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Zesco to pay Mbombo K17,000 per month

Zambian Champions Zesco United have signed Congolese born striker Idris Mbombo on a season loan from promoted side Kabwe Warriors.

According to statement released by the Kabwe side, it says that Mbombo was offered a staggering amount he couldn’t resist by Zesco.

“Zesco offered to be paying him a K17,000/month against the K10,000 we offered him in the new contract.

The offer from Zesco will see Mbombo be one of highest paid player in the Zambian league alongside Kenyan striker Kelly Jacobs who is on the books of Nkana.

Mbombo scored 23 goals last season as he fired Warriors back to the Super League. The hitman is expected to be Zesco United’s main striker after the Ndola side sold Jackson Mwanza to a Thai side while Winstone Kalengo expected to move abroad.

Zesco United will be playing in the CAF Champions League next year and have a preliminary round match against a side from South Sudan.

33 Comments to Zesco to pay Mbombo K17,000 per month

  1. Big Steve 4rm SA says:

    Eish but the salaries in the ZPL awe shuwa mwe…..

  2. Alex zz says:

    How much is that in US dollars ?

  3. Anonymous says:

    About $1,700 at the current rate!Laughable.I though Kelly Jacob left Nkana .

  4. Positive Thinking says:

    Eh, people are scoffing at the salaries. You guys do understand that this is pretty good for an average Zambian. This is not the EPL or PSL. Like Chipolopolo pointed out, retrenched miners just received K18,000.

    This is what life is like in Zambia. Its sad, but it is the reality. If you want to see greater talent coming into the league then there has to be serious shift in marketing and the economy in general. Zambians clubs are doing what they can until a Katumbi like guy emerges who can actually bank roll a club to success.

  5. Punch says:

    Negativity mu Zed Chabe. You should see how players from kenya, Ghana, Mali, Senegal are itching to earn such Salaries.

    Dont Compare the Zambian Leagbue to the PSL, but even in the PSL there are players who earn Salaries less then this.

    The Salary is higher than the average Zambian earns and there has been an improvement.

    • paradox says:

      Punch is back…. welcome back boss

      • Ghana Paradox says:

        Still alive? Welcome back from hibernation. How is you talisman Mumbi?
        I was on sabatical leave. Back in action for a few days. Cherio

    • Ghana Paradox says:

      Mr Punch. I hope you’ve done your research on Ghana. Players are poorly paid. Yes. One catch. They are paid according to ability. The player in question above is a top quality player and would definitely earn more than the $1500. Else an agent will whisk him to eastern Europe and make bigger bucks. That is what Zambia is lacking – good agents. There lies the difference. In essence, a very good player like this wouldn’t settle for less. We are poor but not as poor as you portray it. Common sense dictates the value of a player – productivity based remuneration.

  6. Mumbi says:

    Wish you well Zesco united in next year’s CAF Champions Championship/league !
    please put back smiles on ZAMBIAN SOCCER faces .W ehave (I have) confidence in you). Meantime mr Lwandamina, DOES Patson daka deserve a place even in that provisional team for CHAN games ? What is wrong with Steven Kabamba , Martin Phiri,
    Eric Chibuye and Steward Chikadiwa etc sure ?

  7. General says:

    Useless coach. This time any early exit, the coach must go also.

  8. Neutral says:

    We have duo citizenship now we have to naturalise players including this one!

  9. mambwej says:

    So zega couldn’t think of any other player/strikers apart from mbombo?. hope he’s so good than Martin, Moses phiris.

  10. Alex zz says:

    $ 1500 is the highest paid player, wow.

  11. Alex zz says:

    @Punch welcome back.

  12. DNA says:

    Thats Amazing Now I’m Advising Them 2 Buy 2 Arabs 2 Balance The Team & Dont Sale Kalengo Plse!!!!

  13. DNA says:

    Zesco Bring Fathy As Assissitance Coach B4 Its 2 Late We Want Progress CAF C League

  14. Punch says:

    Idriss Mbombo isnt the highest paid. Nore is Jacob Keli the highest paid player.

    But contracts are personal so others have never been revealed.

    Parabox, Alex Zz. thanks

  15. Klarrychenko says:

    Congratulations to NIGERIA the power house of African football and economy. three trophies in 2015 alone. under 20 Africa champions in Senegal, U-17 world champions in Chile, and U-23 African champions in Senegal. God blessing and favour is upon this great nation NIGERIA. the only country in Africa that has reached the Olympic men football final twice and the first African side to have won it followed by Cameroon.

    Osinhmen is a future player, the young lad has proved to the world why he is one of the best players in the world in junior cadet level. he should follow the footstep of all NIGERIAN great players of all times. Iheanacho is already doing it for Man city, as he scored a goal for man city at their last match, well done NIGERIA , all eyes is now on you to lead Africa to Rio and conquer the world.

    • paradox says:

      look at this silly nigerian. sebe talking abt zambian football here but brings news abt old men wining Under 23

      • Klarrychenko says:

        Here we go again with the over age rants.
        Caf U20 champion—NIGERIA(Over Age, Age Cheats)

        Fifa U17 champion— NIGERIA(Over Age, Age Cheats)

        Caf U23 champ— NIGERIA(Same boring rants)

        @paradox look for better rants the old age rant is old and boring. I am sure you can come up with better rants, it seems you are gud at it.

    • Ghana Paradox says:

      You may say whatever you like about the Nigerians. THEY ARE THE REIGNING CHAMPIONS. They were tested and proven. You should see the boys in action. As a Ghanaian, l envy them because the boys are good. They are the current hope for the entire AFRICA if, my emphasis on IF, they are managed well by the current Nigerian football administration. My fear is thst the usual corrupt practices in our countries may dampen the spirits of these TALENTED boys. THE BOYS ARE JUST GOOD. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT

  16. Badosqi says:

    Hahahahahahaha.,…. Old men winning under 23..lol

    Is this the same Caf U23 Afcon that ur team participated in or another tournament? I am damn sure you are not talking about the just concluded Caf U23 tournament.

  17. kampinda says:

    True those Nigerians are old men….Think of this; how many are left of that generation of talented Nigerians FIFA Under 20 silver medalists of 2005? There were said to be so good. Only one is left, Mikel Obi…but he looks tired and about to retire. He was voted the tournament second best player after Messi ahead of the likes of Aguero, Zabaleta…. The rest of the Nigerians have long retired while their Argentine lads they played in the final are still big names: GK Oscar Ustari, defenders Ezequiel Garay and Julio Barroso, midfielders Pablo Zabaleta, Fernando Gago and Lucas Biglia; and forwards Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero and Nery Cardozo

  18. titus kalunga says:

    Congrat Zezco united for promoting ZPL,with this u will see more players pa Zed ,ipruving they’re talent.Mbombo good luck.

  19. Piku says:

    I doubt if Mbombo will make a mark at ZESCO, coz ZESCO has more unused but good players than any other team in zed.

  20. Mambwe ZimaNdola says:

    17 pin per month!!! I think I shud start training.

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