from wherever you are.

Live Stats

To help you with betting in general, you are going to need some statistics on the games or the leagues that you are following.

The operator can provide you with some, and things become much easier when you can do it with the help of an app. All the stats that the brand provides are accessible through the app.

You can view them whenever you want, particularly when thinking about your future bet.

22Bet Mobile Version

If by any chance you don’t want to or simply can’t use the app, there is a suitable alternative that comes with the mobile site version.

Some people own older phones or simply don’t have the necessary requirements to run the app. What they can do is use the mobile site instead.

They need to open and load the site via a native browser on their phone. The site is optimized to support any piece of mobile device and loads fast.

In some cases, it can be even more convenient to some people than the app.

Using it is no different than using the site. It comes with all the same functions, so you can sign up, redeem a promo, create a bet slip, move funds, literally anything.

22Bet Zambia App Review

To conclude our app 22Bet review, we only have good things to say about it. As you were probably able to see, we think that using the 22Bet app comes with a variety of conveniences.

The app is very user-friendly and comes with all the bells and whistles it needs to make each player’s usage an interesting one.

The app perfectly mirrors all the main site functions and allows players to bet, deposit funds, browse for games, and literally anything from anywhere they are. It definitely works better than the mobile site, as it is intended for mobile usage, and will allow users to get to exactly what they need.

Unfortunately, the app does not include online casino games or live casinos. Making it only suitable for sports betting. 

22Bet App vs Betway App

With so many betting apps to choose from at this time, we compared it to one of the main competitors in Zambia. Betway app does have good betting features as well, but 22Bet takes the cake when it comes to their head-to-head comparison.

The reason behind this is simple – It works faster. The 22Bet app loads better and is much more streamlined when it comes to general usage.

While the markets and basic functions are generally the same, you will be able to get to what you need much faster.

Speed is sometimes an overlooked factor. But when you get to use the app on a regular basis, you start to realize its importance.

We can also add the modest system requirements as well as one of the main advantages of the app.

22Bet Zambia App FAQ

For a few more insightful pieces of information about the app, you can check out some quick answers to the most important questions.

Is the 22Bet app available in Zambia?

Yes, it is. The operator and its app are available for the people of Zambia to use at their own will.

How to place a bet on the 22Bet app?

A person first has to install the app and possess an account. They have to be logged in to place a bet.

Look for the betting opportunities that are available at that time and create a bet slip.

How do I update 22Bet?

You can do it directly from your phone, by finding the update function. You can also do it through the platform that you’ve used to download the app in the first place.

Why is the 22Bet app not working?

There are multiple reasons for the app not working. To fix the problem, you can restart your device or reinstall the app.

But always make sure that you are using it when you have a stable internet connection.

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