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Zanaco coach Numba hails Wada Wada’s tactics

Zanaco coach Numba Mumamba has hailed Chipolopolo Boys coach Wedson Nyirenda’s tactics against Cameroon.

The soft spoken coach wrote on his Facebook page that Wada Wada’s choice of players was spot on.

“Well done coach Wedson with your bench. It wasn’t an easy one. Your choice of players (used in the game against Cameroun) is something I give you credit for. In that game you needed players who can do both-attacking and defending,” Numba wrote

Numba who played in this same fixture 15 years ago also played under Nyirenda at Zanaco a few seasons ago.

“Am happy with you guys. The team is shaping up well,” the Zambia under-20 assistant coach added.

Zanaco, who are the log leaders had Ziyo Tembo and Fackson Kampumbu completing 90+6 minutes while Isaac Chansa came off the bench.

Photo: 15 years ago, Numba closing down Arsenal’s Lauren in Yaounde during a World Cup qualifier

16 Comments to Zanaco coach Numba hails Wada Wada’s tactics

  1. Positive thinking says:

    My advice to coach Wedson Nyirenda:

    1. Zambia needs to stop this falling down, wasting time football tactic that has become our modus operandi in the past couple of years. There is also a clear lack of discipline and focus in this team. There was a call missed/ignored by the referee during a break away for Zambia; a Zambian player got the ball on the wing and beat his man, but was held back by the defender and the ref waved play on, the entire bench to include a standing Wada were livid. Rather than continue playing, the player stopped and started to argue with the linesman who was standing right over the incident…lack of discipline.

    2. The team lacks a leader. No one in the team seems to be able to grab a game by the horns or inspire their teammates. Most of the interactions among the players seems negative. Complaints about missed passes, no thumbs up for good thought or attempt plays.

    3. Tactically uncommitted; Zambia in the first half seemed to have a play from the back strategy, but was also peppered with long ball trial and error plays. We did not seem committed to either option. In the second half, they were plenty of counter attacking opportunities, but again the team did not commit. Players who received the ball before a counter were left to fend for themselves, no support was quick to arrive, and the players who had the ball were also impatient in that they did not hold up the ball, but instead tried to push forward alone.

    Wada Wada, you need to pick your strategy and fully commit your players to it. This may just be because the team hasn’t played together long enough, but there is a need to find this teams identity. Not this fall over and waste time identity, but one that defines the team going forward

  2. Billy says:

    We need to name Mweene as captain to replace Kalaba. Kalaba is not captain material. He is too short tempered and lacks leadership qualities. We should also try to identify a striker. Mbesuma is getting old and I think Walter Bwalya would be a good replacement and I hope they sort out his citizenship papers soon so he can be eligible to play for Zambia. Continue introducing in new and younger players into this team as we slowly phase out some veterans in this squad.


    • luapula bize says:

      There are no papers to sort for WALTER. He has donned national colours before – forgotten the Cosafa Cup were he played?

      • Billy says:

        Then what are they waiting for? The better rope him into the squad. There rumours going around that they are sorting out some papers blah blah!!

        • luapula bize says:

          Those are just rumours Billy. At least i can vividly recall the games he played for Chipolopolo during Cosafa. But again like you’ve stated, one wonders why he is being ignored!

    • Lusanga says:

      Leave out the story of “old”. The national team is not for development but for results on the day. the best striking option should play, old or young

  3. gb says:

    Good snalyses by both Positive thinking and Billy. The player in question is Kalaba. The surprisi g thing is that when he plays for Tp Mazembe he does not behave like that. New changes are needed in the team. Mayuka should be brought in. I was impressed with Fuckson Kapumbu, he is amazing.

  4. Billy says:

    Yah true. Kalaba behaves well and plays better at TPM. Wonder why. Maybe he tries to impress his employers, as compared to when he is playing for Zambia.

  5. richpopo says:

    av alws cried for ziyo finally av got hope in our team Billy bringing agame pa chilata aint it agud ideal,MAYUKA 4 SATE

  6. Chisuta says:

    so from numba i can say, fwayo can not defend wen we r under attack.

  7. Thoko Ngwenya says:

    Good analysis by @positive thinking. That is spot on! I think our team lacks confidence.you can see it on their faces. Besides Mweene, Mbesuma and Kalaba and Sunzu. Sunzu should help Mweene.organize and Marshall the defense. He should be serious not laughing about. You can laugh when you have won the game. The only reason Zambia came away with a point away is because Cameroon equally lacks Quality this time around. It is not because Zambia played well. If fact I think that wad a poor game considering you lost at home. You were supposed to go for the jugular against a vulnerable Indomitable Lions. We failed to seize the day. We need to play at a higher faster tempo. There is too much pedestrian play. ..you can play that way when you are 3 Goal s()or 4 up. We need to use the channels on the flanks. The midfield needs ingenuity. Kalaba is losing the ball too much. He would rather complain when he can carry on play. That happened on a number of instances. In that the little momentum we generated we killed that by falling down and looking for a whistle. This team us nit made of players with steel. At this rate. It is not world cup material. Are these players watching other teams? The movement of Banana Banana and Senegal. ..the game between Gabon and Mali…look next door fir inspiration. ..I feel both South Africa and DR.Congo even Uganda can make it to Russia. They seen serious and meticulous. Zambia needs Chamanga, katongo, walter Bwalya…what. About. Macha…mayuka???stop experimenting…you had time before the qualifiers begun.

    • Positive thinking says:

      Thoko. Thanks for adding on with that dude. Wada Wada has not brought about any positive change thus far. I expected the coach to bring one or all of the following things:

      1. Motivation i.e. increase morale
      2. Nurture talent i.e. maximize individual brilliance and introduce new talent
      3. Tactical improvement
      4. Mental Fortitude
      5. Discipline

      Wada Wada in 4 games (Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon) has not shown evidence of any of these things. If he can bring at least one or two of these out of this team then he will have my vote. I was all for giving the guy a chance, but at this point FAZ needs to convince Government that an expatriate coach is worth the money. If not government then go get the money themselves. Wada Wada is not ready, our World Cup qualifier coach should have been chosen a year ago in order to give him time to be ready.

  8. SLIM says:

    @ positive Thinking dont criticise for the sake of it. Raising morale of the players is not an overnite thing man! Requires time and is gained as the coach picks deserving players, not the Lwandamina nonsense. After 4 games Wada has done wonders with the team. He has brought deserving boys in defence, and booted out Katemas, Chepeshis and the like. Coming off with a draw at Cameroun is not childs play! On one hand u allude to the fact that the Coach shud have a yr or so to work with the team??!!

    • Positive thinking says:


      I am not criticizing for the sake of it, but maybe I may be too harsh too soon. You are right on the idea that maybe he has done something positive on the Talent front. Kampumbu, Ziyo Tembo was strong in defence and bringing the best we have all seen out of Fwayo Tembo.

      However, I am still concerned with the other 4 aspects of the team. I don’t think Wada has generated the sort of excitement and anticipation I usually feel when someone else is at the helm of the national team, and after watching these past games I still don’t feel like we are improving at a fast enough rate to even make a wave in our group.

      The comment about a year is because I think Wada Wada has been setup to fail. He took over the team only weeks before a world cup qualifier which is not fair to him or the nation. The coach for this should have been selected and nurtured into the position a year ago. Especially if you plan on putting a local coach in place. Let him sit in as the assistant, send him on a course or some observations (Ghana sent their coach to clubs in Europe to learn). I wanr Wada Wada to succeed, and I also want the same for Zambia, but he has a lot of work to do.

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