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Zesco sufffer defeat in Tunisia

Zambian Champions Zesco United  lost 2-1 to Etoile du Sahel on Wednesday night in Group D of the CAF Champions League on matchday 2.

The defeat leaves Zesco United on third position with a point while Mbabane Swallows and the North Africans are level on 4 points.

With Mbabane Swallows  beating Angolan side Primero  de Agosto  in the other group match, pressure was on for both sides.

After a goalless first Half, George Lwandamina’s side conceded after the restart and 10 minutes later in the 56 minute, they went 2-0 down.

A Lazarous Kambole injury time goal was too late as the Zambian Champions suffered defeat in Tunisia.

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15 Comments to Zesco sufffer defeat in Tunisia

  1. Anonymous says:

    The team lacks creative players

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some of Zesco’s players have lost the spark. They are no longer good for the team.In particular I am referring to J.J Were, Winston Kalengo. Zesco must go shopping.The calibre of strikers needed in thi team must be in the class of the likes of Chris Mugalu. There is nothing wrong with courting Chota Chama to Z return him to Ndola so that he could help in midfield. He is worth playing CAF football than many player who currently are at Zesco
    That aside, let us talk about the once head coach of Zesco and the damage he caused Zesco. I mean the Muzungu. It is clear that in his tunure he failed to take care by maintaining Zesco. A football club in like a fruit tree. While its branches have a role to play some get pruned for not helping it to be at its best any terms possible.

  3. Prolific Winger says:

    zesco was outclassed…



  5. Jairos says:

    The coach is still experimenting at this stage, Kalengo and Chin’gandu were not ready for the game. Kambole too struggled a lot. Were was along in front making runs but was not helped. The coach saw all this but decided not to make any changes sooner. There is a striker who has been recently acquired Zikiru, a midfielder Logic Ching’andu, and a full back Silengo who could have done better in those free kicks but the coach was unconcerned. This is what kills Zambian football. Coaches do not know how to read a game. Period. He raised the anticipation that ZESCO will rule Africa but naaaaah, not with that type of football, especially with a team they should have buried in the first half.

  6. sulu says:

    Chicken is a clueless coach he can’t read the game and change tactics awe sure

  7. Dynamite says:

    I agree with what most bloggers have said, I just want to highlight something I picked up a month or so ago I even shared it here. It happened in the Zesco vs Power game and it happened again last night. I have nothing against Kapumbu and Silwimba but you cant turn a blind eye to the performance of these two gentlemen more so that they are the current left and right back for the national team. The first goal Zesco conceded last night was similar to the one they conceded against Power early this season(kelvin mubanga’s goal). Kapumbu was beaten for pass he allowed a cross to come in while silwimba was caught out at the far post yet again. Like I said last time, bad performances are usually masked under a victory like was the case against Power (am sure no one took time to address that part of the problem since Zesco won on the day) but unfortunately yesterday’s error resulted in a defeat. Let us try to address this problem at club level otherwise I see it happening at national team level at a very crucial stage….


    Right on point Dynamite! You are truely an analyst.Kapumbu and Silwamba are not worth national team full backs.
    You sited a typical error in local game against power but I shall also remind you of the world cup qualifier against Nigeria in Uyo.The Alex Iwobi goal came as a result of a Fackson Kapumbu napping at the far left beaten clean by Victor Moses who passed the ball to Iwobi for an easy tapping home.
    We really need to work on our wing backs….we just have to!
    Thanks once again Dynamite for that critical observation….

    • Dynamite says:

      Come to think of it? you are very right DAVID that goal in Uyo did come from Kapumbu. Let us share more of this information so that we bring out the best out of the guys. we don’t hate them we just want them to improve

  9. discipline says:

    All in all zega should have killed that game inside the first 10_ 20 minutes period.

  10. Kasama Boy says:

    ZESCO need a finisher of the Mbombo type. The Tunisia game as well as the game against Mbabane should have been won in the first 10 minutes if ZESCO had been clinical. But they fluffed chance after chance giving their opponents confidence and the belief that they could fight back.

    When you get and bury those chances ZESCO had in both games in the first 10 minutes, your opponents get scared and start thinking of damage control. Miss them and you give them belief.

    With no clinical finisher ZESCO will soon be Architects and, “be going back to the drawing board”.

  11. Sibs says:

    I did not watch last night’s game but i saw the highlights of the M.Swallows game. I agree with the guys that ZESCO wasted a lot of chances in that game and Swallows scored one towards the end and Zega could not react. At this level CL teams need to be ruthless pa goal.

    The mountain seems higher for ZESCO now. Though all is not lost.

    On the defensive wings for the National Team we need Kabaso Chongo back in the team. He is a work horse and he does not let anything pass him easily. We cant be replicating the mistakes at club level into the National team.

  12. BigSteve 4rm SA says:

    Is no one talking bout Mweene’s performance against Barcelona last night?

    • Stephen says:

      I think Mweene was super impressive yesterday.He did a very good job the time he was on the pitch.He is still our number one national team goal keeper without any hesitation.He stopped Messi’s shot with easy.

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