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Zesco greeted by poor reception in Tanzania

The Zambia Super League Giants Zesco United Football Club have arrived in Tanzania ahead of their CAF Champions Legaue Clash against Young Africans (YANGA) on Saturday.

FAZ Deputy General Secretary Joseph Chimpampwe who is serving as head of the delegation in Tanzania described the Reception accorded to Zesco United upon arrival as lukewarm.

Chimpampwe expressed disappointment with the reception and the lack of escort for the team. Zesco United arrived in Dar Es Salaam in the early hours of today touching down at the Julius Nyerere International Airport at exactly 01:10hrs Zambian time only to find no representative from Yanga.

“The Reception has been Lukewarm not what you would expect, I will give an example of when we went to Eswatin the reception there was very exceptional but starting with the advance Party when they Came they have not been given the necessary attention,” he said.

“As you can see they are no escort even the bus the advance party had to book their own bus but when we arrived a member from the association came but no one from the Club (YANGA) and I don’t think this is what we expect obviously, during pre-match will make exceptions with the match Commissioner these are not things that we should be seeing and CAF have to be tough about it,” he added.

Chimpampwe further explained how the advance party was offered a bus that was in deplorable condition. He later called on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to put restrictions and measures that Support ‘fair play’ on and off the field of play.

“If you see it the pictures that were shown its not a bus that befits a team like Zesco United, as far as am concerned fair play only exists in the Southern part of Africa but when start going to East Africa and North Africa its a joke,” remarked a disappointed Chimpampwe.

“CAF just has to be strong just the other day we filled a complaint against the uncalled for penalty which was given against our U-23 Men’s National team so what is important is just to keep informing CAF so that they Come Clean, its just a mockery of Fair Play,” he added.

The Zambia Super League defending Champions will this Saturday face the Tanzanian based side in the first leg of the CAF Champions Legaue pre-group stage tie.


Dieudonne Ntibahezwa, Jacob Banda

Clement Mwape, David Owino Odhiambo, Fackson Kapumbu, Marcel Kalonda, Mwila Phiri, Simon Silwimba

Anthony Akumu, Enock Sabumukama, John Ching’andu, Kondwani Mtonga, Kosuke Nakamachi, Mwape Mwelwa, Thabani Kamusoko

Jesse Jackson Were, Quadri Kola, Umaru Kasumba, Winston Kalengo.


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  1. Bsimms says:

    Make an arrangement with 🤔 either Powertools / Kondwani to go pick them up after 2hrs & the driver should drive at 40km/hr & Maximum 50km from the airport to their hotel room.

    On match day, let them wait in the car park right there at Levy as their dressing room will not be ready in time…..

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