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Zesco United aim for second position as Zanaco host LD

Champions Zesco United have a chance to go second today when they take on troubled Napsa Stars on Wednesday afternoon at Woodlands stadium.

Zesco who are Zambia’s representatives in the CAF champions league have a backlog of 4 games and have so far won the three games they have played in the season.

Nakambala Leopards are currently second on the log but will drop to third on goal difference should Zesco win.

Napsa Stars on the other hand have not won a game this season in six outings and coach Wilson Mwale knows his ultimatum to win two games has already run out.

Zanaco will also be back in league action as they start to draw down on their five game backlog when they host Lusaka Dynamos.

Zanaco have a 100 per cent record so far and will be looking to add to their good run so far if they have to keep pace with pace setters Nkana.


Wednesday, April 27

15:00 Napsa Stars vs Zesco United – Woodlands Stadium (Week 2)
15:00 Zanaco vs Lusaka Dynamos -Sunset Stadium (Week 5)


Week 7 Table1

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  1. Pungwa says:

    Just sharing.

    Opinion: FAZ GS Selection Process Under Question

    Kamanga-Post FCIf the information gathered on the process of selecting the FAZ general secretary is anything to go by, then the process is flawed and subject to serious checks. Endorsing a seemingly questionable process such as this one may be a recipe for anarchy. It has so far fallen short of standard operating procedure.

    The false reasons advanced to strike African football consultant Ponga Liwewe off the 10-man shortlist for the position of FAZ general secretary confirms suggestions there is everything questionable about this process. That Ponga was allegedly fired by SuperSport is not only false, but a naked lie that no competent committee can use as a basis to disqualify a suitable candidate.
    Assuming Ponga was fired, or his contract was not renewed, should that be the reason why his name is struck off the shortlist when he meets, by far, all the terms advertised for the said position? Was the same measure used on Ponga applied on the other candidates?

    The three member FAZ select committee comprising chairman by Dr Joseph Mulenga, treasurer Rix Mweemba and Kabaso Kapambwe will have a lot of explaining to do when ratifying the appointment of the general secretary at the council. Mind you, the process does not end at the president nominating and recommending to the executive committee for approval. The FAZ council will still have to ratify the appointment of the yet to be named general secretary. They also have the option to reject such a candidate. Yet the buck of this exercise stops at FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

    Before delving into this issue, we attempted to get an official position from Dr Mulenga and Kamanga. Both officials declined to comment opting to leave Acting General Secretary Katongo Kabungo handle the matter. He was unavailable.

    The latest development on the selection process of the general secretary has made it clear Football House is yet to take a steady trajectory more than a month after a change of stewardship at the helm of the game.

    Understandably, Kamanga took over a house with divided loyalties as most, if not all, of his executive committee members still owe their loyalty to the old order.

    Lest we forget, Kamanga’s first week at Football House was acrimonious. His deputy had attempted a tactical coup, and this should have hinted what challenges lay ahead in trying to steer the game to higher heights. At least it showed there was need for him to stamp his authority if he were to commandingly put his dream of transforming the game into reality.

    Everybody who heard or walked him throughout the campaign period would know that he represents a more sober and transformative personality that suits the modern times away from the street type management the country was subjected to the last eight years. But there is a feeling the hardnosed business magnate is moving too slowly. His approach is beginning to give credence to his detractors that are branding him a “weak” FAZ president. If Kamanga does not rise and assert himself by using powers vested in him by the FAZ constitution, he may have a lot of challenges running the organisation. His ‘gentlemanly’ gesture on the selection of the general secretary is clearly giving his adversaries ammunition to bury him before he can stand tall in his office.

    Noble as the advertisement for the position of general secretary may seem, it is hardly the right way to pick an implementer of a long term vision especially when the constitution provides otherwise. There could be a danger of ending up with a well-qualified general secretary who may not have the knowhow on the ins and outs of the game. Mind you, a failed general secretary will represent a failed presidency for Kamanga. Let people not forget that part of the driver for change at Football House was to push for de-linking the league from direct control of FAZ. This may sound overly romantic but its implementation unfortunately may require more than just a Cinderella general secretary general. It requires understanding with vast football knowledge.

    So while it has become apparent that some elements in the game are wedded to the old order, there is desperate need to charter in a new course in the game. To do that may require more than putting a Mickey Mouse general secretary who is the heart and soul of driving the game from a managerial perspective. So to do that Kamanga may need to stamp his authority and have the man who shares his vision and eminently qualified in that position.

    It is all too good to seem to be pandering to everyone’s romantic dream about transparency but there can never be compromising on the choice of general secretary. If there is a person, for instance, who knows the real reason behind the relationship between Ponga and SuperSport, Kamanga should be among the top three. The falsehoods used to strike Ponga off the shortlist can’t be entertained. If entertained at this stage, it raises doubts as to the validity of the ultimate choice.
    It’s actually not surprising that there are suggestions Dr Mulenga is consulting some outside persons on the names for general secretary. This is the same Dr Mulenga who told Zambians he will resign if his preferred presidential candidate did not win. It’s baffling he has not stuck to his words. Anyway that’s a story for another day. In any case, why should the same committee that made the shortlist conduct the interviews? Why can’t FAZ hire independent human resource experts to handle the process?

    A scan of some of the names that have made the shortlist is a mockery to football although we will avoid delving into specifics. Surely if some deserving personalities can be struck off based on hearsay and on account of lies peddled in the dark days of the game then we have reason to worry about the direction the process is taking.

    For now, we think Kamanga has to step up and at least remind all of us that he took over the reins of power on March 19, 2016 at Moba Hotel, not to appease individuals but manage football in a way that demonstrates respect of the FAZ constitution. Some people or rather executive committee members may still be getting used to the idea that Kamanga is the FAZ president, but for now we hope he hits the right buttons. After all he is the one the councillors trusted with their vote. If Kamanga is finding it difficult to put his foot down, he has the option of going back to the councilors and ask them to dissolve his executive so that they re-think their decision. In the meantime, good luck to those that have applied for the position of FAZ general secretary.

  2. Pungwa says:

    ….More on Ponga

    Ponga fumes … …after failing to make it on FAZ SG shortlist By Prudence Phiri and Kondwani Munyeka | Updated: 27

    FOOTBALL consultant Ponga Liwewe says it is grossly unfair to disqualify him from the race for the FAZ general secretary position on account of falsehoods that SuperSport fired him.

    And Ponga says he will consider taking legal action should it be proved falsehoods that he was fired were the reason for his disqualification from the race.

    Interviews for the FAZ general secretary, which initially attracted 54 applicants, are set for next Friday, May 6.

    Ponga was among prominent football personalities that applied for the vacant FAZ job left by George Kasengele on the night of the fall of the Kalusha Bwalya era.

    Among the prominent names that have made the shortlist are Simataa Simataa, Lombe Mbalashi and Adrian Kashala.

    Others are Eddy Chunga, Emmanuel Chembo, Brighton Phiri, David Kabamba, Charles Mwila, Kapaya Kaoma and Moto N’gambi.

    But FAZ acting general secretary, Katongo Kabungo, said he had not received the shortlist of the aspiring candidates by press time.

    According to sources, the select committee headed by FAZ committee member Dr Christopher Mulenga with treasurer Rix Mweemba and another committee member Kabaso Kapambwe as other members, knocked out Ponga from the shortlist on allegations that he was fired from the pay television channel SuperSport where he worked as marketing manager for Africa.

    The source said even Simataa’s name was almost rejected on account of disciplinary charges with FAZ but the claims were unsubstantiated.

    But Ponga said it was extremely surprising that his disqualification from the race was based on allegations that he was fired.

    Ponga said he willingly resigned from SuperSport in 2008 and negotiated a deal with the television channel to run a magazine programme called Mpila Zambia.

    “I worked at SuperSport until July 2008 when I resigned and I negotiated a deal with them to run a show called Mpila Zambia. When I made a decision to go on my own, SuperSport were happy to give me that contract which ran for four years,” Ponga said. “I don’t think they would give a contract to somebody who they fired. If that is the reason they are giving, I am extremely surprised that someone could come up with such speculation and falsehood to stop my application from going through. I question the integrity of a person spreading such falsehood.”

    Ponga said he might seek legal action if it is established the reason for his disqualification was based on the falsehood that he was fired by SuperSport.

    “As you have said, it is just an allegation but if that is the reason being given, I may look to take the matter further. It is a falsehood being made against me and putting my name into disrepute,” Ponga said.

    He said he was not bitter for not making the shortlist because employing the general secretary was the prerogative of FAZ.

    “It is their prerogative, they are free to choose whichever candidate they feel will do the job well,” said Ponga.
    – See more at: http://www.postzambia.com/news.php?id=17662#sthash.94XXaTiG.dpuf

  3. ZamFoot says:

    Zanaco team to face Lusaka Dynamos at Sunset.

    16. Toaster Nsabata
    5. Aaron Katebe
    26. Fackson Kapumbu
    3. Ziyo Tembo
    6. Peter Jacob Banda
    20. Isaac Chansa
    11. Charles ZULU
    27. Salulani Phiri
    23. Dave Daka
    30. Fashion Sakala
    13. Rodrick Kabwe

    2. Andrew Kwiliko
    17. Aubrey Funga
    14. Richard Kasonde
    22. Augustine Mulenga
    10. Portipher ZULU
    12. Ernest Mbewe
    1. Racha Kola

  4. zamfoot what of the luusaka dynamos team list facing Zanaco.

    • ZamFoot says:

      Lusaka Dynamos –
      18 Mvwanda Gael Tshepela – 3 Mudenda Mike, 15Musabula Kingsley, 4 Kasanda Sydney, 6 Kateya Mwila Mthias, 16 Kalume Sydney, 2 Sakala Jubell, 8 Jere Marvin, 14 Muzaza Webster, 10 Luchanga Conlyde, 17 Emmanuel Habasimbi

  5. ZamFoot says:

    Zanaco 4 – 0 Lusaka Dynamos HT
    Napsa 0 – 1 Zesco United

  6. ZamFoot says:

    Zanco lead through goals from: Charles Zulu, Fashion Sakala (brace) and Isaac Chansa

  7. ZamFoot says:

    Line up against Napsa Stars
    Jacob Banda
    Shemmy Mayembe
    Ben Adama Banh
    Daut Musekwa
    David Owino Odhiambo
    Anthony Akumu Agay
    Clatous Chama Chota
    Kondwani Mtonga
    Jackson Mwanza
    Jesse Jackson Were
    John Chingandu
    Brown Nyirenda
    Mwape Mwelwa
    Maybin Mwaba
    Bernard Mapili
    Ayo Oluwafemi
    Misheck Chaila
    Lazarous Kambole

  8. ZamFoot says:

    Jesse Were scored for Zesco United

  9. ZANACO is demolishing Lusaka Dynamos.

  10. Dynamite! says:

    Napsa 0 Zesco 2: Idriss mbombo with the 2nd goal

  11. Dynamite! says:

    Zesco are by far the best team in the land. It’s not surprising that they have reached the group stages of the CAF champions league. Zanaco on the other hand flatter to deceive I hope they do well in the league so that they can try their luck in CAF competitions again

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