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Zesco United finally kickoff 2017 league campaign

Zescp United will begin their 2017 league campaign tomorrow Wednesday 19th April, 2017 with a home game against Konkola Blades.

The 2016 runners up have not taken to the pitch in the local league which is now in week two due their involvement in the CAF Confederations Cup where they have now reached the group stage.

The 2015 champions are favorites to win the league this season but they will have to contend with a tight fixture list as they combine continental, league and cup fixtures.

They already have a packed fixture list starting on Wednesday that will see them play 4 games in a space of 10 days.

Zlatko Krmpotic’s side has two back to back fixtures against Blades and Nchanga before they play away against Nakambala Leopards and Nkana.

Zesco United have not lost in the last 11 games in all competitions including at continental level drawing twice away in Rwanda and Nigeria against Le Messager Ngozi and Enugu Rangers respectively.

6 Comments to Zesco United finally kickoff 2017 league campaign

  1. Pungwa says:

    Ba Zamfoot wednesday ni pa 19 not 18th.

  2. Team Yaziko lets now take our form to the MTNFAZ Premier league, Zega mambo is here which team can give us competition?

  3. GSK11 says:

    Why is ZESCO at position 19???

  4. Zesco is yet to kick a ball in the league thats why is in that position as of week 2 games. But today they take to the turf, good luck Team Ya Ziko.

  5. Kasama Boy says:

    ZESCO is at position 19 because of the points they have, Zero. Then the Goal Difference which also stands at 0. Meaning ZESCO has scored no goals and conceded none. The team below them shares the same number of points since it also has no points, but has a -6, meaning they have conceded 6 more goals than they have scored. So they stand below ZESCO, since mathematically 0 is higher than -6.

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